Punching Natsees

Punching Natsees

[Skype login, call, answer] Hello Comrade Trixie Hello Bruce. How’s your week been? Look, it doesn’t matter. This is a framing device. Just get to the—what do you want? Well that’s not very friendly. But I was just wondering if you uh heard about
that Nazi getting punched? [music] Oh yeah. I heard. Pretty fucking funny, right? Yeah, it’s pretty funny. Well you don’t sound very enthusiastic. Well look, babes, you know, it’s a man being
attacked in the street. I mean, he was a Nazi, so, whatever, but there’s
kind of a limit on how excited I’m gonna get about that. I see. How predictably bourgeois of you. Well, is it bourgeois to not smash people’s
faces in the street when you disagree with them? Yep. That’s pretty bourgeois. Fuck you. Not “people you disagree with,” you idiot—Nazis. People who actually endorse genocide. Are you seriously gonna defend them? I’m not gonna defend them. I’m just saying last time I checked people
have a right to express their political opinions without being clocked in the side of the fucking
head. Well what I want to know is why you liberals
are so eager to come to the defense of the poor oppressed Nazis, and so quiet about the
systemic violence that threatens marginalized people in this country every goddamn day. I’m not quiet about that. I have a whole fucking YouTube channel about
it. Oh, wow. Well here, have some brownie points for your
heroic YouTube activism. I can’t win with people like you, can I? Why are we friends again? Don’t interrogate the framing device. Why am I friends with anyone? Socrates, what is friendship? Alright, so maybe you’re not defending Nazis. But you’re tolerating them. And I’d like to know when you think is the
right time take to action. Is it when minorities start being loaded onto
trains, or would you prefer to wait very liberally and tolerantly until smoke is rising form
the first extermination camp? Oh, don’t be so fucking dramatic. Richard Spencer is not gonna be running any
extermination camps. He’s part of a despised fringe group with
no real power. Donald Trump is not part of a fringe group. But he’s not exterminating anyone. Well tell that to the millions of people who
are about to lose their health insurance. Tell that to the women who are going to die
from their botched back-alley abortions. Tell that to the refugees who are gonna be
deported back to their countries where they’re all gonna be fucking killed. So what are you suggesting, we start just
killing Republicans because you think their policies are dangerous? All that education and no brain. No shithead, I’m saying that we have a goddamn
duty to disrupt the rhetoric that misleads people into supporting those policies in the
first place. Disrupt it by punching people in the face. Why do you keep tearing up over the poor little
Nazi with a black eye? Do I look like I’m crying to you? I just happen to believe in a little thing
you may have forgotten about called democracy, which is—let me finish Oh don’t you start that. Let me finish. Politics is based on a norm of reciprocity,
which means I treat my opponents the way I expect them to treat me. If I start punching people out to silence
their political speech, then how can I reasonably expect them not to do the same to me? You know it’s cute, it’s really genuinely
fucking adorable that you actually believe that Nazis are gonna uphold some norm of reciprocity. You know, you feel safe because you’re white
and privileged, and you think you can just have a reasonable discussion with these people. I don’t think that. Well you’re fucking wrong. They might not kill you as soon as the Jews
or the blacks, but when fascist scum take over they will get you eventually, and when
they do they’re not gonna give a shit that you tolerated them when you had the upper
hand. Can I talk? No, you need to hear this, so shut up and
listen. I’ve seen your videos. You seem to think the rise of white nationalism
is a laugh-a-minute romp. But what you need to understand is you’re
a cis white man, and you’re privileged enough Oh come on. that all of this is just an intellectual exercise
to you. But guess what, to people of color, and to
trans people, and to women, and to immigrants and refugees, this is a matter of life and
death. Can I say something? No, shut your mouth. I know your audience is small, but you still
have a platform and you have an obligation to use it responsibly. But you know what you are? You’re just a profiteer who’s exploiting
social justice for money and attention. Oh come on You take social justice topics and you reduce
them to digestible little bits of infotainment. That’s all you do. But then you have the audacity to tell real
activists what to think and what methods they can use. That’s not what I’m doing. Shut up. You are the culture industry’s effort to
subsume and neutralize social justice by making Well now you’re giving me too much credit. it safe and palatable for mass consumption. Mass consumption?? And this cross-dressing nonsense is just you
riding the wave of public interest in transgender liberation. No no no. It’s complete appropriative bullshit and
you know it. If you’d let me talk for one second I’d
explain why that’s not fair. Don’t you get it? You don’t get to decide what’s fair. You don’t get to show up every couple weeks
with some glib burlesque, then collect your Alright. Patreon money and walk away to your champagne
and pearls. Let’s not make this about the pearls. The pearls are… I’m keeping the pearls. The pearls are not up for discussion. You seem to think you’re actually helping
something when all you’re doing is getting in the way of real activism. You’re as problematic is it gets, motherfucker. You’re dismissive of cultural appropriation,
