Presidential Powers 2: Crash Course Government and Politics #12

Presidential Powers 2: Crash Course Government and Politics #12

44 thoughts on “Presidential Powers 2: Crash Course Government and Politics #12

  1. I love your videos. They’re very helpful. Is there any chance you could start putting subtitles/captions so that those of us with hearing issues can fully appreciate them?

  2. لو سمحتم ترجمة جميع حلقات كراش كورس الى اللغة العربية ❤❤💓💓❤❤❤💓

  3. The Fed Chair, The Richest Person, and Kanye West are all solid contenders for most powerful but the president wins… By a small margin

  4. 2019 here … Thank you for Trump. Murica has greatly improved the world comedy level since. I am so very happy you pulled out of the Paris Agreement as well. Now our children can all die while laughing

  5. I know you this video is extremely old, but I wish you guys had done one on the Vice President. Not many people (including me) are aware of the Vice President’s power in the congressional, legislative, and executive branches.

  6. FDR the most destructive president to the republic. Held 3 terms, enacted executive orders, and thanks to him we have cooperative federalism, now added with high regulation. And I also blame Woodrow Wilson for implementing the federal reserve. Which unlike the name suggests is not part of the federal government. It's a private entity. And considering how important money is in our society, its highly concerning when the institution responsible for our money is not even a part of the government. I lean right but when I say that some things should be privatized, I don't mean the central bank for our country.

  7. Why is your first video called "Presidential Power:" but your second video is called "Presidential Powers 2:" (note the absence and then presence of the letter s on the word "power")

  8. Cannot recommend these videos enough for anyone doing A-level government and politics (in the UK)

  9. "He cant force congress to pass anything even if he says, 'please, please, please, please'" Deadass what if president actually did that

  10. you speak too fast, please speak slowly because English is not the first language of every people who tries to understand things watching your video or better keep subtitle.

  11. 0:29 Pope is but actually I am. Most religious freedoms, Presidential heritage and royal majesty and bond collections. Keep it a secret though….lol.

  12. Saying that the President was like the CEO of the U.S. was what caused Donald Trump to run for office…

  13. I don't know if he addresses this in a later video, but impoundment was ruled unconstitutional under Nixon, so they don't have that power any more.

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