Queer Eye's Bobby Berk Rates Celebrity Homes | Capital

Queer Eye's Bobby Berk Rates Celebrity Homes | Capital

hey I'm Bobby Burke from Netflix's queer eye and today I'm going to rate some celebrity cribs on Capitol we've got Selena Gomez first of all the thing I am not happy about is the fact that you don't really have a very good energy-efficient thermostat going on here that's not good for the environment but I love the fact that it's mid-century I do feel that your mirror there is hung a little too high for the actual height that I know you are but besides that okay here we have miss Gomez kitchen so the thing I don't necessarily love about it is like all this stuff like that's a lot of stuff girl you got a big house but the stuff in cabinets cabbage cab put them down there and also the kitchen cabinet color is a little it's a little dated let's do maybe a nice avocado green I love mid-century so I think I am going to give her houses are her look because in both pictures she looks a little pissed but her house is cute I love a good mid-century la home Kendall I love you but this house looks like the Liberace threw up all over it why would one want to live in a house that looks like a museum if you've got this big old grand piano here Kanye I don't think you do it's really if there were gold in here I would actually think this might be President's House not yours there's columns what is this grease all these columns and you can play checkers on your floor it's a lot of checker on one floor I'm sorry Kendall but I'm gonna have to give I think it's your mom's house a5 it's got good bones but you just need to tear everything else out and start over so moving on what I'm what I'm not understanding about Taylor here what's going on over here that she looks scared about and shocked cuz look she's she's all but I do love that she has her Grammys out over here I don't love the piano I think piano should be a little more classic it's got this like weird stuff going on but besides that I like it it looks homey it looks like the grill like Taylor is so yeah you know what Taylor I'm gonna give you and Peyton oh now Taylor she's not scared anymore now she's sultry now she's ready she's like whoever is in that room now she's happy about it oh they're still those damn piano legs though Oh another thing I don't like kind of a white carpet on the stairs to that is puros carpeted stairs I can say carpeted stairs Park safe don't do it at that wallpaper she's a lot it's a bit of a like a an old lady print but then you've got like skull heads in there and this room I'm gonna have to give you who else do we got oh I'm not the biggest fan of this family because sometimes I feel like they're just a little bit of attention hogs and I love their house I love simple and clean and minimalist and my god their kids are just freaking beautiful love the house love chairs love everything about it good job Kim you always got good taste I'm gonna give you a 10 in the bedroom hoop cornea gives you four tune into those them to me but I hear it's more of like a suit I'll see love this – girl you look amazing as always that is Kim isn't it sorry sometimes I get them confused a looks I'm gonna give you a ten as well because I love your house it's modern it's beautiful all right yeah everyone is a little bit confused of how you do dishes in it and you clearly have never done dishes so that is only a sink that works for a person who does not use a sink oh this is a bathtub soon yeah no I think you're splashing everywhere it's like my husband my husband's like a duck in the bathroom like spraying water everywhere so no it's gonna get all over your floors shut up shut up shut up make it stop oh wait no she's showing me her slip okay oh that's where it goes into okay so it goes into her slip right there at the top and it just it drains all the way in and to the slip see this is why I only use Samsung products Samsung products is all you will see in season three and four right on the video what is she is that a book or is she holding a board game um I actually love this house wait is this a house or she's sitting in front of a store and also her sunglass rack looked like something you're gonna see in like a tourist traffic but everything about this area I think is very very pretty but I love the plants I love the plants on the walls when they get mature they're gonna be even prettier because they're gonna flow down and they're gonna look like a meat dress or something here cuz she could just put some curtains maybe or some blinds and that way it doesn't say it all her pretty clothes but then again she probably doesn't wear them more than once anyway so doesn't care out here just having a nice cup of tea just like that little proper British lady I give you an 1/8 for design but I'm taking away two points for your lack of care for your clothing hey again I'm Bob Iger from queer I if you like this video be sure to poke over here and swipe over there and see what tan did with his celebrity glow ups capital has all kinds of fun videos here here there just right oh just there I don't know why and it doesn't sound like enough over just there

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  1. everytime he said “kendall” i just thought candle oh god i never noticed before but it’s exactly the same for me

  2. If that’s how it is then that’s how they like it I wouldn’t want them to change anything they like cuz Ik for a fact people wouldn’t like to be told what to change it what they don’t like about something they worked hard for

  3. Not that anybody cares, but that's not Selena's actual house. It's a listing on Peerspace in Beverly Hills called "Mid-Century Haven for Creatives" and you can rent it yourself at $150/hr.

  4. I like capital so much because I've been listening to this radio station since 2013 since when I was 8 I only started listening to it in my dad's car and I noticed that's the one I like and stuff and I also like David Guetta and sandcastle put on sandcastle put on the on the radio station capital put David Guetta Love Takes Over on the station on Saturday day and put on Jay sean 2012 and also down Jay sean on next Saturday and put some Titanium on next Saturday and put on Take Over Control from Afrojack ok that's all I have to say capital talk to you soon

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