POWER! The #1 Law of Political Power

POWER! The #1 Law of Political Power

hey everybody John Mark here welcome to mark my words today I'm going to talk to you about the number one law of political power before I get into it I have to say a huge thank you and a huge welcome to all my new subscribers as most of you know this is a very new channel a little over a week ago I only had a few hundred subscribers now I have 17,000 so the channel has grown much faster than I expected so a huge hug and a huge welcome to all my new subscribers and the first subscribers as well because you guys were the first ones on board and I want to tell you all this you are not going to want to miss a single video that I put out especially these next several videos that I'm coming out with after this video I'm going to start explaining proper terian ISM I may have one other video that I throw in before I do that proper terian ISM is as I put it parasite proof government you are not going to want to miss this everyone on the right-wing needs to understand this I call it the iPhone of right-wing thinking because it builds on what we had before and it contains some innovations in rule of law that enable us to keep out the parasitism from the elites and from the left and so it is something everyone on the right wing needs to understand you are not going to want to miss this because this is the answer that the right has needed the right wing has been reeling in the 20th century and the first part of the 21st century because we've had failed strategies we need to abandon those and then when we abandon those when we have a chance to implement something better which we will we are going to be ready and this is what we're gonna be ready with so I encourage you to subscribe spread this around not because of me but because this is something that's way bigger than any of us so I won't say any more about that right now but all of these videos that I've been doing are preparing you to learn about proper terian ISM one more thing before we get into the content of the video I do have a patreon up now and I also have an email list on my website I would encourage you to be in contact with me on every platform that you can we're building something that is going to make a very big difference and I personally believe it will make all the difference building on all of the great things that so many great right-wingers have been doing all right let's get into the main content of the video here we go today we are going to talk about the number one law of political power if you are a group that wants more political power you must utilize this law to your advantage if you don't you will lose political power if you do you will gain increased political power in the United States of America the right wing for many decades has been attempting a strategy that is the opposite of this law of political power we've been on the wrong side of this law the left on the other hand has been using this law of political power to their advantage and it's not so much that the right is dumb and the left is smart and that's why they've done this is because as I'll explain the right wing does not instinctively gravitate towards using this law and I'll explain why that is on the other hand the left wing does instinctively gravitate towards using this law because they don't have much other choice so I'll explain that to you all right what is the number one law of political power the number one law of political power is intolerance be intolerant let me get a little more specific be intolerant of everything that you do not want let me say it a slightly different way punish everything that you do not want immediately and harshly Nassim Taleb is the person who brought this law of political power to my attention he said in any society the most intolerant group wins even a small group can force their will upon the rest of the population if that small group is intolerant and the rest of the population is tolerant and the simple reason for is that an intolerant group doesn't take no for an answer they don't give in and the tolerant group does give in so if your group wants political power it must punish everything it doesn't want if your group does not do that you are going to lose political power to other groups that do punish everything that they don't want if what they want is different than what you want and they punish people for violating what they want and you don't punish people for violating what you want they're going to win so the number one law of political power is be intolerant you can even just use the simple word punish you must punish everything you don't want in politics tolerance is weakness many right wingers are looking around the United States of America and Western Europe saying to themselves how did this happen how did we go from relative normalcy to clown world in like five seconds flat in a span of just a few years of time how did this happen let me tell you how it happened tolerance the people who are imposing clown world are intolerant and almost nobody will say no to them precisely because they're intolerant and precisely because they punish you if you try to say no to them social justice warriors are absolutely intolerant if you say anything that they don't like they immediately punish you for it to the greatest extent that they can at the very least they call you a racist Nazi at the very least they make you defend yourself against that accusation they immediately put you on the back foot see this is one big mistake that libertarianism and classical liberalism made this is why even though they have very good elements they are incomplete and ultimately failed strategies because they're too tolerant what classical liberalism and libertarianism said and by the way my goal is not to slam libertarians slam classical liberals we all know that there are nuggets of gold in there libertarians are basically just saying don't steal from me leave me alone produce classical liberals are trying to focus on the rights of the individual we understand what these things are I'm not trying to get into a big argument I'm trying to laser focus on what works and what doesn't work and what I'm explaining to you today is a fatal flaw in both classical liberalism and libertarianism which is they've tried to maximize the number of people participating in the economy by being tolerant of anything that doesn't directly have to do with economic activity you want to be gay I don't care you want to be a different skin color I don't care you want to do this I don't care as long as you're participating in the economy we're happy that was a fatal mistake the reason it's a fatal mistake is that many many people on this planet do not just want to participate in an economy based on their own merits as an individual that is not the optimum strategy for millions of people on this planet because millions of people on this planet billions actually are not that capable the average IQ of the human beings on this planet is 90 that is not a high average IQ so the optimum strategy for many of these people is not to compete on their own merits as an individual the optimum strategy for them is to form a team with other people who get ahead by hook or by crook and they don't care about your preaching about classical liberalism