Prepare for Hyperinflation, Flood of Liquidity, BOZO-LAND Financial System!, SHTF Prepping

Prepare for Hyperinflation, Flood of Liquidity, BOZO-LAND Financial System!, SHTF Prepping

hey everybody Jason here Bobo and bear bust so what is the worst type of economic collapse what can you think of is it deflation area where prices crash or prices drop is that so bad well not if we're on the buying side if prices collapse or drop or even sink just think home prices in some of the larger cities after the financial crisis well that's a good thing if you're a cash buyer or if you're someone that just likes to have a lower tax base when you own your home or anything to drop some price that you like to buy or acquire for that matter so a deflationary economic collapse well it could be a good thing it can be a bad thing depending on where you're at right so most of you on this channel get that we don't need to explain that so what I'm saying here is an inflationary collapse where prices rise even though wages are not rising well that's already been happening to a degree wages have been rising well between three and a half to four percent now annually but prices of goods and products has been rising in some areas much more than that in some cases double we see some cities where home prices have doubled since the Great Recession unfortunately wages have not doubled right not even close so an inflationary economic situation could be much worse than a deflationary where prices come down just take a look at Venezuela so they had an economic collapse down there it doesn't mean prices fell though it was a collapse of their currency and that's the worst type of economic collapse a collapse of the currency so will that happened to the US dollar nobody knows it's still the world's reserve currency but I think you should prepare prepare for the worst right so I'm not preaching doom and gloom I'm not trying to scare people I just want to say that this is possible and I've said this numerous times do you wear a seat belt when you drive when your new vehicle do you buy car insurance in case you have a crash well of course most people do because we all know that something bad could happen is it possible yes there's a lot of drunk drivers out there the same is true with the economy is it going to happen I hope not could it happen absolutely they could bring in the liquidity they could do helicopter money like they've done in the past and prices could continue to rise because of this increased liquidity right remember this whole thing is propped up on debt we talked about it just in our previous video look at corporate debt all-time high corporate debt the government debt is at an all-time high right so higher interest rates would bring this whole thing come crashing down and then we could say easily that would be a deflationary economic collapse when when interest rates jump just like the previous housing bubble right we had all these individuals that took on mortgages that they couldn't afford and the Fed win and raise rates into that debt and that caused deflation or falling prices in the housing market all right so think about the possible opposite scenario what if they drop rates and bring in the QE liquidity and that will allow this debt cycle to continue and this expansion that we're in right now has already been the longest expansion without seeing a major correction the longest in US history thus far and it can continue how far can it continue well it depends on how aggressive the Fed is going to be in these rate cuts so the first cut coming up here the first cut in a decade in this article here out of the st. Louis Dispatch asks the question is it a risk well it can be if you're someone that's holding assets though including land or precious metals or even people in the stock market are doing very well when these prices continue to rise if they continue to rise and and we think that it's very possible for the stock market for example the Dow could go to 30,000 they could continue to allow corporations to take on more and more debt at ultra-low interest rates corporations then can turn around buy back their own stock the Fed itself has its own trading desk right they could keep this thing pumped up for political purposes right and I don't like to dive into politics too much but it's impossible to avoid the subject based on the current monetary system where you have political influence right and I'm not the only one saying that there's actually a lot of talk about that even mainstream media now it's admitted right I'm not making this up folks take a look here so take a look at recent fed Pig Judy Shelton take a look at her views or at least what she said in the past she previously criticized ultra-low interest rates after the financial crisis basically saying that it was loose monetary policy and low rates that caused the problem in the first place that caused the bubbles it caused the malinvestment it caused prices to rise way beyond where they should have been based on what the middle class or the average consumer could actually afford but now that she's in the system now that she's in the Fed she wants a deeper rate cut than Wall Street forecasts right right and people say that this is some sort of a question or a debate am I the only one that this is this obvious come on I think we all can see through this what they want to do is they want to keep the bubble inflated they want to keep the economy going they want to keep the appearance of a good economy probably until the next election I'm gonna guess November 2020 maybe right then maybe there'll be some sort of event maybe a Black Swan event all right or maybe the central banks will try to keep this thing propped up forever so what do you think do you think they're going to try to keep it propped up forever my guess would be no my guess would be that there's some sort of correction on the horizon right just take a look at past Corrections where the Fed had raised aggressively raised rates into the debt as I always talk about okay ask yourself why did they do that was it just an accident right did they not know that higher interest rates would cause problems with individuals and investors that had a lot of debt okay I don't want to say that I don't want to throw any blame out there maybe it was a mistake maybe the Fed just didn't know right as Jim Cramer would say open the door fade window he has no idea how bad it is out there is no