Pride & Prejudice BTS – The Politics of 18th Century Dating (2005) – Keira Knightley Movie HD

Pride & Prejudice BTS – The Politics of 18th Century Dating (2005) – Keira Knightley Movie HD

in the 18th century they were probably you know because there were wolves you could argue it's actually a better time to me today it's all broken down entirely and we don't know what to do though we meet each other I mean are we shaking hands are we kissing one gqo we kissing two cheeks are we not doing anything are we slapping each other on the back nobody knows what it's all broken down how'd you do it now there are no rules the most acceptable way to behave was looking as though you didn't want a husband even though you did but you know the human nature being what it was and women and men had to find ways of attracting each other and letting somebody else know that that was acceptable and and an awful lot of this would have happened on the dance floor must have been me is it true that you have promised to hold a ball here at led a few a ball dancing was absolutely central to their society in terms of finding a good husband and a good wife when you went to a dance or was it a spontaneous dance at the end of a party you would almost always be in the presence of your parents and so if you think about how you want to be a hit with your mower or dad watching and there's always codes of conduct between young people when courting we like to think that is throwing off the shackles of etiquette but everything that's true that was very defined very clear and really helpful I think looking back it's really you know you stand up when the lady walks into the room and you bow I think nowadays we think of it as very sort of repressed or over formalized slide I kind of quite like that I think it I think it gives us something else I think it gives it I think it's actually quite releasing you know the fact that it's difficult to talk to someone who you are in love with is brilliantly highlighted in the etiquette of Austen's period where you actually physically weren't allowed to talk to them alone except for when you're dancing that's the only time you're really allowed to get inside be able to be able to use those dancers in that way was was a great way of forming collisions between the character do you think you could try and do it three times through within that set you men and women rel to be together without a chaperone for long periods of time and they were able to talk to each other that's why the the idea of balls were actually really exciting for them it's done when I cycle because you could go and you could dance with like the butcher's son which is someone you on a normal day you would never be able to just approach and talk to on the street where the next dance Miss Elizabeth May you're only allowed to have the physical contact in the dance then dancing with somebody is electric it's so charged and it's having a having that formal structure especially the dance you know playing the little moments in between two people in that very formal structure I mean they don't really touch they don't women don't shake hands with men you know so the first time Darcy touches Elizabeth is when he helps her into the carriage star safest Elizabeth which is a really beautiful moment because it's the first skin-on-skin touch and I think today you know we don't think twice about that at all you know I shake people's hand I give them a kiss whatever it's sort of really interesting to think actually if you don't have that sort of tactile nature how how important one touch can be I suppose just coming up someone going off on to you here's my number

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  1. Matthew MacFadyen is such an underrated actor! For me he's been the best Mr. Darcy of all the adaptations I've seen. I wish he'll get lots more of great roles in the future!

  2. I’m from a black Caribbean family and My aunt teaches her sons to stand when a female enters the room or gets up from her chair.

  3. I love the movie and watch it again and again but let’s be real, mariage was a property transfer. People would say your name and know how much money you could bring as a woman and then you were dismissed. We love the daring and cute stuff but these girls were contemplating a life of poverty and shame if they didn’t marry.

  4. I get why people are romanticizing the past because of this but let’s also consider the fact that women have lesser rights compared to now. The fact that Lizzie was being forced to mary Mr. Collins because women cannot inherit their estate after their father dies so it will go to their closest male family member which is Mr. Collins, their cousin. And now one of the Bennet girls need to mary him just for them to continue living in their own house.

  5. Better then than now!? What crap. Women of their class had nothing to do until they got married. And they had such an early "expiration date" before they were considered old maids!

  6. I dont touch a lot of people often, even friends. I think of touch as very intimate thing. I even hug very rarely, but when i do it's with all my emotions.

  7. Hate to break it to y’all but this movie had very little understanding of good manners in the 1790s or 1810s (I’m not really sure when they set this movie because the costumes are so inaccurate). Lizzy wearing her hair down in several scenes? That would have been horribly scandalous because hair down was seen as a very intimate thing. And their constantly messy hairstyles and bangs? Also somewhat scandalous— very neat hairstyles with tight curls were what was common and acceptable, they would have looked like hot messes otherwise lol, along with their terrible outfits (I think this movie tried to make the Bennets seem poorer than in the book). Bingley walking into Jane’s room while she was sick? Cute, but also scandalous. The almost entirely rewritten dialogue? Don’t even get me started. It’s so clear that this movie took a very 2005-ish lense on the period, which for me, at least, makes it lose a lot of its appeal.