you make jokes about eating disorders. So you just want to lecture me all day. And I notice you’ve got some new outfit
every week. That’s real good, claiming to advocate social
justice while supporting an exploitative textile industry. If you don’t stop talking I’m gonna punch you in the face. You think you’re a good person? Well you’re not. You’re the moral equivalent of a modern
slave-owner, and you wash it all down with a little casual transphobia, which you think
is so fucking cute… [sad cello solo] What a pisser. I think I’ve earned a round of golf. [jazz bass and drums] Fucking shit. Fuck! Fucking shit! You’ve at least got to admit, violence is
kind of fun, isn’t it. Yeah, I guess it is. You know the only thing that would make it
more fun is if somebody got seriously hurt. Well, I’m glad we agree on something. Look, can we give this conversation another
shot? Yeah. I guess. So, I appreciate your tolerant attitude toward
fascist speech, I really do. Normally your view is the right one, and I
see that you’re coming from a good place. But you have to understand that this is not
a normal situation. Fascism isn’t just any old political worldview. It’s like a malignant tumor that infects
the discourse and destroys every liberal norm. Well there’s no need to help it along by
destroying liberal norms in the name of opposing it. You still don’t get it. Violence is the only way to stop this. Fascism is inherently violent, and debate
does nothing. Violence is the only language fascists understand. Hitler himself said that the only way his
movement could have been stopped was if it were brutally smashed in its infancy. Well don’t you think Hitler was overestimating
the inevitability of his own success? People like Hitler are always blind to the
possibilities of failure. And you give him too much credit. You like to talk about fascism like it’s
this hopelessly attractive doctrine, instead of the pretty much shabby and repulsive thing
that it is. What you’re not getting is that it’s designed
to be seductive, to be irresistible. I think you’ve overstating the case. I don’t feel seduced by fascism. I mean, I guess it would be kind of nice to
be actually proud of my race and of my country. And it does get frustrating being a leftist
as a white man. Are you fucking serious right now? Because no matter how well you think you’ve
thought through your positions, any woman, trans person or PoC can discredit your opinion
in an instant, just by mentioning their own personal experience. So you’re always kind of alienated from
your own political worldview, which has to be a patchwork of second-hand testimony from
people who are different from you. You always have to be doubting your own intuitions
and experiences. Because your privilege makes it all biased
and invalid. And it would be nice to be free from that
kind of neuroticism and self-doubt, to not have to be always saying, “oh I’m sorry
I invaded your space with my masculinity and whiteness. I’ll try to be meeker and quieter from now
on.” How great, and how much more authentic, would
be to just say, “I am a white man, and my experience is valid!” Oh. My. God. To just be beautiful, and be proud of being
beautiful. To be strong, and be proud of being strong. And to just not give a damn who got offended. Yes! Hail victory! Hail Trump! I am no mere golden man! I am a golden god! [Wagner plays] Wow, dude. Wow. I don’t know how I got the hammer. I thought you had it. Well I’ve got it back. And I’m gonna bash your fashy face in with
it if you don’t stop this fucking shit. Oh calm down. I was just kidding with you. Well, it was a little too convincing. Well, you know, your problem is that you won’t
even allow yourself to enter the emotional space of the Right. Intellectually, you and I agree on almost
everything. The difference is that you’re a leftist
with all your heart, and I’m only three-quarters of the way there. I still have this one fascist quadrant of
my heart, and it makes me feel occasional right-wing emotions, like, “This is politically
correct bullshit.” That’s a feeling that I have, like at least
once a week. And I never say it, because I know that it’s
wrong. Well, sometimes it really is politically correct
bullshit, but most of the time it’s wrong. But it’s still a feeling that I sometimes
have, and that is why I can talk to the right, and you can sense that, and it’s why you
don’t trust me. Well now I definitely don’t trust you. That’s because people like you refuse to
have their ideological purity tainted by the subtlety and ambiguity of the world. No, it’s because I refuse to associate with
people who sympathize with an ideology that wants me and my friends and family dead. I didn’t say I had sympathies, I said I
have right-wing feelings. And I don’t have much control over my feelings,
but I can control my thoughts, and that’s why public debate is so important. I’ve changed my mind and changed my worldview
before, so I know that it’s possible. You didn’t use to be a fascist, though. No, but this isn’t really about committed
fascists. It’s about all the people who are mislead
into following fascist ideas because they have no ideological defense against it. Most Trump supporters aren’t brain-dead
fascist zombies. They’re ordinary people who’ve been taken
in by a specific set of fears and resentments. But what happens is they end up running into
people like you, and you confirm everything the right-wing demagogues have told them about
the left: you come across violent, angry, irrational, politically correct and humorless,
and no one wants to be around a person like that. Oh, well I’m sorry. I guess I and all the other unlikable trash
who don’t find the prospect of genocide hilarious will just step out of the way so
