Qaidi Band | Official Trailer | Aadar Jain | Anya Singh

Qaidi Band | Official Trailer | Aadar Jain | Anya Singh

A majority of prisoners in every
Indian jail are Undertrials. Undertrials are prisoners waiting
for a verdict from court. This story is about such innocent
Undertrials. Come on! Who wants to bet? If Sanju catches the rat,
you get 1.5 If the rat gets away 2.5 Do you mind if I go first? My spot is yours,
if you have 200 bucks. Scams in the toilet also? Gotta do something for expenses? You have to pay up today, my hearing is coming up
in two weeks. My lawyer says I’m getting out
for sure this time. Undertrials aren’t allowed
to earn money… Should I tell the warden
you are running a business? Bloody Thief! Catch her. Independence day is coming up… this 15th August we will organize
an entertaining program. For the first time we will make
male-female orchestra party. East or West, India is the best! Where have we arrived… Baby loves to groove on bass. C’mon everybody! Rufi’s poetry will be the lyrics. Maskeen will play the organ. Ogu on percussion. Sanju and Bindu will sing a duet. Russian lady and Chinese madam
will be chorus. We will have a truly
international orchestra. We’re going to rock these songs… Gain points for ‘good conduct’… And get acquitted at our
next hearing! I am, I am, I am, I am, I’m India! I’m yours, and you’re mine… O my India! I am, I am, I am, I am, I’m India! Just look at their energy and spirit! Who would think they’re
inmates of a jail. The song sung by the prisoners
of the central jail has now become… …the new anthem of patriotism
all over the country. These prison-band songs
are going to get me votes. Don’t let them get out
before the election. Done Sir. Done. Stop Maskeen Singh! You’re not going to court… But sir, it’s my hearing today. Ya, it’s been cancelled. Sir, please don’t send me
back to jail. You have no idea what life
in a jail is like! I love you. Get lost! We’re innocent… but we’ll rot in this jail forever. It’s time for us to fly away. I am, I am, I am, I am, I’m India! Everybody! I’m yours, and you’re mine… O my India! I am, I am, I am, I am, I’m India! I’m yours, and you’re mine… O my India! I am, I am, I am, I am, I’m India! What has happened to us,
can happen to you too… You should take care
of your freedom.

100 thoughts on “Qaidi Band | Official Trailer | Aadar Jain | Anya Singh

  1. Am I the only one who thinks Qaidi Band and Lucknow Central are bit similar means inspired by same story but made in different ways😉

  2. is there some sort frequency that is airing in India, that writers just end writing same concepts from different production can they be so they like sit together and discuss to make movies of the same genre or something..I thought Lucknow central was a new concept but then this came..what is up????!!!

  3. Good movie and specially great acting but we all know this movie will not be a hit in Bollywood because here no one wants to appreciate the talent and will spend money only on big stardom actors only…
    We need a huge change in Bollywood.

  4. Great concept. But such a weird coincidence that both Qaidi Band and Lucknow Central are releasing so close to each other and both movies are based on jail inmates and them forming a band and their struggles. Funny how things pan out.

  5. This seems like a similar plotline to Farhan Akhtar's upcoming film… Great trailer nevertheless ! Eagerly awaiting it !

  6. Kids at the Ticket Counter Pronouncing Qaidi Band as Qaidi BANDH, The movies name should have been THE Qaidi Band

  7. Things will Change in Favour of YRF and Habib Faisals Qaidi Band. YRF Mktg, You have to Gear up, Because the Movie is Really Very Very Good

  8. Saw my Scenes Before Interval with Aadar and Anya, Thanks, YRF Team, Habib Faisal ji, Shanoo ji and Fulcrum Himalaya ji

  9. Such a Good Subject and a Brilliantly Made Qaidi Band, Good Luck. Ganapati Bappa Bol Ke Songs Promote Kijiye, Movie will Rock the Box Office like Jackie's Hero, at and over All Centrals.

  10. I think the people who are talking abt nepotism are not living in this real world.Why wouldn't an actor not launch his son?As someone moves up there is an obvious power struggle.

  11. Sincerely, Qaidi Band is a very Good Family Entertainer, with a Good Message as well, Watch Qaidi Band in Theatres and Enjoy

  12. aanya Di if u read this by any chance….
    mayoite's love watching ex-mayoites
    we all watched ur movie today on teacher's day and loveed uuuu..
    gooo mayoooo

  13. BC same story Andhere me bnaya Hai Lucknow Central movie me.. but to be honest, this movie is way better than Lucknow Central..if given a chance to chhose between Qaidi Band and Lucknow Central, I would go for Qaidi Band..

  14. very nice….kaash aisa such main b ho jo b under trail hain begunah unko 3 month k andar faisla suna k chor diya jy ya jo b saza banti hy wo sirf di jay

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