Pro-301 – Prophecy Update, 18 August 2019 (Shipwreck Ahead)

Pro-301 – Prophecy Update, 18 August 2019 (Shipwreck Ahead)

the Bible prophesied of a unique time on
earth Israel would be returned to her land the church would turn to false
doctrines technology would increase and wickedness and immorality would run
rampant the time spoken of so long ago has come joined Charlie Garrett as he
breaks down these events for us as they unfold each week ok it’s 18 August 20 19
time for the prophecy update of the week and let’s see here we have some guests
that are visiting Tom and sherry schlitt from Evansville Indiana and their friend
Tammy they’re all visiting today and we welcome you make the effort coming all
the way down here to live in Paradise with us and we have a little thing that
happened this week that I don’t ever remember happening in my life is for the
past 10 days we have had almost no Sun at all almost no Sun it’s rained every
single day sometimes all day every day Jennifer who’s not here today shame on
her has the week off and she said on Facebook she made a post that you know I
take my week off and here it’s rained every single day and then of course my
daughter came down she’s sitting in the back here and she’s visiting and it’s
been raining all week long so what does she do she’s down in Key West where it’s
sunny and bright so good job there she came back last night what time did you
get home 2:30 they left way late and they drove all night to get here and
here she is in church so there you go and she brought her friend a girl that I
know since she was about this big as Andreea and I can tell you when you meet
Andreya when you we meet at half time you’re gonna meet a person that never
ever missed a three-pointer in high school she was I would go to watch the
games I’m not a sport person at all but I would go to watch her and she never
missed a three-pointer she could do it all day long with any pressure around
her 50 kids you know going and she just up it would go and and I’m telling you
or marvelous so it’s wonderful to have you here as well and then I have a
bandana on today from Arlene it came yesterday in the mail and I don’t know
why she would have it a ride yesterday Saturday late but it came
apparently for some reason and then I might as well show you this I got a a
another set of guns these are lethal here J gave them to me
when he walked in today and I have not only the rubberband gun that I showed
you a week or so ago but I have got a nerf gun which I can shoot at my
chihuahuas I got two of them in case my son wants to come over and shoot them
with me so there you go Thank You J very much for that I’m
getting a whole gun collection I can’t kill anything with it but you know
that’s pretty wonderful so there you go what’s that you could kill flies with
that squash him on the wall or something so all right our first category as
always is Israel and so from n globes goldman sachs ‘is unstoppable shekel
continuing to gain the shekel is just gaining and gaining and gaining in
strength which is not surprising Goldman Sachs has published an in-depth analysis
entitled the unstoppable shekel which elaborates on the factors behind the
strengthening of the shekel and concludes that the Israeli currency will
continue to gain noting that the shekel is appreciated by 7% against the dollar
in 2019 their analysis outlined some of the reasons for the strengthening of the
shekel including the possibility listing of Israel on the FTSE s flagship world
government bond index and foreign currency hedging by institutional bodies
Goldman Sachs estimates that institutional investors in Israel sold
foreign currency worth 4.8 million dollars in the first half of 2019 thus
making a huge contribution to the strengthening of the shekel in 2018
institutional investors purchase seven point six billion dollars worth of
shekels they also cite the strong growth in the Israeli economy 5.2 percent in
the first quarter on an annualized basis the 3% GDP current account surplus and
the four percent GDP of foreign investments increased high-tech exports
in the fall in the price of oil have also helped the Israeli economy so going
up and up pretty wonderful from the times of Israel before
or election Prime Minister aims for Trump backing for Israel sovereignty at
settlements we’ve talked about this they have the settlements which are in yesh
Oh which is the Judea and Samaria and we they are hoping that Trump will
recognize those settlements not all of Yesha but just the settlements that are
already occupied by the Jews that where they are living in there and to say that
these are Jewish land and they are not to be taken in any agreement at all
that’s what he’s hoping for because that will give him a boost at the election
time so here we go Prime Minister Netanyahu is seeking a public
declaration from President Trump ahead of the September elections backing an
Israeli move to extend its sovereignty over Jewish settlements in the West Bank
well Netanyahu cannot himself take the far-reaching diplomatic step of
extending Israeli sovereignty to the settlements while he is leading the
current caretaker government the Prime Minister’s Office is lobbying for public
support from Trump for such a move this would enable Netanyahu to credibly
assure right-wing voters that he can and will move quickly to apply sovereignty
to the settlements if he is again elected premier so what he’s hoping is
that Trump will say yes we think that these belong to the Jews and they’re not
to be taken out and then he can’t do it now because he’s only a interim prime
minister because of the government but when he becomes the elected prime
minister he can then say Trump has recognized it so we’re gonna take the
same action that’s the hope there it says if issued such a declaration by
Trump would mark the third far-reaching diplomatic shift by the White House in
under two years after Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in 2017
and moved its embassy there and recognized Israeli control over the
Golan Heights earlier this year shortly before the previous elections
subtler leaders said they would welcome a trump statement to that effect even if
it applied only to settlements rather than more of the entire West Bank
territory which fakest in E&C is the core of their future State so we’ll see
how that goes it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump would do this he’s already put his
neck out for him twice the world got all upset for a couple minutes and
then ate let it go it the decision is made there’s nothing they can do about
