Proud Boys Leader Admits They’re CLUELESS Trolls

Proud Boys Leader Admits They’re CLUELESS Trolls

>>You’ve probably seen any number of instances
where groups like the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer and all of these neo-facist organizations
go to a city and wreak havoc. And you might think that’s why they’re doing
it. They seem to enjoy getting in fights, they
wanna destroy our country. But it turns out that they actually have another
strategy, and the recent event in Portland, we have the leader of the Proud Boys on video
describing exactly why they’re doing what they’re doing.>>We’re gonna keep coming out here, we’re
gonna keep wasting his resources. He’s gonna call all the agencies that he’s
called. He’s gonna call the National Guard, the FBI,
all of those people. We’re gonna keep coming out here until Ted
Wheeler does something.>>What do you say to residents that say we’re
paying taxes for this and you’re just wasting our resources?>>Do they pay federal taxes like I do?>>All of them pay taxes.>>Perfect. Then this is just as my city as my home back
in Miami. This is the United States of America.>>So you’ve come here from Miami to waste
the resources of Portland?>>That wasn’t our original intent.>>But you just said that’s what it was?>>Now it is.>>Wow.>>That is what passes for logic on the right. That individual and fellow Proud Boy’s leader
Joe Biggs, they flew to Portland from Florida to host the rally. Multi jurisdictional police force of 700 was
deployed as well as businesses being shut down. And to give you an idea of the costs, it looks
like they were successful. The closures cost local restaurants and other
businesses an estimated $3 million in revenue and taxpayers will likely be on the hook for
millions more due to the police response. And so they also released a press release,
in case you think that was just one guy with one offhand remark. First of all he’s the leader, second of all
the press release said, the gathering was never about bringing carnage or violence to
the city of Portland, it was about financially crippling the progressive hotbed until they
take action against antifa. And so he specifically in that commentary
mentioned the mayor of Portland. In a response to that, Wheeler decried his
statements but didn’t say whether he’d allow the group to continue to host the events in
Portland issuing this statement. I have one clear message to anyone who says
they’re going to continue wasting the city’s resources over and over again. Stop wasting our time. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars. Stop hurting our businesses. We have a city to run and lives to lead. Which sounds strong but, they told you what
they’re doing and you say stop doing it. I don’t think they’re going to stop. I would believe it so much more if we didn’t
find out just a couple of months ago that the Portland police were actually in contact
with some of these far-right protesters. Sometimes they’re called Proud Boys, some
are called this or that, whatever. But we know that law enforcement, as has happened
throughout history, is more willing to work on the side with the right nationalists than
they’re working on the side of anyone against them.>>Yeah, the mayors of the major cities are
Democrats. And so they should get a hold of their police
deparments and make them do their jobs. So in this context, again, Proud Boys not
being very bright, like their hero Donald Trump, said the quiet part out loud. And the reality is you don’t have unlimited
free speech rights. So before you panic, let me explain what that
means. There’s time, manner, and place restrictions
that you could put on speech. So for example, the classic example is you
can’t yell fire in a crowded theater. Now if you wanted to do a protest in a city,
you have every right to do that. And I support you doing that no matter where
you are on the political spectrum. And I think we should pay money out of our
taxes to provide security for that. But, if you ask for a protest or a rally every
single day, well that would not be a reasonable way of doing a protest and you would not get
a permit for 365 days out of the year, and it doesn’t matter who you are, you wouldn’t
get that permit. Now when this group says out loud, but we
don’t actually care about our speech, we’re just trying to waste your money, well, then
the mayor is completely within his rights to say, okay, well then you’re going to get
certainly less, if any, protest allowed in the city of Portland. Thank you for being stupid and admitting that
it isn’t about your speech rights. And so he would have a much more solid ground. If I was the mayor, I would still, despite
all this, despite knowing they’re trying to waste some money, I believe in the First Amendment
so much, I would let them protest once a year. More than once a year? And then, if you wanna come out and you wanna
do it without a permit, I’m gonna send in the cops. You know why? They work for me. And I would tell the cops, what did Trump
say? Remember the good old days, how people would
be carried out? No, I wouldn’t do that cuz I’m a progressive. But I would say, go do your job. They do not have a permit and they will not
be allowed to walk one inch in that area without a permit. They wanna go harass the citizens of Portland
cuz we’re progressive? And you think we’re gonna let them do that
outside of the law? No, I gave you a badge, go do your job.>>I could go even further, because I have
no patience or empathy for any of these people. Because text messages were leaked from this
most recent rally and they say things like anything that happens to you, whether it’s
someone takes off your hat or hits you with silly string, say that’s assault. Like if we want to inflict as much damage
as possible, the cops aren’t gonna let us fight long, but they’ll let us fight. They’re playing this four dimensional chess
game with racism and strategy because they’re so small, it’s kind of all they’ve got, while
the government and the left is not really having a proper response to it. So I would just say, no, you don’t get permits
for protesting. If you come out, we’re gonna call the cops. And I would be a lot more strong with how
