President Donald Trump Makes First Visit To India As President | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Makes First Visit To India As President | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Makes First Visit To India As President | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. FACT:

    "TRUMP is a machine"

    He's non stop in Making America Great Again…

    And still have time to go to massive rallies!

    For a 73+ years old guy, that's super awesome.

    So, to ALL haters & naysayers, what you accomplished in life?

    Have a great day to y'all…

  2. Style over substance? Not surprising, Trump being a circus-master by trade. A little PR boost to help his Indian investments along? Interesting point, very credible. Do not politics and profit make good bedfellows? Does one not drain one swamp to create another in one's own image? And let us NOT set our expectations too high that Trump will speak out bravely on behalf of human rights! What it the essential human right after all? The right to make money, of course!

  3. Trump is the greatest president of the United States and the greatest world leader! Well respected by all nations around the world! We are truly blessed!

  4. I wish that India 🇮🇳 and USA 🇺🇲 work with Europ and Israel ✡️ create good business relationship and relationship then give counter for 'D'angerous Country s.

  5. Trump: nah mo stay Amabad😆.. Cheewala😆😅😂..Vevay ka mondond😆😅😂..suichin, verot😆😅…
    Modi: (let me see) Doland😅😂🤣.. friendsip😆😅..
    We: 😆😅😂🤣😆😅😂🤣….

  6. MSNBC is a Horrible station, Horrible reporting.
    Get on the ground in India with real reporters and show the streets lined up for Miles with Thousands, just to wave at President Trump as he drives by. Ask the Indians WHY over 110 Thousand people waiting in the Hot sun for hours and hours, just to see and hear President Trump speak, and ask those people Why they LOVE President Trump so much!
    Do some REAL DEAL Reporting for once!

  7. We have always seen Trump as aggressive and business minded, but we have known Trump as a simple, humble, loving, family man in India.

  8. Coronavirus, we are told to prepare. However, this moron cut telework for Federal Employees but now the C D C saying to telework. Trumps a genius

  9. Trump loves to do things big. Instead of gluing a red dot to his forehead, he just dyed his entire face red…well orange. His makeup doesn't come in red.

  10. MSDNC is just shameless, at least have some respect how you represent your country and it’s leader to other countries.

  11. Alright so leftist media are also available in US, we thought only we have to worry about that, both country have in same boat in that case…

  12. Jaha usa super power h … trumph apni wife ko kitni respect k sath laye India me … Wahi our pm Modi ji doesn’t even recognise his wife .. trumph’s daughter also came india with him …. is it bad to respect our family or we should call it nepotism??

  13. 6:23 When Melania changed into little white socks (👟?) , what did trump do? Did he change his shoes or take off his shoes 👞?? I couldn’t see … 🙂 thank you

  14. Trump being cheered by 125,000 brown people is not what msnbc wanted I’m sure! God bless America! God bless trump!

  15. MSNBC "Gas Lighting " attitude towards Trump has proved a disaster. Look how people from other parts of the globe love and respect him. Unfortunately, too many Americans hate him.

  16. Do you think all those india troops have empty rifles? Seems to me it would only take one rogue gun to do some serious damage quickly.

  17. Two great leaders from two great countries 🇺🇸👍🇮🇳👍. The moderator is too stupid to pronounce a simple word, Namaste, and the reporter probably doesn't know who Mahatma Gandhi is. Read a book, you ignorant idiots!

  18. Trump is definitely doing a fantastic job for Americans ..
    Trump will probably be known as one of the greatest leaders of all time..

  19. Indian Crowd FLEES as Trump Mispronounces Everything

    Restless crowd leaves during Trump, Modi speeches

    India rolls out cultural extravaganza to welcome Trump

    Modi presented the "Three Wise Monkeys", signifying Gandhi's three maxims of 'see no evil', 'hear no evil' and 'speak no evil', as a memento to the US president.

  20. I know as this clip went on the demonizing fake msm would pop it's ugly head up… Womanslaughtering Joe keeped his mouth shut for a change.. Woops…Donald is worried about money??? He donates his wages to charity …Joe sounds like he has the virus….

    The last bit made

  21. Putin's puppet does not represent the United States. Putin's puppet represents corrupt Russian owned lying, criminal republikan politicians.

