Public servants should never 'exploit our political system'

Public servants should never 'exploit our political system'

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35 thoughts on “Public servants should never 'exploit our political system'

  1. Nothing will change . You forget that these thieving bastards are the same people who write the law . They are never going to derail their own gravy train . Liberal , Labor , makes no difference . When it comes to politician wages and perks , ALL politicians are in agreement . It's the ONLY thing the bastards ever agree on . I'm 66yo , I have been watching this bullshit for 50 years . It hasn't changed and it never will .

  2. Please all refugees and asylum seekers for permanent resident and without english test citizenship.

    "Give Australia Think Australia Love Australia "

    Morshed Khan

  3. National Anthem needs to be changed…..No longer "wealth for toil".
    Wealth for bastard's in shiny suits perhaps ?

  4. I always thought the political system was designed to exploit the public.. and public servants are the militarized money collectors. well i feel silly.. i've had it completely wrong all this time..

  5. Did you not base this video on Victorian political corruption because it would need a 24 hour live stream and you don't have a spare 24 hours?

  6. Does this mean we can sue comrade Dan for dabbling in businesses who supplied flammable cladding for Melbourne buildings?
    Can we sue Gillon Mclachlan for dabbling in overseas businesses who supplied behavioral awareness officers who had just as little legal right to eject people as PSO's had to arrest people? How many bans can be contested if the BHO's didn't have any real powers either?

  7. Those aren't servants, those are criminals about the same as Sky news (haha) is. All news now. Nothing but terrorists pushing terror.

  8. Why did Alexander Downer give Hillary Clinton $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Australian taxpayers ,Australian government don't help the homeless people in our country and stop cutting the pensions of Australian people to give Hillary Clinton to pay for the fusion GPE to spy on Trump at the election. Trump didn't collude, Hillary Clinton did. You're getting the fake news in Australia.

  9. Corruption and evil is in the HOUSE…. The leaders have sold our country out .. Oh what a sad day, to find, that the truth was in our parliament all along, just hidden with in illegal laws….. 🙁😔😔🙏 I'm gutted , GOD have mercy on us.. Amen.🙏

  10. Thanks, best we stop voting for our globalist feminist mangina liberals and vagina labour parties. Once we stop voting left and right, or national socialist or socialist, or sociopaths and psychopaths will we rid Australia of these toxic creeps. Labour and Liberals are now totally corrupt.

  11. Our current Minister of Finance,Bill Morneau, "forgot" he owned a chalet in Europe when he had to declare his assets. He also sold his shares in a company just before HE changed the tax laws that would have seen him take a huge monetary hit.Greedy soulless prick.

  12. Peter you were in politics , you know it's a shake down . What value did did you give to the economey ? nothing because of the cost to keep you , your drain of produced goods .
    While 50% of us are pulling the cart the other 50% are riding in it . Well that cart is heading over the cliff I just hope to hell they all go with it .

  13. After trans-woman, I think public servant is another new oxymoron.
    BTW please stop conflating what people earn, with what people get paid. It legitimises the naked greed of politicians, and most others high up in government organisations, and such people as (w)bankers.. There is no way on Earth that any politician "earns" the ridiculously high salary they get PAID.

  14. Lobbiest by Any title ought to be STOPPED FOURWITH

    House of Representatives has become the House of Self Representation
    Not as per the Proper Constitution being there to Represent "WE THE PEOPLE "

    There needs to be a Common Law Court of Ordinary Australian's making the Guidelines Rules and Regulations Laws Policy in Accordance with Australian Consitition that keep a check on all Politicians
    That they are All Independent from any influence. As our Westminster Model is clearly broken and flawed

    Furthermore All Politicians ought to be reciving the same wage as those on the Benefits thought
    So as they have True and Proper Representation of those they are meant to be iin Parliament Representing

    We have the Right to Require more Accountability by All Public Survants Rule of Law

    "Australia is Governored by White Collar Criminals support by Public Serice Criminals whom are all under the control of the Banking Organized Criminal Activity ANZ BANKERS NAB BANKERS COMMONWEATH BANK CBA BANKERS WESTPACK WBC and incudling the RESERVE BANK & TRESUREY
    Time all Australian's stood up for our Rights and Demand Accountabilty & Transparency
    That We the People Expect as We are paying for their Perks and Salaries "uitmate power corrupts "

  15. When s public servant abused the system all their assets-should be seized and never returned. And I mean all assets house car safety deposit box shoe box buried in the back yard all assets bank accounts here and abroad all assets.

  16. Well said, I can't believe the Liberals gave themselves a pay rise while wage growth is at its lowest. Makes me think what type of person Jacinda Ardern is to freeze MPs pay and her own pay rise in New Zealand.

  17. This lady is kidding me right?

    Our Admirals & Generals are neck deep in $$$ from making deals for the Military Industrial Complex. You got rocks in your head if you think our government isn't corrupt. It's better hidden & more sophisticated.

  18. The Age of Corruption. This is why they disarmed the population. So they could Fleece the Sheep and we have to cop it sweet.Robbing the people while claiming Welfare is unsustainable.

  19. Good stuff Peta! Insightful, cogent analysis of the revolving door between politics and business that is a big source of the conflicts of interest that undermines trust in government and public servants.

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