it I would personally like to see it happen but what I’d like to see him do
is say they have sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria all of the West Bank
at all of it and I doubt that’ll happen but I would like to see that personally
from the free beacon Europe poised to put warning labels on Jewish made
products we saw this with Canada wine last week the EU is poised to mandate
that Israeli products made in contested territories carry consumer warning
labels the decision that could trigger American anti-boycott laws and open up
what legal experts describe as Pandora’s box of litigation we have laws that say
that if you recognize BDS in one way or another then we will put restraints on
you and that would include the EU so they’d be shooting themselves in the
foot twice one by harming Israel which is you know just a stupid thing to do
when they are such a powerhouse at this point and then too there would be
harming themselves in a relationship with us personally I don’t care
Europe can do whatever it wants I’d like to see the brexit happen we’ll see if
it’s going to but if it happens they’re gonna have problems in England no doubt
about it but we are talking about making that agreement with them free trade
between England and America and if that comes out then we’ll be helping each
other and Europe can go do whatever it wants to do for anybody living in Europe
that watches this process the update I love you individually but I’m not happy
with the EU policies at all okay from Wynette Israel Navy leads an
international drill for major earthquake and tsunami they’re leading this naval
drill Israel’s Navy has been training for a massive earthquake and ensuing
tsunami that would lay waste to much of the country’s infrastructure and caused
tens of thousands of casualties in a multinational drill involving 11
countries in Israel was the head of this drill there’s a significant earthquake
in the region every 100 years and the last one occurred in 1927 so they’re due
it’s going to be you know if they have one it’s probably going to come in the
next 10 or 15 years because there’s been very consistent about every hundred
years this is the largest international exercise that is
Navy has led to date Majerle practiced for a humanitarian crisis sparked by a
7.0 temblor and subsequent huge tsunami hitting the coastal plain of Israel
troops trained to quickly assess the damage and select a port to bring in
assistance as the maritime gateway to the country the navies of Greece France
in the United States participated in the main exercise at Haifa port while other
countries including Germany Italy Canada Chile and Cyprus focused on coordinating
real-time assistance and providing info based on their own experiences as two of
its neighbors Syria and Lebanon are enemy’s States and assuming that Egypt
and Jordan would be hit by such an earthquake Israel would in fact
essentially become an island in such a catastrophic event at such most of the
international aid would arrive by sea and only a minority of the assistance
would be delivered by air so they’re getting ready for that we’ll see what
happens if one comes about but we know a big earthquake is coming to Israel at
some point according to the Bible but for now at least they’re preparing for
it christian news today I suppose before I
get into the first article you know you’re on Facebook and you’re reading
stuff and people always propose religious questions specifically to
Christians I mean you’ll see somebody are tattoos okay and you the amount of
crummy theology that comes out of posts like that is astonishing this morning I
saw it again our tattoos okay and you see people posting opinion opinion
opinion with nothing to back it up okay there’s nothing about Scripture in there
they’re just giving their opinions or if they cite scripture or what do they do
because tattoos are mentioned how many times in the Bible anybody anybody one
time exact very good how did you know that okay so well I don’t know anyway
okay so um they’re mentioned once in the Bible and it’s in Leviticus I think 1819
or something right right in that era eighteen or nineteen okay and they cite
that and they say don’t make a tattoo okay so they buddy know the problem with
that so law of Moses that’s right we’re
taking a have context it’s law Moses of the law of Moses is an old it’s
set-aside it’s obsolete it says that explicitly in the book of Hebrews it’s
nailed to the cross look the law is over okay but if you even take it within the
context of Leviticus there are certain things in there that no Christian would
say you can’t do today and they’re right in the same paragraph as that so people
don’t know their Bible and they give opinions now the reason why I brought
that up is because of the second one that I saw and it was the second
question that somebody proposed you want to talk about bad theology here it is
should Christians drink alcohol I can’t tell you how many people answered that
with answers they have nothing to do with Scripture absolute here’s here was
my favorite one I wrote it down pray to the Holy Spirit and He will reveal it to
you does anybody know what the problem with
that is he has revealed it to us we don’t pray about things that the Lord
has already told us in his word this is where we get our doctrine from and the
reason why I’m bringing this up is because on that there were more confused
posts and being the instigator that I am I went and I said where is that in the
Bible where is that quote Scripture and you know if so I’m sure I’m gonna get
10,000 posts back saying well you know back up your theology with something
because if you just say yes it’s okay to drink alcohol then you ought to be able
to tell why you say that if you say no it’s not okay to drink alcohol then you
need to be able to say why you say that or if you give anything in between at
least be able to defend your faith the reason why I’m saying that is because
just like that prophecy update people tend to watch fifteen thousand three
hundred and twenty seven prophecy updates a week and they don’t know their
Bible at all and every time I say this I get somebody that actually does it and
they email me a year later and they say that is the best thing I ever did start
watching the superior word sermons start with Genesis 1:1 and right now we’re
going in numbers 27 of probably 250 sermons it’ll take you a while to get
through them but you will have both old and new Testament theology because we
talk about the new every single sermon and you will one
theology and – you will learn how to defend your theology but do not make
