Power Play | Arshad Sharif | ARYNews | 15 August 2019

Power Play | Arshad Sharif | ARYNews | 15 August 2019

Greetings of Arshad Shareef to millions of viewers and listeners in Pakistan and around the world. Viewers, today in Pakistan and throughout the world the independence day of India was condemned as a black day. There had been huge protests and processions at Indian high commissions all over the world. Throughout Pakistan it had also been condemned as a black day. When all of this was happening, India once again outraged seize fire violations at Line Of Control and martyred three pakistani soldiers also in the counterattack five indians’ were killed. India has been outraging tremendous seize fire violations since 2007. and if we look at this pattern then it has outraged approximately 2000 seize fire violations till now. and as per the tweet of ISPR; To turn the eye on oppression erupting by India in occupied Kashmir, it is increasing it’s violations at Line Of Control. This is one thing, one big thing that is going to happen tomorrow is that the case and voice of Kashmir will be raised in UN security council once more. and on the request of Pakistan UN security council is raising this case. What will become of this case?! In today’s program we will try to share the different options of it with you. With this, our foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi has asked us to be realistic too. Looking at it realistically, then with those five permanent members of security council what is the bilateral trade of Pakistan and what is the bilateral trade of India? If we only look at these figures then the bilateral trade of India last year with the P5 members was approximately 214 billion dollar and bilateral trade of Pakistan was approximately 21.3 billion dollar, that’s the huge difference between bilateral trade of Pakistan and that of India. But the model position of Pakistan is very strong. Hence, either the world will stand with the model position or will it protect their commercial interests, this will also be a question. With this audience, when we talk about what things derive national interest, what strategy is derived of? Then does the focus remain on territory, region or land?! Did India change it’s strategy in this regard, did it change it’s strategic national interest and will Pakistan be doing it too?! And with this, the big question that arises is that the wave of terrorism that went after 2001 the non state actors did play their part whether India as a state has made political terrorism it’s state policy?! Because of how terrorists do not acknowledge any border, any law any bilateral agreement or any UN resolutions. therefore, whether in the government of Narendar Modhi what has been happening in occupied Kashmir is the terrorism policy of Indian state, policy of state terrorism we will talk about that too. with this audience, there’s been some interesting development the issue of Naagar Land that has been going on for 73 years yesterday, on 14 august, Naagar Land celebrated it’s independence day, Formally, for the first time the flag of Naagar Land was hoisted and with that the national anthem of Naagar Land was also played there in India. Not only this also that of Khalistan, the movement is also runing there, and those of oppressions on sikh community, sikhs, the voices are also being raised against them. Audience, let me introduce my panel to you In our studio we have mister General Aijaaz Awaan, thankyou so much for coming! and from Lahore, senior journalist, Muhammad Malik is joining us. Audience, before I move on to my panelists I had talked to Dr Amarjeet Singh of Khalistan movement and I had asked him that today on the independence day of India why is he protesting?! what he had to say, let’s watch; “Firstly, today is 15 august and they call it their so called Independence day and we, for last 62 years since we were confined in the map and the behavior that’s happening to us that was the only reason that suddenly after ’74 in the constituent assembly when sikhs were declared as a part of hindus under Article 25B. 9 sikh representators were in constituent assembly they refused to sign the constitutional draft of India. No doubt, de-facto we are confined in India but de-jurist we have never been the part of India this is the reason that on 26 January 1950 when Indian constitution was applicable, the sikhs condemned it as a black day. Therefore, this is the basis of it from the beginning. In June 1948, in the first week of june like today how the kashmir gorge has turned into a prison just like that Punjab by cutting it from rest of the world, there in the name of military action, on our the most holy place, the shrine, they attacked with tanks and cannons. Thousands of innocent sikhs were killed in the shrine. Soon after that, all the sikh organizations, combined delared Khalistan as an independent state. That then we did not have any relationship with India and that we would liberate from River Jamna, Kahlistan to Wagha as an independent sovereign nation. So, it has been 35 years, we are constantly working here. I, myself run Khalistan affairs in Washington DC National Press Building from past 30 years. We have constantly been protesting on 15 august on Indian consulate and outside their mission. This time, it’s more important as that on 5 August indian parliament had made institutional mess by dismissing Article 370 and what is happening in kashmir valley and this time when we will march here from Indian mission to UN, kashmiri brothers and sisters will be with us and infront of United Nations where we will wave the flag of Khalistan there the flag of Kashmir will also be waved because under Article 370, Kashmir was given it’s own constituent assembly and flag. that they have destroyed with the stroke of pen. Now, this time it has more importance that what is happening in India with kashmiris, around India too how kashmiri students are