Prayer at the Pleven field, film “Heroes of Shipka”

Prayer at the Pleven field, film “Heroes of Shipka”

Skobelev? It is not noon yet,
The attack is scheduled for 3 pm sharp. Why is there a shooting? Artillary salutes your angel,
in honour of your namesday, Alexandre. Punish the one who is responsible. Your Excellency Skobelev won counterattack
and is attacking. General Skobelev asks for reinforcement and
and bring in some troops from the wing. Congratulate the General with his success. We’ll do what we can. Your Excellency What regiment can we give to Skobelev? No regiment. We have our own dispositions. Not Skobelev’s. We’ll proceed the battle according
the established disposition.

3 thoughts on “Prayer at the Pleven field, film “Heroes of Shipka”

  1. I couldn’t help but notice the symbolic prayer during the opening of the video melodically resembled a famous movement by Tchaikovsky.

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