President Trump Downplays His Racist Attack on Minority Congresswomen

President Trump Downplays His Racist Attack on Minority Congresswomen

-Let’s get to the news. President Trump today tried to
downplay his offensive attacks on minority congresswomen,
tweeting, “I don’t have
a racist bone in my body.” Well, based on this photo,
I have to ask — [ Laughter ] Do you have any bones
in your body? [ Laughter and applause ] In a new interview,
former Vice President Joe Biden said he would challenge
President Trump to do push-ups if Trump criticized his age
or mental state during a debate. Just a heads-up — if someone
criticizes your mental state and your response is
to do push-ups — [ Laughter ] It’s not a great argument
in favor of your mental state. [ Laughter and applause ] In a new —
[ Cheers and applause ] In a new interview,
Senator Bernie Sanders jokingly challenged President Trump
to a one-mile run. In other words —
a suicide pact. [ Laughter and applause ] “I know how to end this.
Remember me!” [ Laughter ] President Trump said today
that his administration will investigate whether Google has been working with
the Chinese government. Then, again, they only know
one way to investigate it. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Eric Trump’s wife, Lara, today launched a new Women for Trump
re-election initiative at an event in Pennsylvania, while Eric launched one called
Sons Who’d Love to Meet Trump. [ Laughter ] Made his own sign
and everything. [ Laughter ] The White House yesterday
hung four photos featuring President Trump and
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, while Kim Jong-un hung
four of his family members. [ Audience ohs ] Yeah. You get his picture
up on the wall. [ Laughter ] Representative Alexandria
Ocasio-Cortez yesterday responded to President Trump’s
racist attacks on her and three other
congresswomen, calling Trump’s words the “hallmark language
of white supremacists.” Said Hallmark, “In retrospect, we never should have added
that section.” [ Laughter ] A bunch of grapes were recently sold for $11,000
at a Japanese auction. Also at Whole Foods. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Pottery Barn has announced
it will be releasing a furniture line inspired by
the sitcom “Friends,” like this doormat. [ Laughter ] According to a new study, Boston has the least affordable
housing of any American city. Said people from Boston, “That’s
why I live in your motha.” [ Laughter ] Save a few bucks.
Live in your motha. [ Laughter ] And finally, a Georgia woman
who requested a birthday cake inspired by
the Disney film “Moana” instead received a cake
themed after marijuana. [ Laughter and applause ] Meanwhile, Willie Nelson’s
birthday party got weird. [ Laughter ]

100 thoughts on “President Trump Downplays His Racist Attack on Minority Congresswomen

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  2. While everyone is worried about racism, dictatorship, who has the hottest body … remember this invisible bug that doesn't care about who you are or what you are! This outbreak is NOT going to be so easily snuffed out, put aside like fake news!  Reality Check!

  3. 🏒🏓🚵‍♂️🏊‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤸‍♂️🏍🏍🚵‍♂️🚵‍♂️🚵‍♀️🤼‍♀️🏅🏅🎋🎀🎁🎟🎎♦️♣️🎴🎽⛷🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♀️🎾🏉🏌️‍♂️🥅🏏🏀🎳🥋🎱🥊⛸🏦🏞🏗🏢🌏⛱⚡☔☄☄⛄☂️☔⛱⛱💧

  4. That picture of Trump on the golf cart looks like someone with Parkinson's made a wax dummy then left it in a hot car all day.

  5. If investigators would be so kind, focus more heavily on the peripheral families around D(tr)ump and find the money sluice.

  6. Claims Trump made a racist tweet without really being able to provide why it's racist —> transitions to fat shame him. Well aren't you quite noble, Meyers.

  7. Leftist attack ice facilities in our law enforcement officers and all they can talk about her some tweets and of course invoke the racist chant.

  8. D(tr)ump is funneling american interests capitol away from American investors who would be subject to IRS oversight: the oversight would cost him actual Taxes so he remains culprit to Financial Frauds and embezzlement when found actually accountable.

  9. What a dumbass is Trump every human being has bones in thier body that's what you call dictor that doesn't know anything thing's in life

  10. To be fair, the Weed themed cake had a really well done Stoner Pony on it with a marijuana leaf as cutie mark. That was a really nice touch of the bakery. 😂👌

  11. Thing is he has declared tomorrow anyone who will listen about how smart he is, so he can't use the "I didn't know" defense. Besides, drumpf is a fucking moron!.

