Protesters Break Into Kiev’s Parliament: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

Protesters Break Into Kiev’s Parliament: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

[Music] this is the euro Madonna it’s the focal point of all of the protests that were happening here against the previous government in Ukraine but they’ve stayed on since the government has changed and now they’re dealing with the consequences of Crimea having been taken by Russia right now there’s actually some people on the square talking about Crimea and it’s interesting to know what the reaction here in Kiev has been to events down there these are all of the protesters who died during the protests against the previous government [Music] right now they’re chanting down with one of the ministers of the interim government so they just told everybody to go to the Parliament to demand that the Minister they’re unhappy with step down there [Music] [Applause] so maybe today isn’t just a regular day for protesting because this is a really big crowd hasn’t been around like this outside of Parliament for a couple of weeks at little point and they want to break in they want the interior minister to step down it’s really tense because the people at the door don’t want to let anybody through because they think more chaos is exactly what the Putin government wants get the people outside here they think that this government it’s in action has to go and they wanted to be replaced with somebody against the Russian invasion robbery war another cross the production war people reach the shore newsroom where the crimes database boil but she knew them from Dartmouth alum is delayed approached on a press tour that she claims the labels boy sued adjudicated that until the drug communicate teachers turbo bravissimo [Applause] [Music] when they prescribed for the boy yeah pre-show that opposed to becoming extra know mathematically she was Italian yeah I do oval eyes but she move but mostly is last is vote three more status deal yet Porcello recover you did you give Roberta with a right to travel negative a shot kill reform yes illusion obvious Tony Schiavone impress : what a monster GGG Acrobat Couture Couture the Polly Polly Polly savatya viciousness to you you must throw in an amorous [Music] donna eacho Hajus narada dancer robot in a criminal act it was some disk on it Stockholm falooda parade aware Laguna brought 20 level aa routine own apt Robert Young senior Delhi School can observe Iloilo wanna but about Patroni be deemed as let’s concrete achieve on the Virginia period than you [Music] so most of the guys here are right sector right sector supporters they were the core of the protest movement during the protest against the last government and now they’re unhappy with the current government because they lost Crimea and they’ve decided that they want to break into Parliament but alike – go the politician from the radical party who we met at the border the other day he diffused the situation so that they should stay with their demands but they shouldn’t break into the Parliament because that would cause chaos which would play into Vladimir Putin’s plans so they’ve decided to reconvene here tomorrow they’re all leaving for tonight

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  1. Take note my fellow Americans. This is what happens when paranoia, conspiracy theories, partisanship and religious division weaken a country.

  2. Крым смотрит на это все и не может нарадоваться, что так вовремя избавил себя от этого пиздеца.

  3. (I'm making this comment to become more educated, not to argue any sort of position in this matter.) I've noticed a lot of people throughout these videos claiming that the Ukrainian government is "fascist". Could someone explain to me what grounds these accusations are based on? (Regardless of whether or not you think they're true.) Thanks.

  4. Я из Крыма счастлива,что мы ушли из этого сумасшедшего дома.Пусть Бог разрушит эти садомистские группировки! Украина это прекрасная цветущая земля, колосящиеся зрелыми хлебами нивы, добрые трудолюбивые люди! Это мракобесие не Украина! Это клоака,преисподня!

  5. 'Why did they let Crimea go without a shot'? 
    It would have given Russia an excuse to use force, overwhelming force that would have steam rolled the Ukrainian garrisons. Or were they expecting all those troops to die pointlessly? 

  6. And that old lady is similar to the ex-soviet army officer in the earlier Vice dispatch, people need to listen to some of the less rabid old timers.

  7. "The government changed". Nice. Oddly Simon fails to mention that the government "changed" after it was violently overthrown.

  8. where is the rationalization in all of this? Everyone in all these videos in Ukraine and Russia just seem to act like animals. rioting, killing. screaming… jesus calm down.

  9. This whole situation is fucked. Ukraine wanted to get rid of its corrupt president and did. Then while Ukraine was in transition, Russia took advantage and annexed Crimea and possibly more. However the same corrupt officials are still in power in Ukraine crippling any response it could have had against Russia. The US and the EU wont stop Russia in Ukraine. Its sad but its the truth. Ukraine isnt in the EU and Russia has Europe by the balls with all the energy they control. The West doesnt want a nuclear war over a country in eastern Europe. Im from the US and no one wants WWIII. Its sad that the Ukrainian people were unable to remove its government and install a fair democracy without any foreign intervention, from the West or from Russia. As long as Russia stays out of EU member nations which it most definitely will, the most the West can do are embargoes against Russia. 

