Pres Trump Takes Aim At Macron With A Bold Rebuttal To His Nationalism Jab(VIDEO)!!!

Pres Trump Takes Aim At Macron With A Bold Rebuttal To His Nationalism Jab(VIDEO)!!!

Pres Trump Takes Aim At Macron With A Bold Rebuttal To His Nationalism Jab it sort of became old-fashioned it’s
called a nationalist and I say really we’re not supposed to use that word you
know what I am I’m a nationalist okay well president Trump has defended his
use of the term nationalism as an intense love of one’s country but
leftist commentators and other internationalists say it’s a dog whistle
battle white supremacist and now at an occasion commemorating the 100
anniversary honored year anniversary of the Armistice ending World War one
French president Emmanuel macron has joined the fray exactly tourism is the
exact opposite of nationalism nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism
by saying aren’t receives about the others Wow your um hasn’t he he’s the
author of the book the virtue of nationalism and Markson makovski former
NATO chief of staff Urim let me start with you
now what does macron get wrong here about nationalism well Laura micron is
pursuing the same agenda that he’s iterated repeatedly since he was elected
president of France a year and a half ago just in October at the United
Nations micron told us he deplores a a world world that he calls a world of
lawlessness in which everyone pursues their own interests Makran has a problem
with the idea of national interest he says that national interest is national
selfishness and now and now he’s telling President Trump that to be a nationalist
and to pursue your own interests is a betrayal of moral values alright mark
this is what Christian Whitten is saying about macrons commentary let’s watch
I think macron within the EU is under a lot of pressure frankly Germany is
willing to cut a deal on the trade changes that Trump wants to lower
tariffs across the board macron doesn’t like that he doesn’t like the pressure
he doesn’t like having spend more on the military he doesn’t
like the fact that Italy is along with Britain sort of peeling away from the EU
not quite as directly yet Eastern Europe not as kosher on the EU so a lot of
these things just aren’t going the way that this former investment banker would
like them to go that mark if if globalism of the sort that Makran loves
and internationalism was helping the average you know German or or Frenchman
there wouldn’t be a backlash against internationalism or globalism there
would be yeah let’s do more of it but they’re under enormous pressure are they
not they absolutely are I think this speech there’s two parts of this speech
one is a Crone is encapsulating himself as an opposition to Trump and he’s
betting that the French people believe in our supportive of an anti Trump for
as the National Front are pushing back on hammer absolute obviously they’ve had
gains in recent polls in recent local election this is risky for McCrone
because he has European elections coming up next year which will be the first
barometer for his own term he’s trying to put himself in polar opposite to
Trump and of course he’s isolated because mrs. Merkel also his political
ambitions are on the decline but also I think this was a warning this speech was
a warning to those that believe that the nationalism and populism that fuelled
World War one is on the rise and is a danger to the European continent I think
he was brave in making that statement at the speech yoram this is what zenab
Vasavi said today about what nationalism actually creates this is really scary
why why is it scary for Europe to spend more money on Europe’s defense a hundred
years after the World War 1 armistice why is that calamitous to the
internationalist I’m not following that this is the same propaganda that we’ve
been hearing from liberal intellectuals in Europe since right after World War
Two they always have the same mantra that nationalism caused the world wars
now historically if you go after World War One and you actually see you’ll see
that that most people after World War one believed that what caused the first
world war to go on for four-and-a-half years and to lead
20 million deaths was the the life-and-death struggle between German
imperialism trying to break the bracket back of British imperialism in its
effort to take over the world after world war ii with world war ii you
can save the same thing adolf hitler if he hadn’t wanted to take over the world
if you hadn’t said in meine Kampf that his goal was to to make germany the lord
of the earth and mistress of the globe well he might have been a terrible
german leader but he would not have led to the deaths of 50 or 60 million people
his claim yeah I see what you’re saying but Marc will just very quickly respond
to that nation-building wanting to transpose our view of democracy on other
nations we’ve lost trillions of dollars
countless lives damage lives at home depleted our military we weren’t
pursuing a nationalist agenda in Iraq or Afghanistan or all throughout the Middle