they don't care about your preaching about libertarianism they don't care about that because that's not the optimum strategy for them that's not the best way for them to get ahead the best way for them to get ahead is to form a team and try to get political power so let me give you an example the LGBT crowd is a perfect example of this the libertarians might say I don't care if you're gay as long as you participate in the economy a classical liberal might say the same thing the problem is gays feel low status because they felt low status throughout Western history and they've been low status for a very good reason which is they impose a cost on the majority of people who are heterosexual couples with children I'm not going to explain all that but the point is gay people don't just want to participate in the economy they want status they want not to be looked down upon and so what happens is they form a team and they go out there and they fight for political power and they say we've been discriminated against you all know the drill and next thing you know if you're a straight white man you are behind gay people in line for jobs and spots and universities in the classical liberals and the libertarians are looking around going wait a minute this isn't what we meant this isn't what we wanted well yeah no shit Sherlock it isn't what you wanted because you were tolerant therefore you got what you didn't want being tolerant is a mistake let me just say something about Jordan Peterson I had a revelation about Jordan Peterson today I give Jordan Peterson a very hard time because he is on the losing right Jordan Peterson cannot lead us to victory because he is not realistic enough he's going around preaching classical liberalism is if that's gonna win somehow it's not going to win because most people don't care about that especially most non-white people so going around and saying let's not play identity politics when it's obvious that everyone but white people plays identity politics unapologetically and they're obviously not gonna listen to Jordan Peterson but the revelation I had about Jordan Peterson was if every moderate centrist or classical liberal was like Jordan Peterson we wouldn't be having the problems that were having the problems were having in America are due to the fact that no one will say no to these social justice warrior fries except for the hard right that I call the winning right but Jordan Peterson to his credit he does demonstrate extreme intolerance of the far-left crazies if every classical liberal if every libertarian if every moderate centrist if every moderate leftist showed that kind of intolerance to the far-left crazies we wouldn't be having the problems that we're having so to his credit he shows intolerance to them the problem is he's only one man and we can't just go around preaching to people hoping that enough people will listen we have to in our rule of law that this is not acceptable you're not going to go around and form a team of people based on lies that you've been discriminated against you haven't been discriminated against you have been kept in check because you impose a cost on normal people there's a very good reason we don't allow you to impose that cost or in the past we didn't at least then we got tolerant and you started running the show well I can tell you one thing for sure that's not going to last so I hope you're getting the point here tolerance is weakness in politics the reason right wingers look around and it seems like clown world to us is because we were tolerant we were trying to get people to participate in an economy on their own merits and we ignored all the other aspects of human nature we ignored that many people don't want to do that because that's not the optimum strategy for them and therefore we started losing to intolerant groups even a small group like the LGBT crowd can dominate a much larger group just by being intolerant if you go apply for a job in the United States of America today or a spot on a university and you're a straight white man who's been preaching about libertarianism and preaching about classical liberalism the cold hard reality is you are last in line for jobs and for spots and universities why because you've been preaching instead of punishing it's time to punish let me give you a couple of specific examples of punishing on both sides well I already gave you an example on the left the LGBT crowd is a classic example of that they punished the corporation's if the corporation's try to cross them they sue at the drop of a hat anybody who's slightly uncomfortable with it gets immediately punished they can lose their job because these people are intolerant and they punish so on the right wing there's a couple examples we could use as well the NRA is a great example years ago the NRA figured out that the left works incrementally they'll say well we don't want to ban all guns we just want to ban this particular thing that seems reasonable to ban the NRA figured out that game a long time ago is to the NRA figured out we need to be a hundred percent intolerant we just say no to everything anything the left wants to do we just say no period we don't even have the discussion no that's intolerance another example is on the right wing when these companies like Target wanted to have tranny people going in the women's bathrooms and all this right-wing people started boycotting Target making them feel financial pain so that has worked somewhat but at the end of the day it doesn't really work because these big corporations know that the left will punish them more than the right will they know that if they start giving in to the right-wing in their official corporate policies that the left-wing will swiftly and immediately and harshly punish them with lawsuit after lawsuit and this brings me to a very important point why is the left so good at this in the right wing so bad why is the left wing so much better at this than the right wing let me explain it to you the right wings instinct is to produce based on their own merits the grassroots right that's our instinct we're not interested in punishing people who are not like us really all we want to do is just compete on our own merits and that's why we've gone around preaching about libertarianism and small government because that's our wheelhouse that's our instinct and we just think if we can get everybody else to operate according to this instinct everything will be fine the problem is there are way too many people who don't want to live that way and who don't have that instinct so we're not going to win by preaching to them we have to win by being completely intolerant of their parasitism and their theft as in punishing them for it there are way more people on this planet that do not want to live in a right-wing way then want to live in a right-wing way right-wing thinking right-wing living is a minority instinct on this planet most people on this planet do not think that way the right-wing instinct is an instinct to value opportunity more than security most people on this planet values security more than opportunity so we've been going around with our libertarianism in our classical liberalism and pre two people trying to make them like us and they are not like us that's why the solution is separate from them forever