  10. i see some sort of homeland militia from both sides… right sector here doesn't look one bit different to me then the guys that took crimea, or those that are on the barricades in east ukraine.. it's sad how everywhere in the world there is a small percentage of idiots, that are loud and violent and that can trigger a conflict that involves all of us… brr

  11. i think Ukrainian are a good citizens.. Russia though are more arrogant and communist kind of attitude.. their not different from noth korea and china full of ideology.. ukrainian people deserves liberation and freedom.. and im not european im asian.. just a thought though.. PEACE 🙂

    i think if putin take action in ukraine a big problem from russia coz ukraine is part of the NATO so its gonna be russia against NATO allies and thats include AMERICA and other allies.. and i dont think anyone can handle war against america…  

  12. so far the ukrainian right fanatics have behaved the worst. damn russian supporters look like pussycats compared to these dangerous and hating freaks. no russian has spoken any word about death and war yet its all what these guys are saying constantly. 

  13. these people are so stupid they are mad because their military didn't shoot at the Russians….hmmm lol i wonder why…Russia would have slaughtered half of Ukrainians population in about 2 days witch would start  ww 3 then our entire planet would be one big Chernobyl would that of made them happy ?

  14. 6:00 "Right Sector… They were the CORE of the protest movement"
    Simon Ostrovsky, VICE journalist from USA.
    Ukran Akbar.

  15. U.S. gov. seems to be doing its usual thing, supporting whoever is best for U.S. interest.  I don't know nearly enough to pick a side personally and (as terrible as it sounds) I don't care, but if the U.S. gov. gets what it wants, I doubt there will be a government that is supported by the people rather a puppet for the highest bidder. 

    On another note, ive seen the comment about a majority of Crimea wanting to be part of Russia again, quite often.  And although their roots might be Russian, a deal was struck, and regardless of anything else, Crimea belonged to Ukraine.

    When has it ever been OK to go back on a deal?
    Muchless one btw two nations involving strategic/valuable land and thousands of lives.  

    guess I answered my own question…

  16. Привязались к нашему подарку. Вам же ничего русского не надо

  17. The Ukrainian government made a mistake, an old lesson they could have learned from the Romans: don't station the auxilia regiments in the province/region they are from. Half the army stationed in Crimea defected when the Russians knocked on their door. I can understand it though, pro-Russian groups and the Russians themselves seemed the stronger party, and most of those soldiers' families also live in that region. 

  18. I wonder if Obama would like to give amnesty to 20 million white Ukranians as he would to 20 million brown illiterate bastards from south of the border 

  19. Время идет потихоньку все становится на свой места .

  20. В то время как украинские нацисты уничтожают собственный народ, фашистская хунта в Киеве рассказывает всему миру, что во всей этой резне почему-то виновата Россия. Граждане Украины, у вас хоть капля логики осталась?
    While Ukrainian Nazis kill their own people, fascist junta in Kiev tells the world that this whole massacre somehow to blame Russia. Citizens of Ukraine, you have a shred of logic to stay?

  21. Я охреневаю дебилы в масках 4:00 кричат: "У нас порядок в стране должен быть" – Петросян отдыхает!

  22. The old lady at 6:33 is completely right. The stupid skinhead kids she's talking to are fucking clueless animals. Ukraine should have someone like this old lady as a leader.

  23. Look at that angry radicalized mob..
    They already got what they wanted and toppled the acting government, now they still keep camping out and rioting against every single act of "their" new government.

    "Why is there no war yet? We want to fight and they won't let us!"
    "That dude is a cool dude, he handed us the GASOLINE and BULLETS, he's the only normal guy around here!"

    Yeah that's all you people want, fight, kill and hate..

  24. again no mentioning of context neo nazi party and the german mouthpiece that they organized the cue are passed for censible politicians


  26. what the fuck? most of those guys are right sector? they stole our red and black anarcho-communist/anarcho-syndicalist/antifascist flags!

  27. Why does Ukraine have so many Nazis ? even in world war2. western Ukraine was allied with Nazis.. and still have NAZIA PARTIES AND MALITIA..

  28. Crimea should just go to Russia… And Donetsk Self-Republic too..  After that the Civil war would be over.
    The EU have UA and RUS will get the Black Sea Ports.

  29. So… The south rose to the dismay of the north. Where have I seen that before?

    One difference though – this time England – sorry, Russia – is actually coming to aid the rebels.

  30. Funny that there were almost no casualties when Crimea was taken over but more than a hundred people died in Kiev during protests.

  31. Look at the difference. These people are fascists. "Death to enemies" we will "kill Putin" they are mad. They want a war with Russia!?

  32. id be willing to bet that these guys come back and march on kiev because they now have tanks and weapons and artillery and when they loose the war in the east they will turn their anger on someone else… the first people that will suffer is the people they put in the government during the first revoloution

  33. LOL, 3:40, 'peaceful' 'democratic' protestors almost beat the shit out of a woman that was in complete agreement with them.