East where we know but I think what mr. McCrone is saying is that Europe has
maintained peace when the transatlantic community has been united has cooperated
when the common elements of common security which NATO represents actually
supports American interests and supports French German UK interests and there’s a
risk today that that transatlantic unity is falling apart and what are they gonna
go to end to the arms of China where’s Europe gonna go I think the fear
is that Trump is going to take the United States out of the game and that
Russia and China can create conflict like they’re creating in eastern Ukraine
that China is creating in the East in the South China Sea and the US won’t be
there to help secure the all right gentlemen fascinating conversation
ceremonies to remember our fallen veterans the president of France said he
wanted a European army and claimed he needed to protect against China the
Chinese Russian and US cyber threats so us as a potential enemy that’s kind of
rude Trump said he was insulted in every journal on the planet called him a big
meanie for that so Trump did what Trump does he tweets a lot telling macron
maybe he should concentrate on his sad and sagging approval ratings and that
France would be speaking German if it weren’t for us also make France great
again which can only mean lose the mimes now to the gym
it seems this seems like a spat between a French chef and a Yankee cabdriver but
really it’s a conversation between allies under Trump because Trump doesn’t
care if you haven’t noticed by now Trump gets along with macron the Canadian dude
the nice lady from Germany and that English woman who’s not the queen but
that doesn’t affect his candor he’ll tell you when your fly is down
which is why Bill Clinton relied on him so much so Trump’s friendship means he’s
gonna elbow you but if anything were to happen to you he’d be there in a
heartbeat and he’d send in more than an ear punishing James Taylor in fact we’d
never abandoned France even if we had to invade the country to save it again but
overlooked at all this the greatest thing during a somber event marking a
hundred years since the ceasefire that ended World War one here’s the Moroccan
King dozing and please you must wait for the end the best ever can we watch that
again Trump glares while the King naps that’s
a damn good metaphor as we keep watch over Europe I want to talk about the
French American wine war for a minute oh yes there’s been a lot of tariffs
throwing around threats and things like that this is a trade war I’m going to be
following very closely Greg now it doesn’t really affect me too much
because I drink Trump wine and tariffs don’t really apply but I know a lot of
people that own vineyards and they can’t get any of their cabs sold in France
because you know they can’t compete in the marketplace but I like how Trump is
sticking up for the blue-collar workers in Sonoma Valley these people are the
hardest-working people you’ll ever see president Trump was elected not to be
the president of nice but should be the president of Napa Valley and these Napa
Valley cabs they can’t compete in Paris now because of these tariffs I just
think this is America first at its finest I say we go after the cheese next
you know what I I think there’s gonna be a case of something arriving here very
soon for you trip one yes you know one I’m gonna defend macron and I think that
he was actually kind of saying what Trump wanted it which is like we should
have a European army we should defend ourselves right is he kind of agreeing
with Trump in a way I thought Trump came back and said you know if it wasn’t for
us yes an existing yeah I think he was saying you don’t need an army where they
are but you should pay your dues to NATO right that’s what he was saying yeah
yeah yeah but I think macron was kind of saying well maybe we should just build
up a big european army and i think trump would go yeah that’s pretty good too
right well I don’t I don’t know I mean I’m clear I’m just trying to guess at
this point with Trump but but I do think the Trump was really upset that McCrone
took him on on the nationalism yeah yeah yeah when he was saying that Nationals
is bad and clearly Trump has said recently that he’s a national list and I
think what McCrone was saying Oh nationalism means we don’t care about
the wrested we just care about us and that this is not the way the world goes
and especially if you think back on the Armistice and what it meant in terms of
nationalism as fomenting World War one that this would be a recipe for a new
phase of disaster not learning from history and I think I think there
are a lot of people maybe not the Moroccan King who are making fun of
Trump for not marching down the champs-elysees not going to the cemetery
no American going to Arlington National Cemetery no American official lists that
my American president and no White House officials celebrate veterans on Veterans
days that’s unbelievable imagine if Obama did that Obama did that
