8 thoughts on “Professor Mark Blyth on Global Populism, Trump, and the Democrats

  1. An Alternative/Allied Explanation

    This world comprises two sub-genera of humans– the psychopaths and the socially responsible. Now the psychopaths, who are represented in America by the GOP, may make up only 1-2 % of the population but nonetheless, to obtain a reproductive advantage, they are fully prepared to do absolutely anything to fool the feeble-minded into voting their way. Unfortunately, however, if just 1-2% of any population are permitted to freely manipulate the social and economic system then everybody else is obliged to either do the same or die.

    Nevertheless, with the help of Putin’s social media hackers, who targeted crucial electorates with information secretly supplied from GOP polling, Donald Trump won the 2016 election by deliberately manipulating the ‘Rust Belt’ mentality. This is where dimwitted people, through no fault of their own, have seen their lives devastated simply because they are on the wrong side of globalisation and the information revolution and far more importantly can’t grasp why. This is because today the struggle is no longer ‘black’ against ‘white’, ‘democrat’ against ‘republican’ Americans against foreigners or ‘old’ against ‘young’. It is ‘smart’ against ‘stupid’ and, what’s even worse, you don’t even get to pick your or your kids’ side. In 2017 if you aren’t smart enough to do the maths then some kid in Korea, China or even New Zealand will. In fact, no matter where you live today, if you are not bright enough to qualify for one of the world’s top universities then the world simply doesn’t need you. Now obviously those in the ‘Rust Belt’, who are smart do, qualify but they then move away, while those who don’t stay home and watch their incomes and asset values slide. The problem then becomes – what can this high densilty of dimwitted people exchange for the digital mobile phones, solar panels, modern anti-cancer drugs and cheap airfares they so dearly want? A 1960 Plymouth with crossply tires! And. this is also the irony, because it also means they were too stupid to see that Putin, through Trump, was playing them for fools just to get sanctions lifted.

    Of course a part solution to all of is free tertiary education. Because, unlike all the other countries that America now competes with in the new world economy entry into our best universities is not merit based. In the good-old USA you can effectively buy your way in, which doesn’t encourage the best and brightest, just morons like Donald Trump. The sad truth is that America will never successfully compete unless our smartest kids, whether they come from the ‘Rust Belt or ‘East LA’ are all offered an equal chance to access advanced education.

    Oh, and Clinton is just another corrupt idiot, but not nowhere near as stupid and corrupt as Trump, who is selling out his own country simply to help Putin send the billions he has stolen in Russia overseas in exchange for personal debt relief.

  2. Bernie won that primary. The DNC stole it and admitted it in court. The whole lot of them are corrupted by donors. So sad that they destroyed the US. Boomers and Silent Gen need to fix this as they caused this. They are also the biggest consumers, so they are responsible for the destruction of the planet too, for not acting in the 80s when they were told about global warming.

  3. HEY! Someone's been reading my comments. I've commented on many segments that we are living in post-Soviet Russia right now. Militarized and fascist acting LE, the elite make all the rules and get all the profits, half the nation's poor, dying younger. Encouraging workers to snitch on each other for silly things. So people are afraid of each other. Bit of McCarthyism tossed in too. I had several more parallels but can't recall them now. Gotta sleep.

  4. Jimmy Dore is so eye-opening about the crimes and unethical behavior of Dems and their faults. They cannot ignore the progressive left

  5. The Democrats are STILL tone deaf. Only the Progressives are paying attention because they are coming out of the trenches.

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