and we can live out our instincts and go to the Stars and do whatever we want to do without them we don't need them we don't want them and we carry out our strategy apart from them without their deadweight hanging off our backs so the right wing is not naturally good at punishing because our instincts are to produce according to merit so we spend our energies naturally doing that and we're pretty good at it and then we think well this is so natural to us if we just explain it logically to everybody else they'll get it false our instinct and our strength this intuition that we should just produce by merit and if everybody does that everything will be fantastic and we'll have a lot of wealth which is absolutely true we try to lead with our strengths the problem is is it falls on deaf ears and then we're so busy doing that that we haven't concentrated on gaining institutional and political power to punish people who don't want to be like us so that they can't impose costs on us or steal from us or be parasites on us so we're just acting on our instinct now let's contrast this with the left wings instinct grass roots left wingers do not want to compete on their own merits they want to believe that people who are more successful than they are are cheating because that makes them feel better about themselves and they values security more than opportunity so they are not interested in classical liberalism that are not interested in libertarianism they're not interested in right-wing thinking that is why they fight us tooth and nail what is their instinct to lead them to do their instinct leads them to get political power as teams and as a coalition of teams so that's what they do notice the left wingers are not out there saying you know what we're gonna add so much value to the economy that everybody's gonna want us around they're not saying that they're saying you successful people are cheating and you owe us this and you always that therefore use the government to steal money from somebody else and give it to us steal opportunity from somebody else and give it to us steal University spots from somebody else and give it to us steal jobs from somebody else and give it to us that's the entire line of reasoning behind affirmative action you owe us white man you owe us because you're more successful you must be cheating because it can't possibly be that you're better that's something than us you must be cheating therefore you owe us and if you try to disagree with that we will punish you we will call you Nazi we will call you racist we will make you lose your job we will fill the HR departments with people that think like us we will fill the government agencies with people that think like us we will get political power they go straight to political power because they don't have the other option these are people who are not interested in competing on merit and in many cases cannot compete on merit so they don't even try they just go straight for the jugular straight for political power they go straight to intolerance and you notice that in conversations with them if you try to have a logical discussion with the leftist it usually doesn't take very long until they just start calling you a Nazi a bigot they start calling you names as if that's their trump card as if that means anything to us it doesn't mean anything to us but to them it means everything because that's their whole strategy punishing people if you don't give us what we want we will punish you and we on the right wing are sitting over here that's not fair yes it is they're using a winning strategy we've been using a losing strategy let's stop losing let's start punishing and it works it works like a charm think about Islam Islam is an extremely intolerant religion if you send a bunch of Christians into an Islamic country or a bunch of scientists who don't believe in God and you try to get them to get off of the Quran or whatever it is that they believe and embrace something else what are the chances you're going to make it out of that country alive there's a significant chance you will die in that country because they are completely intolerant that's a lesson to us be intolerant and I'll close with this this is a word for people who are maybe in the middle they're moderates they just wish everybody could just be friends everybody in America cannot be friends this divide is not going to be healed it's going to explode into a war why because the most intolerant group always wins and on the left the most intolerant group by far is the far left crazies no one on the Left can say no to them because they get shouted down and so the far left crazies have already come to dominate the Democrat Party and they will dominate it more and more because they're the most intolerant group on the right side of the political spectrum everybody is shifting over towards the hard right because the hard right is the only group intolerant enough of the hard left and actually doesn't agree with their false underlying assumption that all groups are equal so the reason the middle is getting hollowed out is because the middle is tolerant the middle is trying to be tolerant and that is a losing strategy that's why you have classical liberals coming out and saying classical liberalism has no power anymore correct because they try to be tolerant so you people in the middle you're going to be caught in the middle of a war because you didn't want to be intolerant of intolerant people it's the exact same thing as letting Islam into your nation thinking that somehow everything's going to be okay it's not going to be okay this thing that happens in Western Europe is completely predictable where they end up with these neighborhoods that they completely take over the cops won't even go in there why because they're totally intolerant and that cops are trying to be tolerant and the politicians are trying to be tolerant and everybody's on this stupidity of tolerance kick so of course the most intolerant group gets what they want and nobody will say no to them because the West for way too long bought a lie the lie is that tolerance pays off it doesn't the only thing it pays off in is losing losing everything you value to intolerant people who don't give a rat's ass about you or what you value or what you care about be intolerant all right so that's my lesson on intolerance there's probably a lot more that can be said about that but I think that's a good enough introduction the main point you need to come away with is that a strategy of tolerance is a failed strategy and because classical liberalism and libertarianism have elements of Tolerance built into them that are unwise elements they are incomplete strategies and so we need to move past those as well and keep as I said the gold nuggets that are good from them the evolution of all this leads to property anism or parasite proof government which I will be explaining in either my next video or the video after that so make sure you are subscribed and I look forward to interacting with you all till next time how much longer do we want to play trench warfare with the left how many more times are we gonna have to fight this battle you know what my answer is zero zero more times this is going to be the last time and if that doesn't get you excited I don't know what will you