posts when you can’t support it if it’s your opinion it means nothing okay
that’s my lesson for today that’s my plug for these sermons and if you’re not
going to watch the superior word sermons at least start going to church and
watching a sermon in a church where they actually open the Bible they read the
Bible and they explain what the Bible is saying in context go to a dispensational
church because if you’re not going to a dispensational church you are not
getting the bible in context okay all right first article from Christian news
today mail online Ark you know I’m not going to answer that question can
Christians drink alcohol or should they or however it was proposed go read your
Bible and find out for yourself or if you want email me and I’ll send you my
paper on it but I’m not just going to give you a short answer on that okay it
takes a while to defend yourself when you say something like that okay mail
online archaeologists in Jerusalem unearthed two thousand six hundred year
old artifacts including arrowheads and gold jewelry at Mount Zion and discovery
hailed as evidence of the historical conquest of the city by Babylon they
already have some of this they have found more once again the rocks cry out
proving Scripture discovery comes from the 20 19th season of Mount Zion
archaeological project researchers found burnt wood and ash hot shirts and Psyche
and arrowheads they also found gold and silver period
jewelry thought to be earrings or a tassel the experts say that the fine
points to the Babylonian conquest of 587 to 586 BC they’re finding this stuff
again and again and again confirming Scripture we have a sure word but you
will not know that unless you actually read your word because there are 10
billion videos on YouTube and people will say oh I saw it on YouTube it must
be true that’s the worst place on the planet to get your information as from
YouTube especially when you’re talking about things that are religious in
nature and I’m talking about Christian you know our faith people can say
anything read your Bible know your Bible go to a
good church where they’re going to give you good theology or start attending the
superior Word we got online right now people attending we love all of you out
there anyway please do that this is how you increase your faith this is how you
were established in your faith and you don’t waffle when you are challenged
through cancer or the death of a friend or something like that you will be
grounded and you will understand I’m heartbroken
I miss this person but I understand why these things happen because the Lord
tells you all of these things in scripture from relevant magazine this
has been out all over the internet probably everybody has heard it but if
you haven’t I’m still going to repeat it you’ll probably hear it on a couple of
other updates as well Hillsong songwriter Marty Sampson says he’s
losing his Christian faith this is exactly exactly why I just said what I
did about answering goofy posts on Facebook and about knowing theology
Sampson is a prolific worship music writer writing in co-writing songs for
Hillsong worship Hillsong UNITED delirious and young and free originally
from Sydney he first started leading worship with Hillsong in the late 1990s
though it’s been years since he has written music for them
however this weekend Sampson took the Instagram to inform his followers that
I’m genuinely losing my faith this is a soap box moment so here I go and then
he’s very convoluted in his thoughts I cut a lot of them out but I’ll just give
you some of them how many preachers fall many no one
talks about it well we do in our Bible classes how many miracles happen
not many no one talks about it well we do in our Bible classes why is the Bible
full of contradictions no one talks about it I can tell you that if you
watch our sermons you will understand there’s not one contradiction in
scripture there are things that are hard and that are difficult that you will
find a resolution to when you watch our sermons people say well this contradicts
us in the book of Genesis numbers uh-uh Leviticus uh-uh Exodus no way Ruth
Esther we’ve gone through all of them no contradictions I absolutely assure you
for him to say that shows low theology I’ll talk about that in a minute
he goes on let’s see here how can God be loved and yet sent four billion people
to a place all because they don’t believe this guy has very shallow
theology no one talks about it he says we talk about it every single week we
talk about it on the processing update we talk about our sermons we talk about
it in our Bible studies Christians can be the most judgmental people on the
planet that is a category mistake it doesn’t matter what Christians are what
matters is what Christ is you don’t base your faith on another Christian or on
the attitude of Christians you base your faith on the reality or untruthfulness
of the message whether it’s Buddhism or whether it’s Islam or whether it’s
Christianity you don’t that’s just a stupid thing for him to even say they
can also be some of the most beautiful and loving people in the world so light
that’s irrelevant as well it’s good that they are and did he acknowledge that but
it’s irrelevant but it’s not for me I’m not in anymore
I want genuine truth here it is he’s obviously never read this he’s never
studied this all those years in Christianity he has no idea what this
word says zero if he’s gonna write these things he goes on not just the I believe
it kind of truth what does it say in Romans 10 faith comes by hearing and
hearing by the Word of God science keeps piercing the truth of every religion
actually science keeps confirming Christianity it keeps confirming it
always if you go back to the people that actually cared about science in the
earlier years people like Johannes Kepler What did he say
science is thinking God’s thoughts after him that’s what science is God created
everything it has order it has structure it has harmony and when he went into the
scientific disciplines he said science is thinking God’s thoughts after him
because science is ordered it’s harmonious it is logical because that’s
what God is lots of things help people change their lives not just one version
of God very very bad theology all I know is what’s true to me right now so it’s
all about him it’s all about him what’s true to me right now Christianity
just seems to me like another religion at this point if you base your theology
on emotions you will always have bad theology that’s what this is when these
people write these songs for Hillsong and all these other people they base
