49 thoughts on “QUIT RIGHT NOW FOR $10,000 ? (She Cried) | Social Experiment

  1. MY BIGGEST ROLE MODEL‼️❤️ the person that motivates me to keep going everyday and start my own youtube channel, I wish one day my channel can be as big as his‼️❤️.

  2. I would not quick my job for that much money Jesu's knows how hard it is too get a job and that money is not gonna last forever and ever

  3. I saw your license plate legit every single number and letter u should do something about that in the video

  4. I love how you always say a bible verse it always makes me happy how we you help other people believing in God

  5. in the very begging of the vid, he tried, but failed, at keeping that license plate covered:(

  6. that 10K is more than half of they yearly salaries so idk why det cappin i woulda took that money yesterday

  7. Y’all heard the girl from Chick-fil-A she was all proper until he pulled out the money and went getto

  8. Omg i f i somehow proved that the money was real, i would have quit on spot to pay my tuition fees 😆

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