PUBG Nations Cup Announcement

PUBG Nations Cup Announcement

The best players in the world driven by national pride have answered the call the dream of taking on the elite is within reach only one nation can claim the prize only one team can become legend only one nation can claim the PUBG NATIONS CUP In PUBG NATIONS CUP SEOUL 2019 64 top players from 16 nations will fight for survival with their own country’s honour on the line Beginning August 9, the PUBG Nations Cup takes over Seoul South Korea and turns the capital city of esports into the battle royale capital of the world the jong-chul Arena will host three days of non-stop action until the best national team in PUBG esports is crowned Each squad’s fighting spirit will earn them KILL POINTS And each squad’s survival instincts will earn PLACEMENT POINTS kill and ranking points added together will give them the Total Points score and decide the mightiest PUBG nation Along with the pride of their countrymen the national teams will be fighting for their slice of the $500,000 prize pool Which nation can survive and become champion? Don’t miss a minute of action as the PUBG Nations Cup heats up the world of battle royale this summer.

54 thoughts on “PUBG Nations Cup Announcement

  1. @PUBG Esports
    Why no qualifying? I think that it is not fair for countries that also want to participate.

  2. Какой нахуй туркей, НАВИ заберут и выйбут Ваших турков, да ликвид, Нави Дави

  3. So, how is it decided which nations are competing ? .. there must be some kind of regional qualification ? I mean there is alot of "top" players missing from countries that arent on this list ?… -.-

  4. がんばって お ください – . – / ばんさい!
    Ganbatte O Kudasai – . – / Bansai
    Please stop saying South Korea and invite the Democratic People's Republic of Korea they should build up a team and join us on PubG.
    You are from Korea, it will be easy for you to invite them.

  5. Haha Lächerlich, Pugh ist sowas von Cheatern verseucht und Pugb macht nichts. Asien wird gewinnen, weil die nicht ohne Cheats spielen. Pubg ist lächerlich

  6. Minoru Thailand Noob and stupid Thailand 3player Top and minoru bad player

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