their theology on emotions you should base your emotions on your theology and
you will always come out right always you will be heartbroken at what Christ
Jesus did for you dying on the cross if you base your theology on your emotions
you will always always fail and that’s what he has done and he’s bringing all
these people into questioning their own faith which is shallow because they
don’t read their Bible they post stupid answers about drinking alcohol or
tattoos on Facebook know your Bible that is the most important thing that you’ll
ever do in your life after coming to Jesus Christ is to become a disciple of
Jesus Christ without that nothing else matters you’ll just be on a sea drifting
around yes yeah that’s right their songs are not theologically that’s
right they’re they’re lacking theology and their songs and are lacking theology
in their selves from the Christian Post Hillsong worship leader clarifies he
hasn’t renounced faith but it’s on incredibly shaky ground you want good
doctrine stop listening to Hillsong and prophecy updates and watch the sermons
at the superior word and I wish somebody would email that guy and say you want to
get your faith back online watch the superior Word we will get his faith back
directed properly not emotionally based but based on the Word of God based on
logic and based on what is proper and sound in the truth somebody please email
this guy I’m not gonna do it because then it makes it look like I want him to
come to me and I’m not gonna do that but somebody else says hey this guy you need
help with your theology watch the superior word Bible study on Thursday
night you’ll learn something okay from the hill dope Francis cautions against
nationalism says recent political rhetoric has echoed Hitler in 1934
dobe Francis said he was concerned about recent political rhetoric cautioning
against nationalism and saying that the recent
political speeches he’s heard resembled those of Hitler in 34 I’m concerned
because we hear speeches that resembled those of Hitler he says it again he told
the Italian outlet La Stampa us first we we we these are frightening
thoughts this guy is a communist he is a globalist and he is going to be a part
of the destruction of this world because of his stands the Pope’s comments come
after Italian Deputy Prime Minister Salva he called for the Parliament to be
dissolved and asked president ma Terrell I guess is his name to institute snap
elections in an attempt to push the country’s government further right
politically the paper noted that salvini has drawn comparisons to President Trump
for his rhetoric saying it Italy should be put first and that the country should
crack down on immigration this is what the president is saying he’s right and
this guy is saying don’t do this and he is going to bring destruction to Europe
in particular but the rest of the world as well right out of the book of
Revelation Francis said that migrants should be integrated into society and
that nationalism is an attitude of isolation it is true that migrants
should be integrated into society not overwhelm society there is a giant
difference between the two when you overwhelm a society and then you don’t
integrate that is against the will of God as is outlined in Scripture you will
find that if you read this book we do not overwhelm societies the way that he
is proposing you move in I take over that’s right and it is a political
agenda it is the left that is trying to do this to destroy the bastions of
freedom in this world so that they can have their one-world government which is
what this man wants he wants this world destroyed he wants a utopian world which
will not come about until Christ sits on the throne in rules from Jerusalem that
will not happen all right he previously had spoken out against what he sees as a
rising tide of nationalist views last month he said no one is exempt from
helping migrants well if they come in here legally then we will help them if
they come in here illegally that means they are ill League
and therefore they need to face the consequences of their actions by being
deported that is what the law demands from the Christian Post Turkish
president overseas laying a foundation stone for anybody read this article
nation’s first new church since 1923 yeah in a ceremony in Istanbul air Dewan
celebrated the beginning of construction for the new church which will serve the
local Syria Christian community and will be the first new church built in Turkey
since the nation became a republic in 1923 in his remarks at the ceremony air
Dewan champion tolerance from minority communities in the muslim-majority
nation declaring this country this state belongs to everyone listen to his next
statement anyone who has affection for contributes
to and is loyal to turkey is a first-class citizen totally
contradicting what the dope said in that last article he is a nationalist he
please in the sovereignty of Turkey and he says that let me read it again has
affection for and I’ll insert the United States instead of Turkey here okay
anyone who has affection for contributes to and is loyal to the United States is
a first-class citizen these people coming over the border are not they have
no loyalty to it nor do they wish to have loyalty to it I agree with them in
that statement there are no barriers to anyone in politics trade or any other
area the Syriac Christian community will be paying for the building which is
expected to have a sanctuary with space for approximately 700 believers that’s a
big church good job Turkey Islam today mail online Iraqi woman fails Swiss
citizenship test after answering over 200 times despite living there for 20
years and claiming to speak German there you go exactly what we’re talking about
in the last two articles 20 or she lived in that she did not integrate into the
society over 200 times on her question she went uh she is socially aware but
lacks German language skills according to local media why would you allow her
to be a citizen why would you do it it’s like in America when we allow
people to become citizens that are not qualified to be citizens my brother
married a girl from Laos right down the road is where she works she didn’t speak
a word of the language I married them in my backyard it was the most perfect
marriage ever he didn’t speak any lousy didn’t speak any English and for eight
years they got along fine right but finally he said I want her to be a US
citizen and what did they expect of her learn the language she had to learn to
language and then she took the citizenship test and then she was given
