71 thoughts on “President Trump Presents the Medal of Freedom to Roger Penske

  1. 😭😭😭 My wish in life is to visit America and to visit the White House, I love America, I love Trump, I love the White House, I love the history of America. .🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗😘😘😘💜❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Donald Trumpy's going down!!
    Going down!!
    Going down!!
    Donald Trumpy's going down!!
    My fair loser!!

    Take the keys and lock him up!!
    Lock him up!!
    Lock him up!!
    Take the keys and lock him up!!
    My fair loser!!

  3. Jail Obama for fucking with my Countries election. (Canada)
    You don't want to piss off real conservatives. Alberta will whoop your ass 💪

  4. The newest loser trotted out against Trump by Dems in secret, Bill Taylor, it was leaked his testimony crumbled under cross-examination.

    1.) Dems talked of impeaching Trump just a mere month after his election.
    2.) They failed to impeach him in Dec. 2017 and at2 other times. Dems managed only 58 yes votes in Dec. 2017 & many have no idea this vote occurred and that it was open and transparent from beginning to end.
    3.) Adam Schiff and other Dems lied to us for over two years straight they had incontrovertible evidence of Russian collusion yet the Mueller Report said no evidence of Russian collusion with Mueller himself saying this.
    4.) Dems then later abruptly dropped impeachment using the Mueller Report.
    5.) The 1st whistleblower lied about not meeting with Schiff with Schiff lying about this as well. Schiff just recently apologized through Sam Stein on MSNBC for this atrocity.
    6.) The 1st whistleblower complaint looks like it was written by lawyers and for lawyers, is riddled with errors & inconsistencies and is full of hearsay. It is loaded with terminology used by attorneys and not by intelligence agents.
    7.) The 2nd whistleblower then miraculously shows up and was said by Dems to have 1st hand information, but the 1st whistleblower provided this info second hand already so that was a bust for Dems.
    8.) Now Taylor, a past staffer for Democrats, once under Obama and also for another Dem, also miraculously shows up but what he says was contradicted by Sondland and now Taylor's testimony crumbled under cross-examination.

  5. President Trump is a Very Outstanding Person. We do have the right Man in Office. Thank God.

  6. Every single poll so far that attempts to gauge impeaching the president has oversampled Dems and in most cases undersampled Independents.


  8. What a great human! Thank you Pres Trump and your wonderful family for the sacrifices you make! God bless you all!

  9. Fantastic President! You are the best thing that has happened to America! Now all the scandals are coming to light…Benghazi, Uranium 1, Burisma Ukraine, the poppy fields so beloved by the left YOU ARE EXPOSING IT ALL! God bless you Pres Trump!

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    The US is considering making more bold moves in Syria. The Pentagon is weighing deploying tanks or other armored vehicles to the country for the first time to help US troops defend oil fields. This option is on the table not long after a troop withdrawal plan effectively ended an important US alliance with Syrian Kurds and created space for Russia and Turkey to gain more influence in the region. President Trump also suggested yesterday in a tweet that Syrian Kurds consider moving from their homelands in northern Syria to the eastern region that houses the oil fields. That would be a tall order, to say the least. For one, it would entail possibly millions of people uprooting from their homelands to head for a desert hundreds of miles away. Plus, the area near the oil fields is home to an Arab majority, an indigenous population that is unlikely to welcome a sudden influx of Kurds.

     US daunt need to defer end oil fields they were defending human rights earn 

    now they call kurds syrian and syria is not arab? what does itmean both are muslin?

    so why they divide tribal

    now what Pentagon says they only want oil fields defend from hu kids ka arabs not kurds?

    kurds are arans?

    sounds like they want to defend not develop territory around or develop kurdistan

    there is not housing directly on oil field in US or Russia the money go to locate government or has land it is which is saran 

    the kurds are syrian so is sound like a lethal language fraud>

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    d oil field from everyone for themself to develop and sell?

    Top Republicans are getting more aggressive in their pushback on the House impeachment proceedings. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham introduced a resolution that condemns the impeachment process and claims House Democrats are "denying President Trump basic fairness and due process accorded every American." The resolution also calls on the House to hold a vote to initiate a formal inquiry. Republicans this week have harped on what they see as an unnecessary level of opacity in the impeachment inquiry proceedings. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has said that his committee will release transcripts and hold public hearings, but for now, the fact-finding part of the investigation is being done behind closed doors, like a grand jury before a trial.

    why adam sh * t release docs cause president trump has them and were they yet released ??

    and so why a different office is doing the releasing and suing president that is a coup

  11. Congratulations 🍾 🥂 What a Wonderful Wonderful Man, Company🥇 🏆 🇺🇸 🌟 Name, Family , Brand. If I could brag about my hubby and the company he’s worked for, for 25 years. My hubby works with Nascar, His company provide the onboard cameras!
    This family has such a wonderful reputation! This American Brand is True to their Family, Their Country, Their Customers!
    How Great Mr. Penske gets Honored like this! Thank you 🙏🏼 President Trump for honoring Mr. Penske, and for sharing it with us!
    The American People are proud of their fellow American! Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊🎈 Mr. Roger Penske 🎉🏎🚘🚦🎖🥇