  22. गधो, उच्चारण तो सही आता नही है और एंकर बने हो।

  23. भारत के बारे मे अनाप-शनाप कहा तो अच्छा नही होगा ।

  24. And millions and millions of lies for minute.
    This dude can't help it to fool himself every single time he opens his mouth.

  25. Who the heck are these deadbeat reporters. Geeezzzz This visit was Spectacular to put it mildly! Are they on their deathbeds?

    Don't worry about what the Our Great President will eat. He'll be fine and capable enough to serve MSNBC their baby bottles. .

  26. Indian press said more than 100,000 people lined the streets to welcome Trumps motorcade and 110,000+ filled the stadium to greet Trump and the First Lady.
    Here in the U.S. people camp out overnight and fill stadiums like no President has ever done before.
    Trump is a huge success and ever so popular with the sane and balanced of mind.

  27. Two of the biggest hypocritical nations. Modi is little b**ch and Trump can't f**k his b**ch right. Stop lying to your countries and keeping secrets from them. India is being funded for a war with Pakistan again. American and India will be exposed soon, they keep mankind in the darkness. Free energy is achievable. They want their citizens as slaves and they will never prosper under these corrupt governments.

  28. The Modi government is persecuting the Muslims of India. There is no mention of it in any media.😟

    The Modi government is beheading and killing Muslims. Please help me 😭

  29. In Modi speech …..Modi pronounced trump name in very wrong way … He said DO LUND TRUMP … In hindi DO LUND MEANS TWO PENIUS MAN….for the peoples of other country……

  30. “Arms deal, yes..and a trades deal, but nothing of substance”?? WTH? You guys should be embarrassed. And by the way, it’s pronounced Ganhdi — GONE-DEE — if you are planning on being “reporters” you better learn how to pronounce one of the worlds greatest leader’s name(este)!

  31. You have also given me the shield of Your salvation, And Your right hand upholds and sustains me; Your gentleness [Your gracious response when I pray] makes me great.
    You enlarge the path beneath me and make my steps secure, So that my feet will not slip.
    Psalms 18:35‭-‬36 AMP

  32. Trump is a great Humanitarian and true leader. He is bringing the demise of the radical left, which we should all be greatful for.

  33. They sound so upset about having to say anything positive about Trump. They are choking on it. They are still getting some of their digs in though.

  34. President Trump! Please come home! The Democrats are attempting to unleash a bioweapon on the citizens of the United States.

  35. He was blamed for attacks on Muslims after his visit. He IS the most powerful man on the planet apparently…lol people are so affected.

  36. अच्छा है कि मुस्लिम तुम्हारे यहा दंगा नही करते ।

  37. Thank you India. 125,000 at a stadium to see this Commander In Chief. The world envies us for having this President. And the Demoquacks tried to impeach him. Bernie Sanders heaps praise on Castro who was a Soviet stooge and shoe people in the head. Thank you India. You just reassured Trump reelection! TRUMP 2020!

  38. Really! wow does MSNBC have no shame? What an insult MSNBC has perpetrated on the entire country of India by referencing the largest Historical Visit by the leader of the free world & representative of Democracy & Freedom as a "Rally" The insults don't stop there, its blatantly obvious they didn't even listen to the speech, which was beautiful empowering moving emotional & passionate, people all over India are beaming with a type of pride they've never felt before, all of this from a speech that an American President gave! It's also obvious the deep chasm of ignorance they share, they're clueless as to the impact this friendship/partnership has on a geopolitical stage or the billions in trade deals this will generate to both countries and how this impacts & greatly weakens the corrupted & dangerous country of China. They didn't even know how to say the simplest of words correctly, honestly, they never heard of "Mahatma Gandhi" or "Namaste" Just wow If you want to see what an embarrassing leader looks like? just google "Justin Trudeau India trip" & compare the two visits especially the welcome ROFLMAO

  39. I'm very pleased how Donald Trump was greeted with so much love. I think he needed it. Give him a chance world, he is who he is and we all loved him in the Apprentice 🙂

  40. Let’s see the footage of the crowd bolting for the exits during his incoherent speech. Admiration turns to dislike in only a few minutes of Trump opening his mouth. Comical

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