scared, how they are making statements”. Audience, and then when I asked Dr Amarjeet Singh that in the next year, 2020 upon what are they getting referendum in Punjab, what he had said, let’s watch; In the United Nation’s charter, the right of self determination is accepted as a basic right and with the use of no right of self determination only, East Taimoor and now South Sudan became independent. Therefore, the 2020 referendum is non binding no UN agency, or ‘Villian The Country’, as of what happened in England and Scotland or what happened in Canada and Kubat is happening, but we want to give a message that sikh nation who has never accepted indian constitution, whose in one after another persecution, more than 1.5 million sikh teens in Punjab have been killed in fake state encounters. We don’t want to live with India at all. Therefore, this 2020 referendum is kept forward of our liberation and of telling the world that we want to convert our forcefully Punjab, the indian occupied Punjab into Khalistan. So, this is our message through referendum 2020″. Audience, Dr Jagjeet Singh tried to make government inexile and when I asked Dr Amarjeet Singh that whether the khalistan movement has any government inexile, then what he had said, let’s watch; Look, no doubt after 1984, there was session made of making government inexile but unfortunately there was no serious work done on it due to which in that era couple of government inexiles were made. But it had no such base in Indian Occupied Kashmir
but unfortunately there was no serious work done on it due to which in that era couple of government inexiles were made. But it had no such base in Indian Occupied Kashmir Lately, in 2015 when Sarmad Khalsa, one of our big gatherings where we take decisions from consensus, happened in which more than 5 thousand sikhs gathered they passed a resolution that we will make World Sikh Parliament. Therefore, last year we organized a big event here in NewYork and launched World Sikh Parliament in which half of the representations will be from Die for a six, and half of them will be from Indian Occupied Kashmir. So, this is in the making and already our chapter on the situation of Kashmir in England of World Sikh Parliament has issued statement last week but it is in the making and now, how fast conditions are changing in sub-continent, we will complete it very soon and World Sikh Parliament as a real representative body of the sikhs, we do not want to restrict it just to the political statements, we want to take it to the serious level to the logical management. So, World Sikh Parliament will ultimately be the voice of 30 million sikhs as their representative body. Audience, then I asked Dr Majeed Singh that what indian army had done in Golden Temple are they doing the same in Kashmir today, what he said then, let’s hear; Look, the difference is just that in the first week of June 1984 when Indra Gandhi’s government, cutting Punjab from rest of the world, banned walking on foot and struck full scale attack. Social media wasn’t there, the only positive thing that happened then was that one correspondent of associated press, mister Braham Chilani as they had removed all the foreign correspondents from Amritsar but Braham Chilani arrived later. and then he had explained how they had tied hands with the turbans of sikhs only and struck them on point plank rage, how two months old children and 90 years old elders had been beaten. This was the only reporting that told the other world what’s happening there. And today what is in Kashmir, the right word created for that ‘the information blackhole’ but even after that it’s good that BBC has told in it’s 1.5 minutes documentary that how thousands of people went out and the use of battalions was made and now little bit media reporting is being done for instance, how group of five activists was in Jammu Kashmir and yesterday in Press Club Dehli, after doing conference, wanted to show 10 minutes video of what is incaged in Kashmir but Press Club didn’t allow them. so there’s no doubt that there are many similarities. The only difference is that, that then Punjab state in general and Darbar Sahab in particular was victim of their attack. Nearly, 2 million troops were in Punjab Today, 7 million troops are already in Kashmir Valley. More than 30 thousands punks of IRSS they have recruited in the name of CRPF and sent there. and there’s a lot of oppression going on. Lately, we do not know but once there will be little bit more relaxation in the curfew then we will know. But many circumstances are, not to let the world know of what their troops are doing there. This is similar to the attack of June ’84 in Indian Punjab. Audience, you have heard. Mister Aijaaz Awaan, there’s oppression going on in India on sikhs, muslims and other minorities. Now, what India is doing in Occupied Kashmir has become their state policy that by force we have to keep everyone with us, oppress them and suppress their voices? Arshad, see, like you made listen to Amarjeet Singh and what by this time RSS government’s policy is, is one only that because they have redefined their nationalism. Earlier, what Congress and Nehru used to say that Hindustan is one geographic region and all the inhabitants of it are hindu nationals However, they said the hindu nationals who are religionally hindus are the actual hindu nationals and if rest of them have to exist here either they accept hindu religion and be hindus or they won’t remain our part. They are suppressing them now no matter they are dallits, christians, muslims,sikhs or one of the special statuses of Kashmir. Therefore, one state’s like you said in your intro. State terrorism or state oppression in their state is being implemented as state policy by RSS representative government or BGP government. These norms are not acceptable in respectable world or in 2st century. But for survival in India minorities do not have any other option