strong the cops should be.>>Well, so look, what they’re trying to do
is, since they’re small, they’re trying to use leverage, which makes sense. And the leverage they think they have is the
police departments. They think the police departments are right
wing and quasi fascist like them, use violence as a part of their living, right? So they think they have a natural ally there. Now, if that’s true, well that’s deeply problematic,
and unfortunately a lot of the coordination in some cities have shown that that is true. Now if you’re a Democratic mayor of a city,
you need to crush that. I’m not talking about anything, extra judicial,
extra legal, extra democratic. No, no, they, we elected you to be the leader
of that city. If the police are working with fascist organizations,
I mean we should fire you immediately if you don’t put an end to that. And then eradicate that violence within your
police department. In fact, you should use the police for what
they ‘re supposed to be, protect the citizens, keep the peace. So, if these guys come and try to leverage
the police, it should have worked in reverse. You do not have the permit, you’re not allowed
on the streets. How many times have they done that to the
left in America? A million, right? Do your jobs, do it equally and fairly. But I think the last part’s the most important
part. I mean, we’re burying the lead in a sense. They also said in this case, this is a pure
optics operation. If you’re looking for your fourth degree,
and I explain what that is in a second, this is not the event to do it. Okay, so, what is a fourth degree? You get the fourth degree in Proud Boys for
assaulting someone. So they’re saying, okay, assaulting someone
is not bad, that’s normally what we do.>>Some events are for that.>>That’s right.>>It’s an initiation strategy, fourth degree
is their fourth party initiation. The first one is literally, I swear to God,
being punched by a bunch of Proud Boys while you name breakfast cereals.>>Yes, and so it’s like a gang. And they took that from other gangs, in a
sense, except the cereal part. And that’s why when John read you the earlier
quote from an actual press release, the gathering was never about bringing carnage or violence
to the city of Portland. That is they’re explaining. Now normally that’s what we do, right? And they tell their guys internally, now,
this is the one time you’re not going to get your fourth degree when you go assault people,
right? We’re actually just doing this for optics
and we wanna waste their money. So this is an exception to our normal rule. So their normal rule is violence. So I don’t mind calling them fascist at all. They’re right wing guys who go out there to
do protest propaganda. Protests would be totally fine, but the propaganda
and the violence makes it completely and utterly unacceptable. If you’re cops anywhere in America and you
see Proud Boys and you know that they earn their degrees by being violent,do your goddamn
job. And if you see any of that, arrest them on
the spot. If you see it.>>And the only thing I want to add is, I
mean, I think everybody who pays attention to this can look at this organization, listen
to what they say about themselves, and know they’re a fascist organization. They want to fight and possibly kill people,
that’s what they’re there for. They can say that they’re there to oppose
antifa, I guess that’s the person they want to assault. The thing that bothers me about it is the
ambiguity, the muddying of the water that’s provided by right wing media and the president. Donald Trump loves these groups. He’s vigorously opposed to antifa, the people
who oppose fascism, which should tell you something about his political philosophy. But Fox News has been defending these people
hard core. They have Andy Ngo I think he, the right-winger
posts online. He calls himself a journalist but he has no
ethics whatsoever.>>The latest grifter, if you will.>>Exactly, just today video came out of him
embedded in a group of Proud Boys. As they’re talking about assaulting a cafe,
he’s smiling and joking around with them. So he loves to pretend that they’re non-violent. It’s the leftists, antifa, who are the violent
ones, whereas he’s in on the game. He’s joking around as they talk about assaulting
innocent people at a cafe. And then, if any things happens, whatever,
is some of the tear gas they throw goes back at their eyes, Tucker Carlson will have them
on that night to talk about how mean antifa is to them. And so, for anyone who’s watched groups like
this come about historically in other countries and wondered, how did it get this way, why
didn’t anyone stop them? Maybe they had a Fox News. Maybe they had other right wing media at that
time who was helping to defend them as they got more powerful, more embedded inside of
police departments and things like that.>>Well we know that they had a propaganda. Was the head of it and here we had a propaganda
outlet where was that of it. And so look last thing I would say is Trump
even said in a tweet that he is considering labeling antifa, antifascist as a terror organization.>>Yeah.>>But full well knowing that these right
wingers are planning to do violence, never says a word about them. In fact, in this Portland gathering where
there was both sides, he only called out antifa and called them potential terrorists, and
did not call out the people who actually came to waste people’s money, and as a matter of
course, there was violence. Because he’s not on the side of the anti-fascists,
he’s on the side of the fascists.>>In America, we fought against fascists
in World War Two, does that make everyone’s grand or great grandparent a terrorist? Follow the logic.It doesn’t work.>>Well, look, our veterans that fought in
World War Two were literally antifa, they were anti-facists. And so Donald Trump and the rest of the right
wing, if you’re a true American and you’re a patriot, you would hate fascism because
we fought a whole war against them. But non-stop what does the right wing do? They back enemies of the United States of
America. Confederacy, the largest enemy we ever had,
and now, the fascist in Italy and Germany, they’re talking about in proud terms.

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