POWERFUL Bernie Ad Puts Low Wage Workers Front & Center

POWERFUL Bernie Ad Puts Low Wage Workers Front & Center

so this Bernie Sanders ad that I'm about to show you is incredibly powerful he puts a McDonald's worker front and center here check it out my name is Kelly Osbourne I'm a 44 year old single mother I also raise a grandson that's five years old all by myself if I didn't have him I probably wouldn't be here I would have nothing to survive for nothing he's my special angel I work for McDonald's for a 25 an hour and it's just not a living wage I'm not making I'm a stage-four cancer survivor the last 12 to 15 years of my life I've been fighting cancer if I miss a paycheck I'm screwed I would literally become homeless I was a lot of working people hard-working people farmers can't make it regular workers can't make it we're just struggling the whole state is after paying rent I barely have enough money to put food on the table and do the other things I need like put shoes on my grandchild's feet I live in such a small apartment I have to go outside to change one line my grandson has to sleep in living room his name is right in then he is five years old and he's partially autistic what I would like to see for him when he gets older and gets a job his union rights is $15 an hour so he can survive I work 30 to 40 hours a week and I still can't make ends meet and we need to stop it now we need to make things better for everybody now not in the future now – picados fight for millions of working-class people who are sick and dry but working longer hours is my anak not be able to afford rent for healthcare one trial Pam was until today we say we hope McDonald I'm a living way and the boat with and what politician does this what politician does this okay he has repeatedly specifically called out various corporations Amazon with him and ROH Khanna and the stop-bys Oh sacked and then what happened that puts so much political pressure on Jeff Bezos that he was like okay fine living wage fifty dollars an hour you got it you got it he did the same he protested with Disney workers called out Disney directly and then they raised wages so we got three hundred and fifty thousand people raised with what they did on the amazon front now he's doing it again and he's doing it with McDonald's now what politician does this what politician see it's one thing to be a layer removed and to just speak in general like hey I'm saying maybe we should make the minimum wage a living wage so people can live lives of basic dignity but to go that next step to say hey you know I'm calling you out McDonald's I'm calling you out why are your wages too low raise your wages why aren't you raising your wages Bernie Sanders has been protesting with workers on the front line listen and this isn't just like oh he's only doing it because he wants to run for president he's always done it now it just gets a little more recognition because he's also running for president but go back and watch that ad again let me ask you a question what's that ad primarily about is that just an ad of Bernie Sanders for president is that is that the main point of that ad go back and watch again there's more time in that ad dedicated to an actual McDonald's worker telling her story and explaining what's happening in her life and what these conditions are like so in other words Bernie Sanders is quite literally putting the issue itself of a living wage ahead of his own presidential campaign so he's saying hey I'm taking a step to the side here's a McDonald's worker okay here's the struggle that she's going through I'm gonna have her tell her store worry I'm gonna let you know I'm on the side of the workers but first and foremost comes the issue it's not every other candidate seriously go back and watch like some of Biden's like Biden's launch ad and some of the others the whole thing is them in your face and they'll tell you my dad was raised in Delaware in this kind of situation and my mom worked this kind of a job and let me tell you my story about my life nobody gives a fuck about your story bro no and that's not personal nobody gives a fuck about anybody story I mean if you have a really wild story sure some people will be interested but if you haven't like a somewhat normal story they're not they're not trying to marry you dipshit they're trying to determine whether or not to vote for you tell them what you're gonna do give them something that's tangible something that's real hey here's what I'm gonna fight for and by the way here's my record and it proves that I've been fighting for this so you can take me seriously all the other candidates is me every other candidate Bernie he's like oh by the way here's a McDonald's worker who's struggling listen to her story sympathize with her empathize with her and then realized this issue is more important than any campaign this issue of a living wage and standing up against corporate power which has had their boot on the neck of the American worker for decades this is what this is about we're gonna fight back against this and we're gonna win and that's why she has to be supported because it ain't about him and it's clear it's not about him I've said this from the beginning with Bernie Sanders I mean I was covering him back when the secular talk YouTube channel was just a hobby back at launched in 2008 god damn it's been over a decade I was talking about Bernie Sanders back then because even back then it was obvious oh here's a dude who actually cares more about the issues than his own ego and that is rare in Washington DC and he's doing it again man that was a brilliant ad that was a brilliant ad because here's the deal anybody who sees that who's being honest with themselves knows they know they know they could see the other adds the other candidates are self-obsessed and narcissistic they know they could see it you could see from a mile away and they know when they see that ad this that could just as easily have been like an investigative report from a good news agency just explaining what's happening with low-wage workers like half of that or more than half of that ad was that and that's why he's the real deal because she get the sense at the end of the day it's not even necessarily that he wants to be president it's that we need an ally to real people in Washington DC to even give us a fighting chance at fixing the country for the future and improving everybody's life