except appealing to human watch institutions and that respectable world noticing itself, take sue moto notice there and come to their relief. So, this is one state policy that is visible to us. Right. mister Maalik before I ask you a question, General mentioned RSS. Mahatma Gandhi, himself who used to talk about rights of people of Kashmir, we will also make you listen to that, then you tell why did RSS kill Mahatma Gandhi and is the foundation of RSS laid after this assault of Mahatma Gandi? What Mahatma Gandhi said regarding kashmiris, let’s hear; If we talk about the people of Kashmir, independence is must, they cannot be attacked, their villages can not be burnt, they can not be forced. Easily with freedom, if people ask to go to Pakistan then there’s no power in the world that can stop them from Pakistan. Just like that, if people say no matter if muslim population is bigger and they say that they want to stay there only that’s their right, they cannot be forced. Union people can neither force people of Kashmir nor people of Pakistan. Audience, Mahatma Gandhi said this on 26 October 1947. Mister Muhammad Maalik, RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi from where the foundation of RSS was formally laid. Was this the reason that Mahatma Gandhi used to talk about humanity? Look, Gandhi was killed two times, one in 1947 and second on this 15 august. If you listen to the speech of indian president. I think it’s the 3rd para, I was reading the text of it and it’s very interesting. If you read it, it says the India of Mahatma Gandhi was different, the conditions were different and today if you listen to their speech it seems like they had reduced Mahatma Gandhi to an environmental activist. That only what he had said for environment applies and nothing else does. Leave the history, Arshad what they had done to history. Now, their history is something else In my opinion, we should drop the word ‘nationalism’, it creates confusion The word nationalist has some positive connotations and now we have to use one word only that is ‘Religious Extremism’. This hindu madness of Indhra Modhi, Doval and Rameet Shah, their three key individuls. They are religious madman. That’s not nationalism, there are many positive angles of nationalism. Do you be a nationalist for your country, there is a positive connotation. This is naked illiteracy, this is extremism and this ain’t politics. This ain’t state’s policy. By this time these people are state they have destroyed their constitution, they ripped off their laws They do not acknowledge their state, their constitution then why would they acknowledge our state and international bodies. Mister Maalik, sorry for interrupting you but my question remains the same terrorists too do not acknowledge any constitution, any law, any agreement between civilized people and state. Therefore, has India taken over by the terrorist and does this indicate state terrorism? You tell me, which definition of terrorism doesn’t apply to them, they impelled people they raped small girls they shut down families. No law abiding is there The Special Arm Forces Act whereby actions are being taken, it is lawfully written there that whatever they do no matter if it’s wrong. Even then there’s no one to question them, they have given legal cover. What else state terrorism is, what terror is?! Taking all of your rights away, your right to live, your right to walk, your right to speak your right of choosing what right have they left in Kashmir?! They talk about this and that, it is lawfully right. Open it! No one knows about the world, we know what is happening. But officially it’s not happening. Everyday, you see the videos of young bodies falling to the ground, ballet guns cases are coming forward, people are being blinded. How is this happening? People are coming on the roads. – There’s terrorism and because of this only Pakistan has taken it’s case to UN security council Before I ask what will happen there because our foreign minister asked us not to live in fool’s paradise. Therefore, we felt like checking whether Indian P5 members, the five permanent members , of UN security council how much trade do they have with them because in diplomacy or in cohesive diplomacy with repression and force or you can do persuasive diplomacy with people, convince them Therefore what tools of cohesive diplomacy do we have and India has. and those of persuasive diplomacy Mister Aziz, economically where do they stand because economic interest also defines many things. Therefore with P5 if we look at it then in the trade volume of India with Russia, the import volume of India is 2.3 billion dollar while the export volume is 951 dollar. In the trade volume of India and China, the import volume of India is 29.17 billion dollar while the export volume is 7.7 billion dollar. With France, the import volume of India is 5.5 billion euro while the volume of export is 5.9 billion euro. Just like that, India’s import volume with America is approximately 58.9 billion dollar while export volume is 83.2 billion dollars. With UK the import volume of India is 8 billion dollar while the volume of export is 12. 