  34. Усатый в начале видео -одержимый!!!!! Ему нужно к экзорцисту!!!

  35. Черновол защищает власть, хотя забыла что прошлая власть ее вчера чуть до смерти не забила, а разница между старой и новой влатью? никакой.
    Баб надо в сторону уводить, и ляшка на хер послать

  36. Jesus Christ! Right there you saw lyashko, radical party. You hear what the little Nazi bitch said? That lyashko was handing out bullets and gasoline for firebombs on maidan! Haha. Is everyone mad?
    Huh what? Nazis? Those guys are totally peaceful protesters. Fuck this insane lawless country. It will always be on Russia's border and they think they can somehow distance themselves by killing each other? Bravo Ukraine, you took the bait. Now you become like Iraq. Congratulations!

  37. So, Vice reporter Simon Ostrovsky, who has a bias against Russia admits that the core of the Maidan protests were the right sector? lol…the whole charade is falling apart.

  38. Do people here not realise that since 1991 Russia and surrounding nations haven't been the Soviet Union? Why do so many people think that the Soviet Union is an alternative way to refer to Russia. I'm looking at you America!

  39. Ukraine was left to the Russians just like Poland was left to Hitler and Stalin. I am pissed. Glory to Ukraine.

  40. these Ukrainians are bunch of idiots hungry for war. they're only making their country worse and doesnt realize if they decide to attack crimea, russia will attack from backdoor and ukraine is no more

  41. Can someone explain to me how their government was put into place at this time? The president was "removed" from power and then who stepped in? And who authorized that?

  42. Russians are cowards and pigs who only attacked when Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons having received the promise of protection from those same Russians for doing so. But US, UK and the rest of the western world also broke same promise to protect us for giving up that arsenal of nuclear warheads … they are also pigs. The truth is that Russia will still never succeed in recreating its former empire and will disintegrate further. It might take us 20 or 200 years but we will defeat them and get the land back…. As for the Western World which has failed us so badly – think again about your nuclear non-proliferation and your future security …good luck with the likes of Iran and Pakistan … feel that self-engineered fear for personal safety when traveling abroad…

  43. Crimean peninsula of most of it Yet Japanese TV media I had dreamed for many years the Russian incorporation of people have said there is just a lie Russia invaded Crimea
    And why tax of our Japanese is passed to Ukraine
    President Putin made the right decision.
    I want to say to Ukraine aunt who said kill Putin
    Many of our Japanese tax was flowing as financial support to Ukraine.
    Return the money immediately.
    President Putin is a leader with a courage that is fighting the NWO.

  44. Russian mother, infant savior of the World and Our Father. Your finest hour has struck, because the world will feel the Love of My Father for the World creators Ego.Nachinaetsya awakening of Russia to the joy and grace of the persecuted and destroyed the small people are not able to save himself and his house, but beloved and chosen grieving and crying, my dear rejoice all born new, clean ,, healing from leprosy of sin, because the spiritual father of the carrier peoples liberation from the vices of the flesh and the soul, through the transformation of all accepted in the heart of Love, for Love and God is sending all the oppressed of Russia to get rid of the universal bondage and tyranny of the rulers of the world and their puppets, the people reborn.

  45. I told my friends and people who I know that this conflict will turn into a war and I was kinda with Ukraine

  46. It is clear that Ukraine definitely needs Russian help. And Russia is right to intervene its their neighborhood. US and UK should stay clear of this. Putin is more than capable of taking care of this. Vice news get a grip and show what it is.

  47. Right Sector=Nazi thugs. The people of Donbass fought to protect their home,families&land. Poroshenko&the corrupt incompetent crooks in Kiev attacked them, not the other way around. Remember that before spouting off more anti-Russia rhetoric!!

  48. The man at 3:00 don't know what's War..
    All of us knows that if Ukrainians take a direct war with Russia then there will be no more Ukraine…

  49. They bawl more stupid ……. to fight with Russia? Well what can I say good luck, let the earth rest in peace.

  50. Ostrovsky is right in one point the govt has changed, changed into a zionazi monster that will lose & steal all ukraine wealth, destroy its moral fibre & show that its a fake country without a hope of existing. 5 years later the same criminals are still squatting in rada.

  51. ты журналюга а ты знаеш что это за редикалы ходят они евреев убивали и поляков

  52. Nichts Neues! Ausser die obligatorische Propaganda gegen Russland! Die Ukraine ist ein sterbendes Land, in den Tod getrieben von der eigenen Regierung, mit der Hilfe der USA, EU und der NATO.

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