Pres. Moon emphasizes the need to maintain objectiveness toward Japan’s economic retaliation

Pres. Moon emphasizes the need to maintain objectiveness toward Japan’s economic retaliation

South Koreans cannot but be sensitive about
Japan’s retaliatory measures on trade, especially with the scars from the colonial past. But President Moon Jae-in says an emotional
approach toward the issue should be avoided. Park Hee-jun has the details. President Moon Jae-in says that because of
the great pain that Japan’s colonial rule brought upon South Korea in the past,… Koreans
cannot help but take Japan’s economic retaliation seriously. However, he emphasized on the need for people
to stay objective. “We, as a country that experienced great pain
from Japan’s colonial rule, cannot but take the current economic retaliation by Japan
very seriously. However, we cannot be emotional toward the
measures. We need to have objectiveness, while thinking
about fundamental measures with a deep breath.” During a meeting with his top aides on Monday,… President Moon said that South Korea’s spirit
remains unchanged,… in that it opposes hostile nationalism, while aiming for equality and
peaceful coexistence based on love for humanity. And for keeping that spirit, President Moon
thanked the Korean people for their mature citizenship, which can be the key to bringing
a better future for South Korea-Japan relations. “While opposing Japan’s unjust economic retaliation,
the people are showing fortitude and a broad point of view to not damage friendly ties
between the two countries. If the people of both countries interact through
democratic human rights and promote friendship through their love for mankind and peace,
the future of South Korea-Japan relations will be even brighter.” President Moon added that the country’s goal
is not just to be an economic powerhouse. He said South Korea will strive to create
a global community based on peaceful cooperation,… focusing on people and promoting the values
of mankind. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.

5 thoughts on “Pres. Moon emphasizes the need to maintain objectiveness toward Japan’s economic retaliation

  1. Boycott is purely on Korean citizens own will. Korean Government so far has warned Korean citizens they could end up in jail if anyone intentionally spread lies about any Japanese companies or their products. Government reminded Korean public that everyone's are at risk of breaking the law when they are boycotting anything so they should have awareness doing what they do. They are not encouraging anything for public. This was the only thing government said about boycott to public.

  2. I examined Arirang TV YouTube. Its English response are strange. I guess some who receive money from Japan side, leave negative messages about Korea. It is bizzard. Although some are not Japanese neither Koreans, they leave negative message about Korea. I wish my God protect my country. Only righteousness and just be protected. The Lord sees what is going on in this world. Who is telling a lie. There is no hope in Japan.

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