idea he has no idea I have talked to the heads of almost every single one of these firms in the last 72 hours and he is no idea what it's like out there and they are losing their jobs and these forms are gonna go out of business and he's nuts they're nuts they know nothing Kramer there you go they know nothing according to Kramer so if you want to believe Jim Kramer the Fed they're just a bunch of buffoons they don't really know what's going on they're just out there dictating the economy deciding where interest rates should be even though they just they don't know anything right so according to Kramer we just give a bunch of know-nothings ultimate authority over the economy does that sound like a good system to you let me know what you think about that down a comment okay and it gets deeper Miss Julie Shelton in the Wall Street Journal wrote an op-ed just recently basically questioning if the gold standard would be a good idea and she basically in this article criticizing mainstream commentators and economists for dismissing the gold standard ideology we'll link to this article I'm not sure if you have a subscription or not I don't I know I don't pay for any mainstream news subscriptions but I'll link to it just in case it does show you a little bit of text as to her op-ed there all right so why am i bringing this up I am bringing this up so you can realize that and maybe you already realize this but there is an agenda here by the current White House to keep this thing going because why would they criticize low interest rates you remember the previous comments made during the elections the months leading up to the elections the economy's in a big fat bubble but now since the bubble is on their watch they want to keep the bubble going well we'll see where that leads now I encourage everybody to make their own investment decisions do your own due diligence don't just believe what I'm telling you and even if you do believe what I'm telling you your situation may be different than someone else's I can tell you what I'm doing I'm buying a silver as much as I can I'm also keeping an emergency fund on the side it's not easy living in California things are expensive but in case we do see economic turmoil and again I don't think it's gonna happen until after November 2020 I could be wrong but if hyperinflation hits because of the massive QE that's gonna be headed our way in the lower rates I'd rather sell a little bit early then a little bit even one second too late because if you sell too late after everything comes crashing down if it does come crashing down then that is much worse than selling a year or two early right so is it gonna come crashing down next week next month next year there's no way to tell that it could continue to go up if the quantitative easing and the easy money continues okay anyone that tells you exactly what's gonna happen well you might want to ask them to borrow their crystal ball because no one can tell the intent behind the economic engineers that have been given full rein over the economy all right and I know this might sound crazy if you're just listening for the first time but this is where we're at we're in basically bozo land type of insanity where you have people accusing the Fed of knowing nothing but yet they still have this authority over the economy in the monetary system okay also you have dissenting voices out there you have people like Robert Shiller who was one of the few individuals that talked about the housing bubble 11 years ago now how prices were overinflated where the average person could not afford homes well he has said that we're there again in the home prices but he also said that we should hike rates instead of lower rates because prices are already too high the economy is running hot not just in housing and in this article here this is out of CNBC he talks a lot about the stock market and I wanted to point you to a specific comment that he made he said it's a rally that could lead to a historic drop so when the juice when the funny money stops flowing if interest rates ever do return to normal then there could be a historic drop right will they do that with the with the rates nobody knows except maybe the people inside the administration so us people as in you and I out here on the outside not part the administration we're gonna continue to keep an eye on it and I want to thank all my subscribers and especially the Patriots who give me a little bit each month even a dollar to helps if you don't mind I'm going to continue to use that to pick up these 1 ounce silver bars and it was going to show them on the video I can't get my camera to work again and I found out it's not my computer I got a new laptop and still my camera's not working it's the cameras working Ashley but the program that I used to record these the screen recording software that I use is not letting me put my camera up on here to record I'm not sure why not that you want to see me but I wanted to show you these silver bars that I've been buying 1 ounce silver bars they're just about 15 or 16 dollars an ounce right now I think my opinion here they're going to be highly tradable in some sort of economic situation whether it be hyperinflation even more so than if there was going to be some sort of collapse but getting away from the dollar like a lot of you are I've seen you down comments and look at central banks central banks are getting away from the dollar and I know they create the currency they create the dollars but ask yourself why are central banks who have the creation powers of creating this currency why are they accumulating record numbers a record levels of gold why are they accumulating record levels of gold alright so when it comes to the Fed and central banks I would look at what they're doing and not what they're saying right okay crazy times I know alright everybody thanks again for watching sorry if I ramble a little bit in this video we've got some big housing news coming up later in the week so please keep your eyes on the channel as we wait for the rate cut decision is it gonna be a quarter point is it going to be a half a percent well the administration the White House they want a full percent it sounds like and if the Fed doesn't cut rates well we could see some major panic in the market because the rate cut has already been priced in apparently all right that's all for now hope to see you down in comments on this one bye for now you