  12. Trump won the Ellis Island Award for “Patriotism, Tolerance, Brotherhood, and Diversity” alongside Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks. Has any Democrat on the left ever won this award…I’ll wait…no…I didn’t think so. If this is all you can try and smear him with it’s pathetic. If you read what he actually said it isn’t racist at all…it’s like the left never passed English comprehension at school…maybe they should take a refresher course.

  13. Remember that thing about how Trump "would never do like Obama and bow to a Muslim!"

    Let's talk about that a little more…

  14. Seth does the best Bernie Sanders. Bernie should work in a deli, 'Somebody pick up this order before the oil comp … nobody's listening.'

  15. It's a diversion from his involvement in Epstein's pedo ring. Don't let Trump divert you from the truth. He should be in jail for underage sex.

  16. By the time we vote Trump's base will have dwindled away leaving only the White supremacists to vote for him !

  17. Rapist? Did he say child rapist? This affidavit does:

  18. When Trump said if you’re not happy here go back to where you came from, Malania was haul assen to the air port. Lol

  19. …Trump…Biden…Sanders…

    …seriously, can we stop having our choice of president be the cast of "Cocoon"…


  20. Donald trump is a great man and any smart intelligent American should vote for him to make sure the democrats fall into a deep dark pit. Trump 2020

  21. This, and it's been confirmed…
    ….4 out of 4 Squad Members would throw all of the Jews in the well.
    *Trump's a dope, but let's please report EVERYTHING from now on.

  22. Oh right lol. I forgot it’s ok to make fun of men’s weight but not women’s. Silly me. 🤦‍♂️

  23. I knew Don Jr. was married, but had no clue that Eric was! That chick must've felt sorry for him or she was drunk.

  24. Don't you downplay how dependent you are on Donald Trump for your meal ticket? Without Trump to trash , you and your liberal parasite fellow talk show hosts would have to display some actual talent which none of you wimps have.

  25. And here we have a cutzie pootzy, ignorant, script reading, narrative breeding commentator who actually thinks he knows what's going on in the world – all the while missing the greatest mass awakening in the history of the planet. Don't worry fools your bucket of ice cold red pills is coming. And guess what? We won't make fun of you because it's not nice to make fun of ignorants!

  26. So Don the Commie diverts attention away from his failures as president* by hitting down on four women (He does that a lot to women, when he is not groping them) So when you report this please also point out that trump is taking credit for things that were already in place or none of his doing – such as unemployment, the stock market, and the economy. He has NOT delivered on any of his promises, however, like building a wall (useless and stupid) while drugs come flowing in at RECORD levels. Also he said he would lower medical and medication costs, replace Obamacare with something MUCH MUCH better (Where the F_ck is THAT?) and tax cuts for ALL AMERICANS, attract and keep jobs here in the USA (not) and take care of crime in big cities. Who is still falling for this fool's lies? PLEASE VOTE OUT ALL SPINELESS REPUBLICANS  and let us start again.

  27. "Lock kids up, LOCK KIDS UP!" I thought it was a joke that Trump's fools would chant that, so it was a suggestion for a mock Trump rally wearing Trump masks. I thought the video would get some of them to stop and think "Do I really want to be part of this?" However, now they are actually chanting to kick them out. That's kicking AMERICANS out of AMERICA! If someone starts a "Lock kids up!" chant, then these bastards will chant along.

  28. I wonder who stole the joke about the racist bone in his body issue, see:

    Trevor Noah –
    Seth Meyers –

  29. When Trump needs a minor distraction – he trots out Eric who's a quart short of a gallon. Like his brother and sister, he's the unfortunate recipient of his mother's looks and his father's stupidity.


  31. I always thought pottery barn was a place to go make stuff with clay. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I feel so dumb.

  32. This was not a racist remark, it was a remark that many have said including celebrities over the year, if you do not like it here, leave. There was no comment regarding, race. This country will never learn, we live on drama without realizing that our own elected officials are blowing smoke up our backside. There was no collusion, no evidence of racism, no discrimination and like the border crisis, all created by our elected officials for political drama. If all you do is criticize, name call, lie, bully, accuse with no progress to this country what are you doing here, in this country and in office.

  33. A mile run is not so much of a suicide pact for Bernie, though. he ran cross country. Trump on the other hand…

  34. If Eric's last name wasnt Trump do you think Lara Trump aka GOLD DIGGER BARBIE would have married him ????

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