citizenship and guess what I can’t believe they’re still married
even though they’re talking to each other look she’s mad at me for saying
that anyway there you go let’s see here ROM judge ruled she must improve her
grasp of German before she can reapply good job judge 9 news Sydney stabbing
suspects home raided by police did you all hear about the Sydney stabbing okay
man armed with a butcher’s knife allegedly killed a woman in Sydney CBD
unit before stabbing another in the back at a pub and attempting to attack more
people before he was pinned to the ground with chairs and a milk crate okay
now while he was doing discuss what he was yelling that’s right he was yelling
out a lot far right but that didn’t make most of the new services or the fact
that he was in any way a Muslim okay they gave his name and if you check it
out it’s a Turkish name but they got him and they had to subdue him with a chair
and with a milk crate because they don’t they can’t defend themselves in
Australia now if I was the one that had that milk raid over his head that neck
would have been broken I think he stabbed two people he killed one of them
and he was trying to stab others that he would not have gotten off the ground and
I’ll say that right now I have no problem saying that that milk crate
would have been the end of him but we’ll go on it says yes stabbing women coward
heroic members of the public were filmed holding the suspect down outside the CBD
hotel using chairs in the milk crate to pin his head
the suspect is reported to beat mert nay a 21 year old Turk I put in Turkey
because it wouldn’t say that police said he acted alone and has terrorist
ideologies but no links to terrorism they say name was unknown to plea
had a history of anybody mental health but as police history was unremarkable
failed to report that he was yelling Allah Akbar
right that’s what I said there is they didn’t even report that in the article
or many of the other articles this is the world that we’re living in where
they can’t call somebody what they are they can’t do it it’s it’s very sad and
Australia has to defend themselves with milk crates from Zero Hedge don’t go out
alone Swedish cop warns women after four rapes
and four days doesn’t feel very safe exclaimed one Swedish lady following
reports of a fourth rape in as many days in the Swedish city of Uppsala I even
bought a self defense spray yesterday which I bet you she’ll get sued if she
uses it but I’ll have it in my hand when I go home myself if something should
happen you always have to be prepared and her fears are well-placed it appears
even as the police admit they can’t protect everyone warning women to walk
in groups and to think how to behave these are not isolated incidents as
Sweden’s rape count has been rising since 2005 gee that’s when the people
started flooding in it jumped 10 percent in 2017 alone between 2005 and 2017
rapes nearly doubled in sexual molestation incidents more than doubled
from Zero Hedge hundreds of Germans probed over anti-migrant comments on
Facebook if you make a nanny migrant comment you can be probed in Germany we
still have the Second Amendment or the First Amendment in this country where we
can say what we want they are probing people for saying I would like Germany
to be Germany I would like these people to be brought in legally and they’re
just saying things like that they’re being probed for it imagine that it
means that you’re being probed from Vpr state department changes definition of
anti-semitism following omar and fly Eve’s engagement they started being
anti-semitic here a couple months ago the State Department went and changed it
and guess what they changed it without telling you buddy and they’ve been
saying things that actually define them as anti-semites since it was changed so
they are legally you can call them an anti-semite and you can’t be charged
with any because they are in rhetoric according
to the State Department’s newly updated definition of anti-semitism it seems
clear that Democrat represented as Omar and play Eve are without a shadow of a
doubt anti-semites updated sometime between May and August of 2019 the State
Department’s defining anti-semitism webpage now lists drawing comparisons of
contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis as one of eleven examples of
anti-semitism so if you say that the Israel government is like a bunch of
Nazis that is anti-semitic and they’ve been doing that they’ve been making
these comparisons so they are and you can say legally they are NEC mites which
it was obvious before that anyway so anyway from the metro Boris Johnson this
is a good one anybody hear what he said Boris Johnson refuses to apologize for
saying women in burkas look like letter boxes that that’s good and you won’t
apologize for it we got another Trump over there across the pond from Mongolia
today let’s see here the week says Mongolia the next global superpower a
stopover in Mongolia by the new US Secretary of Defense during his first
foreign trip this is first trip overseas he stops at Mongolia taking on the role
as prompted questions over Washington’s interest in the region why do you think
that is anybody China here Russia here right in the middle that’s right
Mongolian leaders have worked too hard to distance themselves from Moscow and
Beijing in 2017 but oh go often described as Mongolia’s Trump was
elected to the presidency on a populist and sometimes anti-chinese platform all
the same Mongolia remains somewhat hamstrung in its location more than 90
percent of its trade going through China ulaanbataar is understood to be seeking
alternative trade routes and production methods including help developing
cashmere wool one of its main exports into finished products so that it does
not have to be shipped to China for processing Washington looks eager to
fill the trade gap left by Mongolia shift away
from Beijing and president pataga has expressed similar enthusiasm hinting
that his government is seeking investment from its third neighbors were
on the other side of the world yet were their third neighbors the United States
seems likely to fulfill this hope as it wages an escalating trade war with China
that has seen both countries using investments in infrastructure to cement
their ties with global allies great stuff third week in a row that Mongolia
and US have been highlighted here and it’s all over the news from Daniel 12
today wired this is just the name of the article if you want to read it it’s long
it’s very good but it wasn’t something that would be cohesive enough to put on
an update hackers can turn everyday speakers into