41 thoughts on “Prepare for Hyperinflation, Flood of Liquidity, BOZO-LAND Financial System!, SHTF Prepping

  1. I worked at kamart and Walmart and 8 liquor stores and 3 c-stores and showed them all how to make twice as much money "TAKE HOME AFTER BILLS ARE PAID"
    they all hated me for doing it except kmart. the mgr loved me. I made his store so much money he PUT ME IN CHARGE OF THE STORE.
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    one owner fired me cause I had so many customers coming in for him he didn't have time to get OFF THE REGISTER. he wanted to relax. it was making him crazy. lol anyways ive done this EVERYWHERE I worked.
    so what I'm saying is Walmart and starbux and all others JUT DONT KNOW HOW TO SELL AN ITEM theyre moronic bufoons. its their own fault.
    I say this because if I can do it then they can. but they refuse to. they just want the money to LEAP INTO THE BANK ALL ITSELF. LOL

  2. Central banks are accumulating record levels of gold because they're going to use gold in accordance with the Basile Three Financial agreement to recapitalize the banking system. It has the dual purpose of also providing price Discovery to A system that has completely lost touch with reality

  3. Monetary policy should in no way concern itself with what happens to the individual. Individuals try to game the system, they try to get ahead, they try to win and when they make mistakes, when they make bad assumptions, betting against the monetary system or betting on it, they're going to get creamed.

  4. Okay. You're making the same mistake everyone else makes where the u.s. dollar is concerned. The dollar isn't going to collapse the way Venezuela did and become worthless the problem with the dollar is exactly the opposite. The dollar is too valuable it continues to rise in value against other currencies and we are unable to keep it down it's been that way for over a decade.

    At a certain point it will destroy the developing world

  5. Maybe hyperinflation in the form of massive stagflation similar to Venezuela . Hard to say what will happen when all those dollars overseas start rushing back to America. Hard assets for sure are the place to be ! The collapse could be a perfect storm !

  6. When the crash comes, there will be a great deflation. double down on gold , silver , land and anything with real value. Then the hyperinflation will come from the over reaction of too much money printing. The Fed cannot allow deflation to persist, that will stagnate tax revenues. Can't tax deflation !

  7. It's all going to end badly, they are just postponing the eventual. Too much debt, no wage growth, no money velocity. It's a slow death of the system.

  8. A very long slow roll up on interest rates to the 5 percent range would eventually wash out the bad investments and debt and allow a return to normal economic conditions. But that would be a lot of pain over say a decade. I guess when it happens maybe early 2021 it will all be sudden and the pain will concentrated and then a prolonged period of suffering will occur. Kinda sounds like the same thing I guess. It's coming either way for sure.

  9. I don't know what kind of 1 oz bars you're buying but 1 oz is the sweet spot for barter ability . I like 1 oz SMI rounds that have a security feature that makes them easily verifiable from fakes.