that you can ride in in your golden underpants and destroy fascism with jokes and memes. Look, I know you think I’m frivolous and
problematic, but maybe you’d change your mind if you knew how many people I hear from
that tell me I’ve made them seriously reexamine their “anti-SJW” beliefs. Maybe the reason it seems to you like people
on the “other side” can never be persuaded is that you just suck at talking to them,
and you never even make the effort. The problem with leftists is you prefer to
cloister yourselves away in Marx-Engels reading groups and radical feminist safe spaces where
you argue amongst yourselves about Trotsky and Luxemburg or bell hooks and Judith Butler
without ever making any genuine effort to engage with the public who you claim to represent
with your calls for violence. Dude you’re literally spewing right-wing
talking points right now. I’m spewing what the public thinks of you,
something you refuse to acknowledge or do anything to change. Man, you just have no idea how fucking privileged
you have to be to think that calm rational discourse is even an option in the face of
ideologies that deny marginalized people the basic right to exist. If it was you whose life was at stake maybe
you’d be singing a different song. That line of thinking only seems plausible
to you because you’ve already made up your mind that this is going to end in violence. You’ve made up your mind that it isn’t. And that’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. You think that advocating violence makes you
more radical than me and that it makes you a better ally, but you don’t know that. You don’t know how hate groups are going
to react when you attack and humiliate them. You think it’s an effective silencing tactic,
but what if you’re wrong? Humiliation is the seed of terrorism. And what if instead of being silenced, those
fascists you wanna punch decide to retaliate? And what if instead of retaliating against
you, they retaliate against the marginalized people you claim to defend? Don’t pretend you know how this is gonna
go down when you don’t. You don’t know either. And you can afford to have this delusional
hope that the fascists will just be peacefully persuaded because you’re a fucking white
male. Lady: You’re a fucking white male. Punk [simul.]: Yeah I’m a fucking white
male but I’m an actual ally unlike you. Lady” [simul] You think that because you’ve picked up
the twisted ravings of some continental philosopher, you’re smart enough to decide who lives
and who dies. There are people all over the political spectrum
who think that, and they’re called terrorists. When a Christofascist bombs an abortion clinic
he thinks he’s ending a genocide against the most marginalized group of all—the sinless
lives of the unborn. But you don’t leave any margin of error
at all because you think you’ve got it all figured out. [Simultaneous arguing] What kind of sick relativism do you have to
believe in for you to think that’s a fair comparison? Fascism is inevitably violent, that’s not
an open question. We don’t need to leave room for doubt on
this point. Lady: Your only rebuttal is to keep reminding
me that I’m a white male, but I could say the same thing to you, you white male. You’re just a privileged piece of shit who
likes to wear a ski mask and spew anti-capitalist slogans because you think it makes you look
like a badass, but it just makes you look like a privileged fucking asshole. Are you even a real punk? You look like your mom dropped you off at
a Green Day concert in 2003. That eyeliner looks like shit, did you get
it at Hot Topic? You’re just a fucking suburban wannabe white
male radical chic piece of shit, you privileged white male cis-privileged white fucking white
male white-privileged white male white fucking asshole white male-privileged white cis fucking
white male cis fucking Punk [simul.]: Well that’s because you are
a white male you privileged fucking white male. You’re a cis-privileged appropriator with
every conceivable advantage. The increasing hate in this country directed
at people because of skin color, class, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression,
disability, neuro-atypicality and body type means absolutely nothing to you, you thin-privileged,
male-privileged, cis-privileged, white-privileged, ablest, neurotypical white male piece of white
male shit, you thin cis white male fucking white-male privileged thin cis white male
piece of thin cis shit. Lady: I’ll bash you you gutterpunk trash. I’ll bash the shit out of you. I’ll bash you good. Punk: I’ll bash you first you bourgie fuck. You fucking fascist. Nazi-sympathizing piece of shit. Lady: I’ll fucking kill you for that. I’ll fucking kill your face off. Punk: I’ll kill you too you white male shit. [Gunfire] Who won? Who’s next? Special thanks to sarek, PoFo, Thea Raintree,
David the benevolent malevolence, Michael C. Johnson, J. Michael Comfort, Kat Stas,
Nick Wolf, Garrett Lathey, Eris, Jason Walter, Carter Kalchik, Phil, Olle Strandman, A Mysterious
Benefactor, Robert Phillips, T-Shades, Stephen Levai, RayHong, Romi Collia, Aaron Ho, Niltiac
Stealer of Souls, Vorone, no no no, Bottled Sky, Raymond Heinrich, Hete Rodox, Roman Uljuschew,
Stove Panicco, Marcus Rentonius and the other patrons who sponsored my golf lessons in preparation
for this video. Patron J. Michael Comfort requests that I
describe my ideal video game. So we’re talking full virtual reality here. I’m chasing a dog down a long dark hallway. I’m naked, and I’m back in high school,
but it’s not really highschool. When I get to the end of the hallway, there
are seven fat heiffers and seven emaciated heiffers, and that’s when the Pharoh tells
me how I’m going to die. [Electronic Beethoven “Ode to Joy”]

