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  1. "Nature doesn't like waste.."

    👼It is true but not in all cases…

    Look at all the sperm that gets wasted when animals breed especially fish🐟.

    Waste happens too in Nature

    However perhaps it is our duty to be economical and as precise as we can be out of reverence for Nature's gifts.

  2. @1:00–1:30 "We should all have comfortable and affluent lives so we can ignore it and do good things."🌞👌

    Couldn't agree more..😄

    Already got off to a brilliant start, just found this!🎶👸

    Is That All There Is? – Peggy Lee


  3. Why am I not surprised?You Jews are only concerned about one thing,,Your god is money and your religion is all about ways to get more money,,,,,,,money,money,,,,,,more,more and then some.NOTHING ABOUT HELPING YOUR FELLOW MAN and all about "how can I get more money?"Give me more,more and moe

  4. at 5:55 he says "balancing emunah and something sounds as yvsta lot and bitahon" what is the second word?

  5. I used to, and still do, ask myself, "What kind of a person would I be if I became rich?" I would like to believe that I would be the same wonderful and giving person I am now, but I have doubt about it. Some would say, "Don't you know yourself well enough to know if something like large sums of money would change who you are?" I would answer that I don't believe it would change me, but because I know what money can do and has done to many, I question whether what happens to some might happen to me. In my talks to the Almighty I never ask for financial prosperity. I believe He may give me what I ask for, of course knowing the path it will lead me on, and want me to learn a lesson from it. I fear that He will give me what I ask for so that He may serve His purpose in teaching me a lesson that may be hard for me to take. I don't want to be misunderstood, so let me say this… by no means am I suggesting that I could possibly thwart the Almighty's plan for me. Who am I but a mere mortal? However, I do believe that the Almighty will give you up to your own desires even when they will lead you somewhere you never would wish on your own to go.To anyone reading this, does this sound strange and crazy?

  6. Im a catholic curious about learning ancient jewish wisdom.. nothing wrong with that… good talk rabbi

  7. Strange thing is I like this guy, but he is a monotheistic rabi, any man who is monotheistic can not be a true man

  8. Hello, I am Messiah ben David, I will respond to this later in full perhaps on my blog. Nice to meet you. Jesus is the "mosiah" or the "Messiah of Salvation".

    #KingDavid2020 – president of the United States. The following is a comment on this video and relates to some of what you are talking about:


    Fantastic video!!! I am Messiah ben David!!! Nice to meet you!

    (not Yoseph).

    Actually, there are 144,000 Elohim, all emanating from the true Elohim (the Father, yet they are all true Elohim), Elohim-Masarecht. The Elohim of Islam is actually a separation and division of power between Kingdoms, and it was Elohim that put the emnity between the seeds of the peoples, to compete for better genetics, and if that were not true, neither people would still exist. The warring between nations keeps them alive and strong, and keeps them defending themselves.

    Also, Jesus is the savior (the Messiah of Salvation), and the son of Elohim. They are separate beings, and the reference of oneness is because Jesus was enlightened (as the prophet Buddha, who I believe knew Isaiah.

    For example, the bone of Jesus's not being broken is part of in the Jewish tradition of the Savior (the Mosiah) and the word "Christ" in Greek originally actually meant "Mosiah" and was inserted into the linguistic system backwards in time through the consciousness of Yeshua (Jesus).

    In the Koran (which was written by Allah-Masarecht, the Messiah of righteousness, referring to the righteousness of the Islamic peoples, who generally are far more righteous than all other peoples on earth, combined, really), it says that Allah does not need the shedding of blood to forgive sins, and he does not have a son because he does not have a wife, which is true. However a different Yeshua was born in the Islamic Tradition, for those people's that was simply taken into heaven by Allah-Masarecht, making the story accurate, yet also not contradict the Christian Tradition. Therefore it is not the job of Allah-Masarecht (who is also one with Elohim-Masarecht) to forgive via the shedding of sins, as that is the job of Elohim, if that makes sense, they are different members of the Elohim Tetragrammaton.

    Which is why Elohim says "Let US go down, and make man in our own image" — if there is not plurality, how can there be an "US"? There cannot. This is why there are warnings about putting other Elohim first, because THERE ARE OTHER ELOHIM. Just not Elohim we serve as members of the Jewish Nation.

    This emnity and separation is easy to solve. When I am anointed as the King of Israel at some point after I win the 2020 Presidential Elections, I will get a tattoo of the Star of David on my heart, and walk on the OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET.

    That is not anti-semetic. If we simply did it (do not do it until I do it. The tattoo is particular and must be constructed accurately and be imprinted in a way that is not against the Torah, which I am not yet familiar enough with the oral tradition to understand) the people would leave each other alone and there would be PEACE. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT WILL HAPPEN WORLD WIDE AFTER I AM PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IN 2020.

    #MakeAmericaRighteousAgain – restore the Torah as the law of the land at a Kingdom level, and allow the states through voting after proving it in various markets to do what they want, which will eventually simply collapse down to the constitution of the United States and the Torah in most territories, as I will get 100% of the Government running for free in 4 years.

    All of the various members of the YHVH (there are 144,000 YHVH, all under submission to Elohim-Masarecht, the Father of Yeshua. Yeshua is one of the members of the YHVH, or the Tetragrammaton.) are incarnated on the earth right now, as was Yeshua and many others in the past, whom at the moment I shall not mention.

    Doing that is not against the Torah (the tattoo) and therefore the fight between the peoples is completely obnoxious. After I finish memorizing the Torah (which will take me time, as I am busy) I will also memorize the Koran and go on a pilgrimage to Mecca and recite it personally to create peace between nations.

    Because the warring at this point is just assinine. We are no longer living in the year 538 b.c.

    David Wood
    "Messiah Ben David, King of Israel…"

    P.S. Vote #KingDavid2020

  9. "Worldly riches are like nuts ; many a tooth is broke in cracking them, but never is the stomach filled with eating them." – the Rebbe Nachman

  10. Greetings from La Paz, Southern Baja, Mexico! Rabbi Friedman is there anyway I could get an English Torah signed by you?

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