  10. Jason, these people DO know what they're doing! This I am convinced of. I am convinced that, issuing housing/car loans to people whom could obviously could not afford them was done for the sole purpose of attempting to bankrupt the country for the purpose doing the USA's part in creating a New World Order dictatorship, a One-World government with neferious intentions (a One-World government could be an incredible event provided the world was all one country whom truly cared for all people worldwide where a natural disaster would illicit a response of the entire planet coming to the rescue). They desire a cashless society where people can hold absolutely no items of value within their hands' thus not allowing people to establish financial freedom. Instead, these people want a monetary system where all of one's money is on a computer system. By using this method, the United Nations along with the wealthiest of the wealthy CEOs of banks/corporations could dictate behavior of the masses. For instance, say a group of people conducted a protest against the true world government and it began turning violent. In order to stop this event, all the government would need to do is take away all of these peoples' digital currency. Once these people ceased violently protesting, their bank account would be turned back on. We would be dependent on these people. So, in sum, I believe there is a movement to destabilize the world. Why do you think that countries, worldwide, have been allowing these violent Muslims entrance into their countries? To have these Muslims forcibly create chaos. This'll lead to division of the people (Muslims vs. Europeans) whom will eventually fight one another. Once the situation becomes so out of control and dangerous, various people will beg their governments' to quell the violence within their lands'. So then the governments will send their military around the country to referee both sides of these people. This will eventually lead to the governments taking complete control since they created a situation where these leaders are the only ones whom are able to save the citizens. Afterwards these leaders will establish more control making people completely dependent on them, possibly inserting RFID chips into everyones' bodies so as to be aware of everyones' whereabouts.
    When people focus on American Idol and football, they will never see the important events which are being slowly instituted. This is what is, at the heart, taking place.
    -jeffrey taylor

  11. As far as I'm concerned the Fed is not raising the interest rate right now but continuing its Fed rate lowering program that it has for over a decade now by keeping the rate below 3% since 2008. If you step back you see that today relative to, for one, US economics . . . 'up' is really 'down.'

  12. Nope, Japan has already given us the playbook. A decade of negative rates and quantitative easing of the balance sheet. The BOJ owns almost all of the bond market and purchases 75% of Japanese ETF's. The BOJ has only been able to reach a 1% inflation rate, in fact they are considering lowering their inflation target to 1% instead of the current 2% target.

  13. "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."… Upton Sinclair.

  14. I heard NINJA loans are back . . and more FREE S from the Crooked Politicians BS propaganda jut to get elected .. but it wont work …. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†πŸ˜…

  15. The system is leveraged to the hilt! Any significant correction would bring the house of cards down!They have no choice but to keep the financial bubble expanding until they decide to reset the currency!

  16. The us is in the best shape of most all nations. Higher interest rate that gives more room to drop. An international used dollar. And a housing market that recently dropped in 2008.

  17. Not being part of global elite, I am thinking this rate cut and the aftermath, is all planned in….for massive shift in profits and assets to the elite…middle income will continue in decline, as they finance the elites….Trump has made it clear now, he is for the banks and corporations, he always was this way…Little workers are on their own and would be with any Dem or Repub president….

  18. Took about 2 years off listening about the collapse of the economy good to see people still talking about it, but when is it actually going to happen

  19. Ezekiel 7:19
    Good News Translation
    They will throw their gold and silver away in the streets like garbage
    New Living Translation
    β€œThey will throw their money in the streets, tossing it out like worthless trash

  20. What reputable company are you purchasing your 1 once silver bars from? How long does it take to receive them once ordered?

  21. I absolutley think they will try to keep the fiat currency going….they know that the population is still comprised mainly of people who are unaware of the scam of fiat currency and fractional reserve banking. Most people dont realise how much better their lives would be if we returned to a gold backed currency because it's decades since is what that way. They will try to keep it going and if it gets out of their control there will be a switch to a stanardised and regulated crypto…they wont want it backed by gold though. just my humble uneducated opinion.

  22. I'm betting that they'll keep this going for decades to come. The US, even with all the dedt it has is the most prosperous nation on this planet. People who complain about the cost of living here need to see how people in other countries live. While it is true that many large cities are in bad shape, there are plenty of places in the US where if you budget properly you can live with dignity, something that unfortunately is a luxury in so many countries. Like Warren Buffett said: never bet against the US. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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