38 thoughts on “POWER! The #1 Law of Political Power

  1. To be clear: I am teaching a general law here that can be applied by various groups in various ways. As a right-winger, I want total intolerance of all forms of parasitism.

  2. A society that robs an individual of the product of his effort, or enslaves him, or attempts to limit the freedom of his mind, or compels him to act against his own rational judgment … is not, strictly speaking, a society, but a mob held together by institutionalized gang-rule.”  Ayn Rand

  3. Thats exactly what has happened. ohh the irony
    the left claim to be Tolerance yet theyre the opposite ..smh

  4. It's far past time to stand up and let the left understand ( if understanding is possible fo most of them) that we no longer play by THEIR rules that seem to constantly change ( of course in their favor) . NOW it's time too play by OUR own rules PERIOD.

  5. man these comments are a big circle jerk. sorry that im black i guess. sorry i just want to be treated like a human being like yourself. sorry i just wanna live my life and work hard to feed my family like the rest of you. but i guess cause you get hate on the internet by strangers you dont care about nor know. hurts yourfeelings or that brown people are coming to your country more than white people are. or that you feel like soon white people will be a minority and will feel the exact same way all of us "niggers" feel how you guys bunch us all together like were a fucking hivemind. if one black or brown person dose somthing bad. THAN THERE ALL BAD. no exceptions. not like were all different and dont all act that way but w/e. seems your one track mind cant comprehend that. and just want a excuse to hate everyone whos different because you're a disgusting excuse of a human being. but this is good this video just shows how many of you have this mind set its gross sure but i rather you all bunch up and leave and make your own intolerant country away from the normal people who have souls and hearts and care for there fellow man. idk where you wanna go but i dont really care. also NO not all leftest are unarmed ill have you know some of us not only are military trained but do have weapons of our own to protect ourselves,family and friends if need be. i dont wanna hurt anyone . but if you wanna bring the fire some on. if anything black people are very good at protesting we perfected it long ago. you just stepping into the filth the muk the grime the shit you cant stand. you just stepped into a cesspool but you the only ones gonna get infected. <3

  6. The left want handouts off of the backs of the tax payers. They don't care if they cheat you….they just want to take it regardless that its at your expense. They claim unfairness but it is projection because they want it for free from someone else….Can't stand tolerant people. They are the ones who let pol pot, Hitler, mao come to rise. Good people don't watch they act.

