27 thoughts on “President Trump wants Americans back at work by Easter

  1. then people going to have to go to the bank or the liquor store to check cashing places to cash these checks and then that's going to expose more people to Corona virus. So you can't win regardless. Let's just keep the economy going and get people back to work.

  2. Well yeah people can wash their hands more than usual. And practice social distancing. But I wonder if going back to work in 19 days is to soon. I support Trump but I might disagree with him a little bit here.

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  4. Trump is once again thinking further ahead than anyone else.
    Trump knows that we have faced much worse, and come out on top.
    Fortune favors the brave.

  5. I honesty don’t think its a good idea at all, if they going to work again, there is going to be more and more people getting infecting, and more spreading eventually, lets just pray πŸ™

  6. Hi, speaking from the U.K. I believe your president certainly has a point. Viruses kill people, but so do many other things. The response towards Covid 19 is both humanitarian and admirable. But I hope the UK will eventually follow the U.S if you open up again soon. Keeping whole countries on permanent lockdowns is no way to live and is an assault on peoples freedoms and autonomy.


  8. He wants people back to work that week because it’s the reference week for unemployment rate. Doesn’t care about Americans only his numbers

  9. If you're 60 and older please go to work please go to places where you'll get the Corona virus and die but only if you're a trump supporter please make the people that want to live happy

  10. These churches are the cause of this plague COVID-19. Those illiterate preachers made up a fake name 'Jesus' which you would never ever find this fake name in the original Bible in Aramaic language. These religious leaders have been raping the hearts and the souls of the people in order to take away their money so they could buy mansions and airplanes so as other 4200 fake and manmade religions. These are the ones who have been misleading people all over the world in order to nullify the only one religion of the Almighty Creator. Just look at the center of idol worship nation in the world, the Vatican City, with so many deaths. Look at the Bible belt area they are getting hit by the Angels of the Almighty Creator with more than 1000 tornados every single year plus floods, fires, and hurricanes as the consequence of idolizing a name which never existed.

  11. We should have locked the whole place down as soon as we seen China. Until there is a proven treatment to save lives we have to be careful. Its controllable if we practice social distance and stay home for about 6 weeks. If we break quarantine any sooner millions will be affected and a lot of people will die. Is the economy worth your grandma dying? This thing I fear will be with us for a while. The problem is how contagious it seems to be. I say better safe than sorry. Give it 6 weeks and try every treatment we can in that period. Someone will find a good treatment soon. We really have no choice. If our healthcare system gets overwhelmed because we jumped the gun then this could be a catastrophe.

  12. I agree with our GREAT PRESIDENT!!!! And we should open our GREAT CUNTRY with a BANG!!!!! The Easter Egg Roll. Let our GREAT PRESIDENT'S GREAT SON BARRON kick it off!!!!!πŸ°πŸ‘ŒπŸ₯šπŸ£πŸ™ The Lord will never allow our SAVIOR TRUMP that He sent down to crush the liberal JEWS to be infected with Coronavirus. And He will never allow the SACRED SON of our GREAT PRESIDENT to be infected either.

  13. Putin told the Russians people get ready for paradise. This one says, let's get back to work. Yes, perhaps he is not far from Putin in his development. This is of course sad. Since the disease does not take away only idiots or bad people. Disease is all the same.

  14. You guys are allowing the president to stay on TV and campaign at the Coronavirus podium. It is sickness in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia. They have never sit down yet. Except fo restaurants and bars with shopping malls. So when it goes wildly out of control it will be this comment as one of many you all can look to as to why.

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