48 thoughts on “Prof. Werner brilliantly explains how the banking system and financial sector really work.

  1. Is it really a regulation problem, or is it a problem of corporate and banking culture?


    Well, I guess probably both.

  2. do research on small banks that merged with bank holding company(s) as a result of the small banks increasing in there size of buisness operations

  3. 4:56 the moment they is a reference to these small banks bought up using M&A vie bank holding company(s)

  4. Let’s speak candidly. These men are speaking of banks as if they could possibly operate, or exist differently. Banks, governments, corporations, codes, legal “laws”, etc…operate with and take money via your Cestui Que Trust-aka- your straw man/ minor account. It’s all a cruel joke….put upon us through fictitious conveyance of language.

  5. UK dose not have this developers banks, because it's too close to this money generating centar, simply too much money for valuing assets or for consummation , same thing with USA, around the wall street is industrialy dead, because why would you produce anything if you can by anything you want. But this is bad for country as we see. The big industries as coal and steel industries are destroyed, because they don't follow the bubble growth rate, you can't produce more if you don't develop more industry which will consume this raw materials. Of course there is oil, only raw material that whole system is run on, so we think that everything is going more or less well, but what would be when there will be no more space for new cars, and plastic would be all around, because auto industry makes Germany runs, as well as USA, and piles of new electronics. Eventually everyone on earth will have two cars, and five electronics gadgets, and 5 times that that are wasted, where we will put all this. What should we do is of course waking up industry even more, why, because only that how we could make equilibrium inside of means of production. Where is place for investment there where is needed mostly in undeveloped countries, value of production will go down prices of goods also, income will become much equal all around the eart, and people will think more about sustainable economy. Simple factory and resource will merge in one productive system

  6. If bank lending is producive you get low inflation? But what about the high inflation of the 70’s I though high inflation came about as a result of labour power. Im assuming then he saying that if bank lending is kept productive then there is a latent constraint on the expansion of money supply so you don’t get inflation spirals because the money supply isn’t there (but then labour is part of that productive spending). This would fly in the face of MMT which claims that money is created by state spending?

  7. The problem is, is that the banking system DOESNT WORK!!!! It only works for the elite to control the m-asses. The banking system does not benefit the common man and woman. It has been used to place most people into slavery. Abolish it all right down to wall street and all stock markets and return our equity. Replace this fraud system with a free and open society based on community values where everybody pools their ideas into a library of wealth where we all benefit from and thus we need no corporations just a world living trust where the estates of all people are protected by true justice.

  8. Helicart: >"Simply expressed, if the rate of credit growth is outpacing GDP growth for the medium to long term, then credit can only be growing by increasing lending to non productive enterprise"

    In other words, when the schnable trumps the iskabibble, the dotard elongates the shiznit.


    I get it all now.

    (Fuck me: I've yet to hear ANY economic issue "simply expressed." It's all shrouded in horseshit.)

  9. Truly fantastic summary of how it works and how the core of the British empire stays intact financially through the city of london

  10. In the air transport industry, there is a similar service providers for all the airlines and airports and aircraft manufactures. This organisation is SITA

  11. Some countries has Local money ( japan )… suggesting Countries Has/deposit the Gold in other ( recent history ; Venezuela ( whatever situation is, Venezuela institution Ask for His Gold back UK refuse it ) / get me the attentions Listen, Professor Werner

  12. we are not even privy as to who actually owns the bank of england… No surprises that this is not taught in schools!

  13. What about Quicken loans and other online lenders? If they are not technically called banks but arent that what they are?

  14. The city of London is not in the UK? The city has its own local government and police force but it is subject to the rules of the country it is in, England, part of the UK. Jersey for example is a crown dependency and is not part of the UK. From Corporation of London website: "he City Corporation is the governing body of the Square Mile dedicated to a vibrant and thriving City, supporting a diverse and sustainable London within a globally-successful UK." So where do I sign up as a pundit?

  15. debt based economic system

    A debt based economic system is, in part, a poverty inducing,
    promoting, and masking system. The system encourages poverty than masks it with
    the goods and services that are rendered. The system exists with an interest in
    self perpetuation through the activity of banking. The system is nebulous and amorphic.
    Poverty is generally understood to mean a lack of something. Economic poverty
    is a lack of real economic resources. The current economic system is a debt
    based system based on fiat money and is therefore a nebulous and amorphic
    poverty inducing and promoting system perpetuated through the banking industry
    and allied interests. I don’t understand how people can say that the level of
    poverty is going down around the world based on the expansion of a debt based
    system. I don’t understand why people are concerned with the level of debt the
    US or any nation has because the system is debt, and all the level of debt
    tells us is the volume of the debt cloud. The system should be referred to and
    thought of as a cloud because that is what it most resembles. A debt based
    economic systems that is not tied to any one good or service is a conceptual
    creation in the minds of those who use the system as a factor to mitigate social
    interactions. That is all this is, and that is all it can be as an economic

    Why do we have a social system like this? The answer is to
    enable power and control over others in a systemic way much more than to enable
    a fluid functioning of work. I don’t really see a true need for this system. We
    can base our social interactions on something real, a shared understanding that
    some things need to be done for our collective mutual benefit. Dose a military
    draft and paying taxes not work this way? Most people run a home by asking and
    expecting people in the home to do chores to maintain the living space. Some
    people pay other members of the community to do house work but others expect
    family members or housemates to do work, and may call it an allowance, some
    people don’t and roll the payment of the chore done into the cost of running a
    home like paying a tax. But, work can still be done in the absence of money and
    benefit is still gained from that work. Do people pay trees to grow so they can
    be harvested for lumber? No, tress grow without the need for money. Do I communicate
    with you because I am paid to do so? No, I communicate voluntarily for our
    mutual benefit. That we currently exist in a debt cloud, all costs involved in
    the production of this letter are paid by me by my past and future social participation,
    which is contingent on the continuation of the economic system. So what is the
    real and true need of the monetary system we have right now? What is the true
    need of this debt cloud most of the world lives in?  

    Your friendly neighborhood philosopher,


  16. What a fortunate interviewer you are to be involved in interviewing such an extraordinay mind against which there is little or nothing to withstand!

  17. When you people finally wake up to the satanist pedophile bankers running this world dont forget to destroy the Australian Criminal Teritoty ( ACT)

  18. "Although there are countless maladies that are forever causing the decline of kingdoms, princedoms, and republics, the following four (in my judgment) are the most serious: civil discord, a high death rate, sterility of the soil, and the debasement of coinage. The first three are so obvious that everybody recognizes the damage they cause; but the fourth one, which has to do with money, is noticed by only a few very thoughtful people, since it does not operate all at once and at a single blow, but gradually overthrows governments, and in a hidden, insidious way."

    ~ Copernicus

  19. All downstream consequences stemming from government forcing the global economy to use government currencies instead of allowing the free-market to determine the most liquid medium of exchange.

  20. a nice bean-counter meeting thank god no raised the money as debt issue or the use of a fraction reserve banking system. what else?? externalities that are used to make their " models " work.

  21. Germany would be in a good situation if it had never joined the Euro and didn’t have the super banks like Deutschebank playing the same games as everyone else.

  22. Most important truth told in 200 years. So what small tribe owns the banks? No wonder why this cryptonic truth is not aired on the banker's consumption programing devices ((TV)).
    This is why one dollar buys one penny worth of goods, we are paying for all their speculative investments and losses with inflation and over pricing commodities.
    Privatize profits, socialize losses.
    This is not an accident.

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