  7. No one has the right to tell me how to think or what is right and what to value.
    Its my life not yours. I don't accept PC….never did never will. Don't care if I'm liked by everyone. That's just childish.

  8. Great channel, and great content, I'm new here but I like very much what I'm hearing and seeing!!! Keep it up!!!!

  9. Hi John, love your channel.
    Agree with you on most everything I've heard you say.
    And I'm black.

    Try to open your dialogue up to include people based on their belief system and their actions, not their race … hey, where have I heard that one before?

  10. Peaceful separation is useless since the religion of the left requires everyone they eliminate or convert every sapient being.

    Everything "good" is mandated. Everything "bad" must be banned.

  11. You keep saying white people… there are non whites with high IQs, hardcore conservative ideological views, who agree with most or all of the concepts you preach except the race-based portion.

  12. Hey john mark im caleb, been watching for a while, thanks for your videos im a preper love the information in your videos keep up the good work and dont stop posting viedos its great for us all to keep informed. Thanks bro!

  13. I feel that white men who own land are have a business should be the only ones who vote I dont think women should be involved in politics other then there husband and them talking that's as far as it should go if u are with a man that loves u he will listen to you sorry women but we were made to emotional

  14. Hey John Mark,
    Been watching your videos and all can say is wow. I for a long time knew that something was brewing on the left side especially with whites on the left since the early 2000's. I always knew when they speak tolerance that it was BS and the exact opposite. I never thought of the mother instinct with the left but that makes perfect sense now. Keep up the great work.

  15. So how do we "separate from them"…? Banishment, forced emigration, separate areas of the country?

  16. If you say that your new governmental system will be parasitic proof, then why worry about minorities being in it? They'll have to adhere to the new rules or get punished. I see no reason for advocating an ethno state. Please elaborate

  17. Saw you referenced Nicolas Taleb. I read his paper on this awhile back and was a huge eye opener for me. I posted in some confederate monument groups to help folks understand that the numbers of these folk who were able to get all the monuments removed was pretty small. They just understood the science behind what they did an all of us pro confederacy were left scratching our head going wtf, how did this happen so fast. Here is the link to the paper.https://medium.com/incerto/the-most-intolerant-wins-the-dictatorship-of-the-small-minority-3f1f83ce4e15

  18. Everything I've heard from you is very well spoken you have a great way of explaining it all keep it up favorite new channel

  19. The Law of Political Power is very insightful. It is an applied expression of the Will to Power. Truly, Schrodinger's Country is on the cusp. If this Law is applied to the situation here then we have two possibilities. If things continue as they are, then the systematic reinforcement of the Sleeping Right will take the form of increasing tolerance (for various mistaken reasons), while the "Woke" Left will continue increasing in intolerance (while ironically insisting on "tolerance", har har). The slippage is in simply lining up the hard facts to the party of "hard facts", which is the Right that is ALREADY INVESTED in many hard facts that the left cannot withstand (such as inequality, quality over quantity, demands for punishment rather than understanding and forgiveness etc), and getting them to accept the hard fact that they are on spiritually blocked in their "Power Chakra" and are on the wrong side of the Law of Power. The faux woke left, on the other hand, is very fragile now that they have pushed out so far into self-contradiction, absurdity, and emotional frailty. So TREATING THEM AS THEY HAVE PROVEN TO DESERVE, in other words, STOP TOLERATING THEM. That will push them into the "karmic briar patch" that they have thus far EARNED. It will close the loop, and the struggle will flip swiftly into a more natural and appropriate groove!

  20. Lmao the NRA is your example of intolerance on the right?! Possibly the worst example you could have come up with, they've been compromising on our rights for decades.

  21. 63% claims to be Christian an the majority are none White the tribe will bring them together and unifying the goup's to keep with the self chosen tribes strategic planning for their protection and world power program.

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