you would have a place it’s probably true take that point and strive and I
will say at least this president funds the military Memorial Day and Veterans
Day I was always offended by that this isn’t someone who is it was beloved by
the troops so I don’t want to hear the comparisons between Trump and Obama
first of all second of all this idea that somehow patriotism and nationalism
are mutually excuse exclusive it actually doesn’t make any sense
I know Emmanuel macron felt like he was being incredibly profound when he said
patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism nationalism is a betrayal of
patriotism that is not true and in fact globalism which you could argue is the
opposite of nationalism is very exclusive to patriotism and and those
who are globalist tends to be apologist for their own countries like President
Obama he was the epitome of globalism and he went to other countries he went
to the Brandenburg Gate and he apologized for the United States I think
we live in a globalist economic world economy don’t I was gonna say if you
love capitalism if you love global markets I don’t understand how you can
then say oh we don’t care about what’s going on over there we’re just
protecting on here and then you come into the idea that nationalism
translates especially white nationalism and exclusion is not the shining city on the
hill that attracts people from all over the world okay I did the put the point
of there’s a nationalism that seeks to invade other countries that is not the
United States know what he’s putting America first meaning let’s get our
stuff together yeah Jed what are your thoughts on on this whole thing that
we’re talking about take your pick Trump reminds me of my cat’s congealing
and what used to happen what’s congeal E is that somebody would pull his tail and
he’d look around he’d get a little agitated and then pull it again get a
little more actually finally the third time you posed tailing bites he bites
back he hisses that’s what Trump does this guy McCrone was digging at him he
did that you you spoke before about the anti-national of speech that was a dig
then grouping the United States in with China and Russia as people who they
might have to guard themselves against that’s a dig and then somehow when Trump
responds and says something even remotely a little bit Outland to sure a
little nasty everybody blames Trump if you poke over and over again he’s gonna
stand up for the country he’s gonna bite back people should learn that about
Trump I think that Clint by the way of the Moroccan the King of Morocco was the
best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life as a former teacher okay Betty
students fall asleep in their class that’s the best thing and I count myself
as the one of Menno dying to see the reaction Jeb Bush Jeb Bush why aren’t
you all waiting to see though if he had opened his eyes and you had trunk just
staring at you much he must have snorted in his sleep you must have made a noise
that we didn’t catch you know I think we’re burying the lede here Greg I’m not
so much worried about France standing up an Army in the continent the road for –
in the last century you know they haven’t seen glory on the battlefield
since Napoleon it’s actually Germany they said they want the keys to the car
of the European army that didn’t really go so well the last time that’s like
giving the keys to the Sun that’s wrecked your car twice and say here you
go again she sounds a little bellicose Merkel I think we could see another land
grab but if they get another army over there in German a lot of what Mac rod is
doing is what previous French leaders do with high approval ratings right but
they can’t get anything done because of the unions in France so their approval
ratings gold yeah he’s a twenty six percent and so what you do is you choose
the United States to slap around you know what was the lesson distractions
you know it’s delicious Trump in response to your point says McCrone is
simply engaged in distracting lemon because of his lower back I was like oh
my god political at least he’s reading the correct page in the playbook you
know it was exactly what McCrone is well that’s why I’m good but how come an
American and how come uh Trump supporters never get this oh no because
I don’t think Trump is never trying to distract you hope he’s just doing what
he does know he’s three years now subject to what he’s interested in
sometimes we’re not interested in it no thank you
god bless you and God bless america

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  5. Patriot = nationals: members of civil law nation, state, country: corporate body politic, who share a common national father (Patri)

    Nationalists and patriots are the same: all citizens of a nation.

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    Im not against nationalism (as long as it is not race based) but lets not make for a stupid defense of nationalism.

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