acoustic cyber weapons if they can get into your computer which anybody can
they can take your speakers and they can turn them into a cyber weapon against
you they can play spooky things they can play things that will are sub-audible
and it can cause you to be agitated or go crazy or anything like that so
there’s all kinds of stuff going on that they can do turning your speaker’s
against you great article go read it from bethe Canada researchers are
working on a pill for anybody loneliness as studies suggest the condition is
worse than obesity the volunteers at the University of Chicago’s brain dynamics
lab all otherwise young and healthy were tied together by really only one thing
merely off the charts scores on the most widely-used scale measuring loneliness
they agreed to be randomly dosed over eight weeks with either pregnenolone
kind of like I’m not alone no lone ok a hormone naturally produced by the body’s
adrenal gland or a placebo two hours after swallowing the assigned tablet the
universities researchers captured and recorded their brain activity while the
participants looked at pictures of emotional faces or neutral scenes
studies and animals suggest that a single injection of this pregnenolone
cannot reduce or normalize an exaggerated threat response in socially
isolated lab mice similar to the kind of hyper vigilance lonely pee
people feel that makes them poor at reading and other people’s intentions
and feelings the researchers have every hope the drug will work in lonely human
brains too although they insists the goal is not an attempt to cure
loneliness with a pill but that’s what they’re doing they’re trying to cure
loneliness with a pill get a dog hey that’s the best best advice ever I’m
telling you what I got eight of them and I am never lonely I mean there’s not a
second of the day that I’m lonely and I could use a lot more I’ll tell you that
when my I had two big dogs I had a big black lab and I had a Australian
Shepherd and they were big dogs and they both died a couple years ago and my wife
said I said we need to replace these with more dogs and she said okay well
we’ll go get another Chihuahua and I said no no it goes by meat value because
meat value this dog is 60 pounds so we’ll go get eight new to all us that’s
what I said she was all for it and then the next one died and she’s probably 65
pounds and so I said we need to get this many to love us and meet value that’s
you need comparable meat values and you get a lot of happiness out of those
Chihuahuas and but when they attack they start at the ankles and they don’t stop
until the whole thing is gone they are brutal all right mail online yeah I had
to meet a UPS driver a couple days ago and I I got in the truck and drove down
the road so they wouldn’t know where the guy was because they just ate and of
course I’m kidding Linda takes everything way too seriously
John seemed to be taking off on that too today though some scientists create inch
long robot cockroach lighter than a grain of sand that can withstand the
weight of a fully grown man it’s a little thing the size of a cockroach you
can stand on it and it won’t crush it and here’s what it is the tiny machine
measures just three centimeters by 1.5 centimeters and weighs less than zero
point zero seven grams researchers hope the new gadget could aid future
search-and-rescue missions send it in to a building that’s collapsed in this
little Roach can run around with a camera ostensibly and tell you where
people are this great idea revelation plagues today CNN West Nile virus cases
rose in the United States and 2018 killing 167 people
experts say the increase while small underscores the need to protect against
mosquitoes during the hot summer months there were 2647 cases of West Nile virus
last year which is 550 more cases than the year before the virus is most severe
form neuro invasive disease which can cause inflammation in the brain was also
more common last year than in years prior according to the agency West Nile
virus is the most frequent cause of neuro invasive disease the new data also
reveals changes and where infections are found one explanation for the geographic
shifts could be that previously impacted regions are better prepared to track and
control mosquitoes last year there were just 278 neuro invasive infections in
all of New England in the mid-atlantic whereas that’s where it used to always
be meanwhile Illinois saw alone 126 cases while Texas reported 108 in states
long impacted by infections like New York people likely have greater
protective immunity against the disease so there’s good and there’s bad with
this but this is not something you want to get you have a very high probability
of not being well and possibly dying then from AccuWeather AccuWeather
predicts the lowest US corn yield in seven years I’ve read another article
just a day ago 19 million acres have gone unplanted in the United States this
year but read this article the latest AccuWeather 2019 crop production
analysis predicts a significant decline from last year’s corn and soybean yield
AccuWeather analysts predict the corn yield this year will be thirteen point
zero seven billion bushels a decline of nine point three percent from 2018 and
five point eight percent lower than the latest USDA figures there would be the
lowest yield since 2012 a year significant drought that saw final corn
production numbers plummet to ten point seven six billion bushels a Q weathers
projected soybean yield of three point nine billion bushels reflects an even
greater decline from 2018 s final soybean production
verse it would be a 14.1% drop off from the final figure of 4.5 for four billion
bushels and the lowest yield since 2013 the upcoming weather is still very
important for both crops though this is what’s important we’re not forecasting
horrible weather but there have been some problem areas and small but
important part of the US corn belt including Iowa Illinois and Indiana so
we got to watch it things could go bad the world is heading towards the end
times we’re not there yet but we are heading towards there very quickly for
morality today from Fox California middle school teacher draws scrutiny for
giving students gender identity cards just arbitrarily gave the students
gender identity cards a middle school science teacher in California caused an
uproar for giving his it says his but it’s a her students yes they are calling
him her in the news now a gender unicorn sheath that explained gender identity
and sexual attraction Louise Alvarado who teaches it than their middle school