100 thoughts on “Punching Natsees

  1. This video is deliberately ambiguous, so those of you hoping to get a straightforward answer about whether it's okay to punch Natsees may want me to clarify what I actually think. If you prefer ambiguity then just don't read this.

    Basically I lean toward the bourgeois liberal side of this argument, though I understand there are some compelling arguments in favor of anti-fascist violence. I think most of us agree that anti-fascist violence is sometimes necessary, the real disagreement is about what sorts of situations justify it. I tried to present the strong points of both sides in this video. But ultimately my goal wasn't really to provide an answer to the question about the ethics of Natsee-punching. Mostly I wanted to depict the dysfunctional ways people on the left talk to each other.

  2. When I watch Natalie's old videos it looks like a girls impression of a boy lol. She was always femme as fuck

  3. Punching Nazis on the street in public only gives them rhetorical ammunition.
    Killing them silently and anonymously in the middle of the night does not.

  4. I think the way to combat fascism is to change the culture. We should make Nazis the villians in movies, and books, but not in the context of world war 2. Set it in the modern day, and have the villan mouth off about race realism. Establish two Nazi archetypes.

    1. The attractive, privileged, intelligent,but angry incel. Think of Elliot Rodger without the autism. Portray them as violent and vengeful towards all the people fascists hate. Emphasize their lack of success with who they want to date.

    2. The toxic hyper-masculine pua/ sexual predator. Think of the golden one mixed with a the touchy feely frat guy from college. Have him disregard women in all ways especially when it comes to consent. Portray him as violent as well, but more in a performative sense, usually to prove his masculinity to an audience. Emphasize the emptiness that comes with toxic masculinity. Portray him as rich and successful, especially with having sex with women, but broken inside which contributes to his fascist beliefs.

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  7. if we can show that punching nazis is at all an effective way to reduce nazi feelings then it is justified. If it cannot or will make them worse then it is unjustified. this, for me, boils the question down to a practical one rather than an abstract ethical one

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    every time she called herself a white cis man i whiplashed so hard at the sheer egginess of it all

  11. Let's say that most sociopaths are OK, but a few of them are deluding non sociopaths. Then if we win the majority of ordinary people back so the SP's don't have an army they won't resent by being forced. Left and right tried to suppressed each other since forever and we still have the problems, so violence hasn't worked. Maybe we need a more scientific approach. There does seem to be breakthroughs in every discipline and answers seem to be coming from everywhere. Times have changed and history can't be stopped. I just hope we don't have to go through some really bad times before we get it all sorted out. Obviously neither side has all the answers. We need to take new directions, not more of the same old, same old. New directions economically, politically, socially, oh heck in every way. That seems to me where the answer lie and not in the old way that haven't worked well enough.

  12. Yup, don't become the very thing you're fighting against thinking it's just some means to an end.

    You don't want to be like some so-called Christians who think the armor of God is literally firearms, for example.

    Humility things like turn the other cheek and whatnot are powerful for a reason. It might seem stupid, but not if you think it through to completion and realize that we're all pretty stupid in the grand scheme of things.