36 thoughts on “POWERFUL Bernie Ad Puts Low Wage Workers Front & Center

  1. You know the fucked thing about watching that ad is I work 37hrs a week, probably do a lot less than her, deal with less shit than she'd have to deal with on a daily basis and I sure as shit don't earn $8USD an hour…

  2. There is more opportunity here than anywhere else. There is no such thing as low wage workers, because no matter how much people make, there will always be low wage workers…. It's like addressing slow cars in a race.

  3. "What politician does this?" The one with courage. I wouldn't expect the mainstream to recognize it as there are few examples in Washington and the ones that have it are attacked for it…

  4. 1:59 Hmm this is the kind of thing Ol' "Comfortable Shoes" Obama used to TALK about… Standing on the front lines with workers; Supporting unions.

  5. He will get the black vote when he backs repairations like he did for his people. Oh we ain't forgot Google it. Now black folks ask for the same thing and it's no smfh.

  6. blows my mind you don't have at least a $15 minimum wage across the USA, in Australia we have a $21.60 per hour for all Australians, thats $740.78 a week no matter what full time job. also we get taxpayer health care for all Australians, our tax rate is made up of thresholds such as if you earn $0 -$18,200 a year you pay 0% tax, if you earn $18,201 – $37,000 you pay 19%, you make $37,001 – $90,00 a year you pay 32.5% and if you make $90,001 – $180,00 you pay 37%
    its a great system great more money you make the more you can have a good life style but you also know that a % of you money you have made will go to help others, help build our society better, its not perfect but its better then a $5 minimum wage for adult workers, thats a joke, kids in Australia make more than that. your system is broken and you cant ever call your self a developed country when you cant even pay people what they are worth.

  7. I want to tip at McDonald's. Starbucks allows tipping. McDonald's let's you give to the Ronald house, but I can't tip the poor people working at the window?

  8. I am way to anxious and worried at the same damn time. I know those cheating ass big businesses representatives because they damn sure don't represent poor and middle folks have some dirty tricks up their sleeves to keep my dream prez from winning!! Especially the tangerine spy and republicans wouldn't be surprised if dems and rep come together to get rid of Bernie. Nope, I'm thinking positive thoughts now BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE…got to get some feel the Bern hats lol.

  9. Bernie doesn't want to be president. But he takes that responsibility if that's what it takes to get things done! ❤️

  10. I was enjoying the Bernie Sanders commercial until you started up with the annoying voice's smh this is why I prefer the humanist report and other small independent media just saying and no I'm not a Biden supporter I just want to get the news without all the theatrical voices you do

  11. You know what sucks? Where I live Southeast Michigan, wages are going up. More and more ads on the internet are stating they are offering between $13 to $15/Hr. to start. Guess who's going to take credit for it? You got it. The king of the Ego trippers, Trump! He will take credit for the wages going up in this country and you know it. I'm almost scared to see this happen before the 2020 elections. However; we who are smart, know Bernie is the one who's responsible for this and he would make an excellent President. I'm just afraid the Corporate Media, the DNC, and the "establishment…." will not let it happen. Again. Just like in 2016. Then what do we do? Not vote? Vote for Trump? WTF do we do if Bernie doesn't get the nomination?

  12. The advantage of singling out companies like this, is that it has the power to hurt their branding, and therefore threaten their position in the market. So they are more likely to actually do something.

  13. Bernie I think is making sure that things change. Even if he is not elected his issues have been spotlighted so they can't just be forgotten. True hero in my book.

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