  12. White House producer need to make efforts to produce honest and good scenes …….youtube or photograph…
    You need to do your best to make wonderful scenes.. to deliver words of US Sitting President and to support the President and America…
    God bless President Trump
    God bless America

  13. Mr. Vice president pens, 🎊, congratulation what a wonderful company, wonderful man, Jesus loves you, all 😂 like..

  14. 10/25/19; (1), hey 'hanniot', I think it's good that you think half the American people believe that trumps impeachment is a 'stunt'. and it's also good that you think the republicans are back on 'offense'. whatever gets you thru the night. but the bottom line is, 'demented donald' is going to be impeached. period. only the third president in US history. and there is nothing the 'conservatives' can do about it. now you know how Democrats felt when you pushed for the impeachment of President Clinton. it don't feel good, do it 'hanniot'? well 'suck it up'. maybe next time, republicans would be a little more 'judicious' in the future when it comes to impeachment, and not do it for a bullshit reason like, 'lying to a grand jury about an 'affair'.

    (2), and 'hanniot', don't worry. these hearings are going to be held in the open, soon. just like CNN's Don Lemon said last night; "be careful what you wish for".

    (3), (sigh), well it appears that the 'conservatives' have finally managed to 'cough up' a 'parallell' investigation, (kinda like 'alternative facts), in order to distract and confuse the American people. it's a 'red herring'. this investigation by the 'justice' department has 'demented donald's fingerprints all over this. he's terrified of what's going to come out in his impeachment trial, so he 'winds up' his 'attorney general', the cute, cuddly, 'toady b(e)arr, (why do every time I look at his bland picture, you know the one where he stares 'morosely' back at the camera, I expect a 'forked tongue' to 'slither' out between his lips)?

    (4), but the gop's plan is not going to work. impeachment 'trumps' a justice department investigation. the American people will be 'riveted' to trumps impeachment trial. and when the people are 'locked in' on trumps corruption and criminality, day after day after day, that's not going to be good for the 'trumpster'. and he almost got away with it. if the gop had kept the house, 'demented donald' would never be held accountable. well, as they say, 'elections have consequences'.

    (5), and for all the 'conservatives' who think that impeaching trump would guarantee his victory, just remember this; in 2018 the Democrats won the national popular vote by more than 10 million. this was after winning the popular vote by 3 million in 2016, (the Democrats popular vote is only growing). so all this talk about 'conservatives' being 'fired up' and 'energized', is nothing but a bunch of hot air. they can be fired up all they want. it's just not enough of them to make a difference.

  15. Mr Penske looks like that doctor on MASH. That's what my grandpa said. I guess he knows what he's talking about. Congrats to Mr Penske!!!

  16. Thank you President Trump for honoring this great man Roger Penske with
    The Medal of Freedom! He certainly is a remarkable man and also has a wonderful family.
    #TRUMP2020 #MAGA

  17. Trump is a sodomite. Both democrats and republican leaders are satanists. Trump always shows the 666 satanic freemason hand sign in his speeches and when he talks. Jesus is king, and coming back soon. Read the book of revelation in the Bible to see how the world is going to end soon.

  18. Looking good 👍 Sir… very very Presidential and I'm proud to support you and your family in making America great again…. thank you so much President Trump… BTW would you let Google know you're the President now and not Obama…they keep omitting your name and putting Obama's name when I'm typing… it's very annoying… just saying Sir 👍

  19. Mr Trump please give us a way to stop the impeachment nonsense. WE WANT IT STOPPED NOW/YESTERDAY! Please! And we do not want to wait! If Congress can't do the job we want them to do changes must be made…..every time the average Joe fails in his/her job the way Congress dose so often they get fired…..the system is not working and we want it fixed

  20. Congratulations to the Penske family!! You do hard working, Family loving Americans PROUD! God Bless!
    We need a billion more men like Penske & Trump… A dying breed!!!

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  22. Grandpa's that doesn't want to retire LOL…. Eww I can smell the old people's smell trough the fucking screen… How disgusting. Yuck!

  23. This is a beautiful video for Roger Penske and his family. I'm so Proud of President Trump and Roger Penske. God Bless All

  24. WHY would Roger Penke get the "Medal of Freedom"? What public service has Roger Penske performed to help enhance and or promote and or preserve the Freedom of the Citizens of the United States of America?

  25. The problem with the fight in afgan is no one knows who they are. They're related to Asia but range from India to israel. All of the issues. Talk of "any bottle" unacceptable. In non educated lifestyles decontamination is window washer and surface cleaner where someone was breathing I think drugs. In barbarian lifestyles it's plasma and egg donations that will assist in controlling some people. #syria

  26. I am so thankful for worthy decorations such as the Silver Star and the Bronze Star and the Medal of Honor. So deserving are the recipients. Then we have the Presidential Medal of Freedom which is a decoration one receives from the President of the United States (regardless of who that may be at the time). The only requirement to receive the decoration is to be very rich, and to be very popular, and,of course, the recipient must be good buds with the President of the United States (whoever that may be at the time). You don't have to really do anything to improve the human race or to make this country or the world a better place. Just be rich, and popular, and friends with the President of the United States (regardless of who that may be at the time). By the way Roger. You and your CART outfit took on Tony George and you got your butt kicked, didn't you? I still laugh looking back at that.

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