  8. C’est la meilleure version de toutes Mattew MACFADYEN et Keira KNightley sont les meilleurs MR DARCY et ELYSABETH BENÊT et le seront pour toujours à mon avis car ils sont tellement vrais, beaux , irrésistibles , hors du commun WOW 😮 j’adore j’adhère ❤️ BRAVO 🏆🏆🏆🌟🌟🌟💎💎💎🎥

  9. It seems to me that unmarried couples were able to talk to each other and spend time together alone on a common basis. In the several Jane Austen books I've read, her heroines are often walking with unrelated men without others immediately around. In Pride &Prejudice, Lizzie walks with both Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam individually several times.

  10. Good video. Except they would never have touched without gloves on except if they were family or in an emergency.

  11. According to Islam, a man and a woman who are not siblings or married to each other or father and daughter or of certain relationships such as grandfather and granddaughter etc.(these relationships that are exceptions to hijab are clearly defined in the Qur’aan ) are not supposed to touch in any way (no shaking hands) or be together in a room where there is no other person present, nor are they allowed to stare at one another (the only time where two non-Mahrams may take a look at one another is if they are considering getting married and there are certain rules for that). A Muslim who follows the rules of Islam lives a very happy and content life.
    الحَمدُ لله

  12. I love bbc version of pride and prejudice 1996- not this americanised version especially Keira's artifical expressions and Mc Fadyen's cold voice. Jennifer Eyle and Colin Firth are made for the role of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy and no one can ever be better than them. And speaking about manners- yeah in the past there were respect, decency. Honour was very important to people. Now , alas people have lost it, have become hypocrit, ill- mannered, dishonest…almost deprived of all beautiful feelings and values.

  13. It's easy to romanticize this time period, and I love this movie, but I definitely can't relate to people in the comments saying "I wish I had been born in this time period". Women had no rights, no way to earn money of their own if they didn't find a husband to support them. This movie and novel are a romantic fantasy that didn't often happen at the time- usually women ended up with men who treated them like property (because technically they were, esp once they were married) and had no way out (divorce was scandalous). I am so thankful I was born when and where I was, because if my options were marry a man who may or may not respect me or become poor and lose everything I have, I'd be a very unhappy and very unfulfilled person. Yeah, dating sucks now, but I don't think that the formalities of the time period made the 18th century any less chauvinist. Dating sucks period, no matter the century.

  14. Honestly this is the best movie that has been made of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. The actors did an incredible job.

  15. The kind of feminism that we have today has ruined the way men and women relate to each other. Then add the PC culture, the me too culture, trans activism, the demands of the LBTG community. So chaotic!

  16. This is neat and all, but it only applied to a certain class of people, and if you weren't that class, then you were fair game.

  17. I feel like people saying all about living in the wrong era wishing to have been born back then so that they would meet their mr darcy, I feel they are forgetting there's also mr wickham


  19. I actually don't like these formalities, other than how they speak and get up when a ladies come into the room.There is no way I would have survived in that tim frame, i'm just too bold and opinionated. Being from European and Latin descent, (i find) i much rather have the Latin freedom of not worrying of going to a ball to meet someone. Courting is actually very similar in Latin America, my mother ,oddly enough, was courted in a similar way. This was in the 80s funny enough, people all over the world were acting more modern while my parents were still in the old ways of dating since Latin American didn't get infuced by the US (culturally) until much later. However, I wouldn't be able to tolerate those clothes. For that, i admire latin America's old ways . The dressing of a white shirt for men and colour bright colours for women. Comfortable and flowy. Regardless, I actually still date in the old ways in some ways. I suppose I am an old soul. My current partner had to gain my affection haha.

  20. I imagine this era was filled with extremely lustful people 😂 but in a way it's nice and even more sensual that you weren't allowed to touch making you want that person even more that just a touch of their hand was enough to ignite a flame

  21. i am crying at that jazzy music with the hand flex. they know thats what we were all thinking when we saw the movie

  22. The novels of Jane Austen were actually written by her cousin Eliza de Feuillide as I show in my book "Jane Austen – a New Revelation". She could not publish under her own name because she was the illegitimate daughter of Warren Hastings, the Governor General of India.

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