in California San Joaquin Valley passed out the paper so his/her students could
understand why he/she uses mix rather than mister the activity was part of a
getting to know each other exercise on the first day of school
he gave a handout discussing gender in his first and second periods it was not
an assignment and students were not required or asked to fill it out the
handout provided by trans student education resources shows a simple
drawing of a unicorn with a chart explaining gender and sex as well as
sexual and emotional attraction the school’s principal happened to be in
Alvarado’s classroom during his second period and directed him to stop
distributing it good job for that principal from The Huffington Post
Illinois governor signs bill mandating public schools teach LGBTQ LMNOP history
starting next year Illinois’s public schools will be
required by law to include that history in their curriculums the measure
stipulates that students must study the roles and contributions of lesbian gay
bisexual and transgender people in the history of this country and the
state which is zero there’s no major contribution by any of them the bill
also includes similar mandates for African American history okay and that
of various other groups okay and okay including polish Irish Italian Hispanic
and Asian Americans why don’t they just say American people that have excelled
and leave it at that what they just do that in keeping with the bills objective
of promoting a diverse and inclusive history curriculum
it requires that events related to the forceful removal and illegal deportation
of Mexican American US citizens during the Great Depression be taught as well
well I gotta tell you so I never knew that happened and I would agree we
should teach that I have no problem with that
Mexican American United States citizens were deported during the Great
Depression did you know that I had no idea that ought to be taught just like
the Japanese incarceration of u.s. citizens these are people that were
denied their rights but these other things are absolutely crazy Washington
Times feds to probe whether Connecticut transgender track stars violated girls
civil rights finally somebody is taking action on this the USDOE is
investigating whether Connecticut’s allowance of two transgender athletes to
participate in track has violated the civil rights of three of the girls they
consistently be to the finish line I wonder why they did write the Office of
Civil Rights under education secretary Betsy DeVos has approved a request from
a federal complaint filed in Boston to investigate whether Connecticut’s
non-discrimination policy which enables students to participate in sports based
on their gender preference is itself discriminatory against girls
finally and I hope they do I hope the US government takes a firm stand on the
side of normalcy from the Christian Post good news for a life movie unplanned
takes number one spot on Amazon’s best sellers drama DVDs good job they tried
their very best to kill this movie in the United States it didn’t work they
did even better best in Canada and it didn’t work in it now it’s number one on
best seller drama DVDs off to pillow guy or another category I
call this money troubles from Zero Hedge New York City businesses struggling
after $15 minimum wage results in layoffs and understaffing well we tried
it here and it didn’t work and we tried it there and it didn’t work we tried it
out in the left coast and it didn’t work but we’ll make it work in New York City
it doesn’t work let’s see here it’s been over six months since New York City
implemented a mandatory $15 minimum wage and businesses are already starting to
struggle with the increased labor costs they’re cutting their staff oh no they
are cutting their hours oh no they’re shutting down says Queens a Chamber of
Commerce president who reports seeing an uptick in small business closures over
the past six to nine months you figure this dynamic is reflected in a survey
reported by the Gothamist which reveals that New York City restaurants are
thriving amid the $15 minimum wage but
acknowledges nearly 50% of respondents to the hospitality allowance a survey
said they would have to eliminate jobs in 2019 to make do meanwhile national
interest notes that from the same survey roughly 77% of New York City restaurants
have slashed employee hours 36 percent said they had to lay off employees and
90 percent had to increase prices yes following the minimum wage hike well
it’s got to come from somewhere and it’s got to go somewhere and according to New
York City hospitality Alliance director restaurants and other establishments
with less disposable income have been challenged and are all experiencing
changes in customer habits he suggests that state and local governments should
try and mitigate the crunch with tax incentives as well as preserving the so
called tip credit which allows restaurants to count some or all of an
employee’s tips towards its minimum wage contributions in other words if they get
$15 an hour in tips then they don’t have to pay him $15 an hour
that’s your pay because we can’t afford to stay open otherwise right prices have
gone up people are gonna stop going out because it’s too expensive and then
they’re going to go out of business and just the cycle continues until there’s
only rich guy restaurants out it’s happened everywhere else they’ve
tried it it’ll happen there many people working in the restaurant industry
wanted to work overtime hours but due to the increase many restaurants have cut
back or totally eliminated any overtime work $15 an hour we demand it we demand
it now they’re out looking for a new job Fox us threatens to pull troops from
Germany if no increase in NATO defense spending good good the US ambassador to
Germany Richard Grinnell has suggested the United States should pull thousands
of troops if the country does not increase its required NATO defense
spending it’s required it’s not it’s part of their agreement and they haven’t
been doing it right it is actually offensive to assume that the United
States taxpayer must continue to pay to have 50,000 plus Americans in Germany
but the Germans get to spend their surplus on domestic programs and I’m
adding this in illegal immigrants right it’s estimated that there are 34,000
American servicemembers stationed in Germany across more than three dozen
army and air force bases as well 17,000 American civilian support staff US
ambassador to Poland georgette mossbacher chimed in on Twitter saying
Poland meets its NATO requirements and would welcome American troops in Poland
