34 thoughts on “Preschool Inc – EPISODE 4 – "Foreign Policy"

  1. I seriously loved this series and was sooooo looking forward to more. Really well thought out and funny. Hope you don't give up on things. This was awesome.

  2. Thanks guys, as a senator ive always wanted to master the art of persuasion and thanks to this video i have. We will strike down our enimemes in the name of our lord and savior the lunch lady!!!! #711WasAnInsideJob #NotEnoughCoke;)

  3. I live this new series!! I only just came across it today, and I fell in love with it!! Good job guys!! 😊😃

  4. Wow this foreign policy guy is so sexy! Is he married? Asking for a friend 😀 Lol heavy breathing intensifies

  5. Anyone else wondering what it was that the teacher wanted help with that required only one crayon? Lol

  6. Art imitating life. Literally.

    Hope to see more of these!

    I can imagine Big Pharma…using markers on people (encouraging them to draw moustaches on themselves) just so they can sell the wipes that erase.

  7. Another amazing episode, guys! The Foreign Policy actor was a fine choice. Very intense. Leila did a great job, as always. Also, the music was so suspenseful. Well done again, you!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

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