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  15. 9:58 – 11:15

    Former right winger here. She's right. Before ContraPoints I pictured all left wingers as blue haired screeching trust fund kids smashing windows. Her videos critiquing the left and decrypting the alt right really helped me flip sides.

    Smashing people in the face only creates sympathy from people looking in from the outside. You inadvertently create more fascists

  16. I think one point this video misses is who really and truly hauls off and punches a Nazi is not the beanie wearing manifestation. It's people that have been in a gang. People that have unironically used the term ride or die and have carried a gun in their gym shorts. Underneath the liberal base is a deep foundation of hardened economically and culturally marginalized people. The bourgeois isn't really scared of Antifa. If they have half a brain they're scared of the LA rioters. The system can only push people down so far and acquit so many cops before cars start getting set on fire and bullets start flying. The right wing has their own ruralized version of this under the base base in the form of poor mostly white (but not all) survivalists. The left and right both have poor dissaffected voters that will punch and shoot when you get too close. I highly doubt the guy who punched Spencer has ever read Kamu. Anyone who talks the wrong trash in the wrong neighborhood be it East LA or West Virginia is putting themself in real danger. Spencer's mistake was stepping foot outside the Sheraton lobby with his nonsense. Personally I am a liberal. And prioritize liberal issues. But on this particular topic I defer to common sense. I think both egos in this video forgot to take the psychosis of the hood and paradoxically the sticks into account. If I wore a shirt saying "I hate n*****s" on the west side of any town and got shot. Well its not a characterization of modern liberal philosophy. It more falls under the rubric of no shit Sherlock. As a n analysis of Contrapoints own internal struggle the video is perfect. And articulated beautifully as always. Anyway. Just my .02 cents.

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    I mean seriously, people can't even take a joke to the face anymore.

  24. I recently found your videos and I've been binge watching them. I got a little wrapped up in the SJW hysteria a few years ago, but thankfully I got bored of the whole topic and went back to focusing on my studies. But now, after wtching your videos, and a with a little more maturity, youe videos have really made me change my mind about a lot of things. . . Thank you, Contra!

  25. So here's what I think about the whole "white pride" thing: if it's framed as "pride in being white" then that's a problem, because there is really nothing substantial about the concept of "white". It just either means you're proud of… your ethnic traits (which is fucking stupid, obviously) or you're proud of belonging to the social group defined as "white" (aka, I guess because I'm not American, WASPs). However, I am proud of my culture, which is widely understood as white. I'm proud of being from a certain region of Italy, where incidentally most people are white, but I'm not proud of whiteness, and I'm not ashamed about it either. I'm proud of the culture I was born into, the arts and music and the fact that we can still excel while being governed by fucktrumpets and while our youth bleeds out towards locations abroad. I'm basically proud of my people, of the culture we created, exactly like a Chinese person might be proud of their own culture, or a Japanese person might be, or a Polish person might be, or a Native person might be proud of their own tribe and the resilience of their own people. In this framing, pride makes sense. But again, there is no inherent reason to be proud of being white. So, for white Americans, it makes sense to be proud of being American. Which makes sense, of course, and I support it as long as pride doesn't translate to thinking one is better than anyone else.

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  40. What I think is that you should never physically assault someone just because they said something or their opinions. I would ve only justified unless they are actually acting on those beliefs. An exampe: hitler had beliefs that jews were bad. This alone would justify violence, but the fact he acted on those beliefs(the holocaust) then action against him was rightfully taken. Basically, you shouldnt punch a white supremacist for just saying bad things. Only when they start acting on it.

  41. I think its often missed that in that same quote Hitler also believed that his movement could have been destroyed by obscurity, he felt that the Liberals in Germany opposing him at every turn only gave him publicity and made him more powerful.

  42. You have revealed a truth that no Hollywood movie has been brave enough to tackle, and it's so obvious… NO ONE SKYPES EYE-TO-CAMERA-LENS. To do so would be akin to breaking the fourth wall… Thank you for keeping it real!

  43. As I search for a piece of kindness
    And I find Hitler in my heart

    And he is whispering
    "As sure as love will spring
    From the Well of Blood in Vain, oh Jew!
    The Well of Blood in Vain!"

  44. This is absolutely my favorite Pre-Transition Contrapoints video. Seeing both Pre-trans Tabby and Justine (I think) arguing is always fun to watch and both sides are strong. Even more so in 2019.

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