sounds like we have an option and I’ll bet you Germany is going to start paying
up because they don’t want to lose that to Poland that’s for sure Poland meets
its 2 percent of GDP spending obligation towards NATO Germany does not we would
welcome American troops in Germany to come to Poland you all are sitting in
these chairs right now paying your tax dollars every year in April to fund what
they will not fund in Germany and all the other crazy things United States
pays for it doesn’t make any difference they have never funded that’s right in
general their GDP is down but it doesn’t if that doesn’t matter doodly-squat to
me or anybody else it shouldn’t because they have never paid what they should
pay if they go bankrupt they should still pay yeah we know we should be
there we need to be there and there are reasons why we have people overseas I’m
not libertarian on that at all we have people overseas because if we didn’t we
would not be the United States of America we would
destroyed anyway we’ll go on Zero Hedge Chase Bank forgives all outstanding
credit card debt for Canadian customers you are paying for that here we go yes
in a shocking move Chase Bank announced that it was going to be forgiving all
outstanding credit card debt from its Canadian customers according to Yahoo
Finance the bank closed all of its credit card accounts in Canada back in
March of 2018 a 24-year old University student listen
to this christine langley of montreal said she hadn’t paid the card in five
years it’s kind of like I’m being rewarded for my irresponsibility she
said but at least she figured that out Zero Hedge does anybody here have Chase
Bank no I see a couple hands up you just paid for that darling and whoever
whoever wanted you back there I saw two hands go up you paid for that doesn’t
that make you angry I got two yeses out of that I hope it’s
okay I called you darling you’re my sweetheart okay
let’s see here we have on Syria it’s a lot of money problems right Zero Hedge
Denmark’s third largest bank is now paying people to take out a mortgage yep
paying people they’ve gone into Newark just like they said was coming has come
Denmark’s third largest bank is now offering borrowers mortgages at negative
nerve interest rates effectively paying its customers to borrow money for a
house purchase what this means is that if you buy a house for $1,000,000 and
pay off your mortgage in full in ten years you would pay the bank back only
nine hundred ninety five thousand no mortgage payments would be dude between
the purchase and payoff date so effectively a borrow has only had to
repay principal with a small discount guaranteeing that the bank loses money
on the loan times are changing in the world this
world is going to collapse under the weight of its own self one of these days
from Fox another violent Chicago weekend leaves five dead nearly 50 injured no
news on the major news services except Fox and then Zero Hedge yes they report
out but it’s always somewhere way down in the thing but it’s not
when somebody goes in and shoots up 50 people and they have to report it same
number of people get shot they just make a big deal out of when it’s somewhere
else other in Chicago Zero Hedge yet another mass shooting leaves six wounded
mass shooting one one shooting six people wounded garland Park Chicago
nobody reported on that I’m talking about in the big way they all have it
somewhere in there but they just don’t make any deal of it got a lesser cure
for you let’s see if you can figure out which article this is from have you
recently checked out your mail did it come in a hijab’ and veil was it sent
special D by King Kamini will you read it while sitting in jail I got a couple
ironies here for you it’s called family matters okay family matters mother of
two twenty-seven left her young son in a hot car watching a film on her phone for
two hours while she interviewed with Child Services about her four day old
baby family matters and the other one is kind of touching here mail online women
born in South Korea and adopted by two different Michigan families discover
their sisters on a genealogy website and grew up only thirty minutes apart Family
Matters isn’t that wonderful such as the world we live in so from Sarasota
Florida to Ambattur Mongolia I’m Charlie Garrett this is the superior word and
that is your prophecy update for the week

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  1. Thank you Charlie for your consistency and always upholding the Word of God. The whole Word in which there are NO CONTRIDICTIONS! I watch four to five prophecy updates and the rest are the teaching of God's Word and right doctrine applying Acts 17:11 by reading the Bible as well. Not that I'm some special Christian or more spiritual, just wanting to do and obey what the Lord has directed us to do, in order to NOT BE DECEIVED. To be able to give an answer for the hope that we have in Christ. Unfortunately not many want to really know anymore, or the look beyond what their "History Channel" tells them, or the feel good of whatever thing they're hanging on to not knowing what they are even talking about. It's like watching Lemmings or a stampead of cattle heading for a cliff with no bottom. But it's of some comfort that it's not up to us to convince others, but to simply share, pray, living what we know and believe and trusting God Himself to draw anyone to Himself. In other words, plant seeds, or water them and He brings the increase.
    Maranatha Charlie,

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    31 Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright.
    32 At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder.
    33 Thine eyes shall behold strange women, and thine heart shall utter perverse things.
    34 Yea, thou shalt be as he that lieth down in the midst of the sea, or as he that lieth upon the top of a mast.
    35 They have stricken me, shalt thou say, and I was not sick; they have beaten me, and I felt it not: when shall I awake? I will seek it yet again.
    — Proverbs 23:31-35

    Not to mention, the scientific proof of liver destruction, family destruction, a broken marriage, and the abuse that comes from mean drunks. Funny drunks puck and mess on themselves and make a complete fool out of themselves. Look in the gutter and see the handiwork of alcohol, and talk to a child that was beaten by an alcoholic father. An alcoholic would have never become one — if he had not taken his first drink.

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    Great job as always Charlie!

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