5 billion dollar. Like that, India has total trade volume of 214.9 billion dollar with the permanent members of UN security council. And audience, if we look at the figures of Pakistan I am not going into the detail, I would just tell you that the total 21.35 billion dollar trade volume Pakistan has with P5 countries. General, these are economic relations, trade relations and tomorrow, the P5 members who have significant vote, who can do Veto also the case of Kashmir is being taken. What are the expectations, what is expected? Arshad, see, first thing is that I do not agree with this narrative or assessment of mister Shah. If this trade volume or economic weight of any nation is the outcome or the basis of interstate relation and decisions of United Nation security council then the 160 members of UN should not exist because this huge trade. – Sir, I will make you listen what Shah Mehmood Qureshi said so it won’t go out of context Audience, foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that we should not live in a fool’s paradise and we should look at our things realistically that why do one stand with other. What did foreign minister say, let’s see; “Those people are not standing with strings for you the P5 members in security council, any one of them can be an obstacle. Do you have any doubt?! There should not be any doubt. Do not live in a fool’s paradise, let the people of Pakistan be aware. Pakistanis, Kashmiris should be conscious. No one is looking forward to you, no one’s there for an invitation. for that you have to start new struggle. There’s no favorable situation We have to fight hard and on strategic level what foreign minister is saying is very important. This he had said specifically. In my opinion, he is forgetting East Tabor wasn’t decided for it’s trade volume, the decision of Sudan was not due to their trade volume therefore if trade volume was the reason then these states would not have gotten justice till the day. Then the creation of Pakistan should also not be done because what trade volume do they had?! Then this fourth strategic embrace, for the fourth time America is embracing us it’s not embracing us because of trade weight. Nations have their own strategic position, they have their own resolve Is Afghanistan winning this battle because of it’s state and economic volume against these five permanent members? tpday, they are sitting and negotiating with them. So, are they asking for their right and proving their right due to economic weight? -Yes, very right. -Can I take mister Maalik’s point of view on this? Yes,Yes. Do do. Yes, Muhammad Maalik what’s your point of view about these things; persuasive diplomacy, cohesive diplomacy, -Look! ecomonic realities?
-Can I take mister Maalik’s point of view on this? Yes,Yes. Do do. Yes, Muhammad Maalik what’s your point of view about these things; persuasive diplomacy, cohesive diplomacy, -Look! ecomonic realities? In my opinion, mister Shah didn’t say anything wrong. With all due respect, General, what you said about East Tamor and South Sudan both had one thing common, both were christian majority areas that’s why west came very quick. The way in East Tamor Australian forces came we all saw that just like that South Sudan was not muslim majority area, this is the fact and look to economics Waltare writes; ” When it comes to religion, when it comes to money everybody has a same religion.” The thing is that it’s the big reality what economic advantages do India have, That’s why and I agree Pakistan should not expect much. The rest of general’s discussion is right. Every place has it’s own strategic value. In my opinion, that of our important consideration should be to let the world trust that if India continues to stay on this path the fear of genocide in Kashmir and whatever else they have to do can be turned into war and what our difference of conventional weapons is. Our nuclear threshold will drop down.
the fear of genocide in Kashmir and whatever else they have to do can be turned into war and what our difference of conventional weapons is. Our nuclear threshold will drop down. and God forbids, if nuclear happens that it is not the destruction of India or Pakistan only but the destruction of large area of the world. And in my opinion, where they have to consider how much is the loss of their benefit by turning the eyes on India, the other side of it is very serious. And if we succeed in letting the world trust that world cannot afford another genocide Look, anyways economics is the reality. Today, whole world is talking about you. Lately, your prime minister Imran Khan was gone what did he talk about? It was to trade with us. Leave P5 right now, lately Saudi Arabia, Saudi Eranco has done deal of 75 billion dollar with reliance industry. Everyday 5 lakh barrel oil will go there, there will be processing and everything done The muslims for whom we are ready to sacrifice our lives, our army, why aren’t they talking about Kashmir?! Just because their huge economic interest is intertwined with them. The role of UAE that we have seen, the statement of OIC, that’s the shameful statement. I have never seen such apologetic statement What is common in everything? -Mister Maalik you’re blaming everyone We should look into our collar, I remember Saudi Arabia -I Agree By looking into the facts when General Qamar Bajwa and mister Prime Minister went they promised 10 billion dollars that eventually has to lead to 40 billion. But there was one condition to it that we had to identify many projects. Did we identify those projects? With Qatar Investment Authority, projects worth 22 billion were committed and after that, I also have that letter in which he is saying, -Arshad, you are saying the same thing what I have been saying, we are waiting that these things get identified that is the economic mite but do we have to, -we cannot ignore economic mite
-Arshad, you are saying the same thing what I have been saying, we are waiting that these things get identified that is the economic mite but do we have to, -we cannot ignore economic mite we cannot ignore economic equation. Yes we cannot ignore it but what are we doing to address economic balance, do we include economy anywhere in our strategic thought or not? Or our focus remains on territory only? and we have been doing this fundamental mistake since 73 years and we sideline rest of the things and we do not bring it to security narrative and when we talk about India today, the security narrative of it has been constituted politically, diplomatically, economically, by combining everything, with civil society Where are we standing on these things, we only with territorial strategy -It’s not about it No, Arshad. this Modhi was the cheif minister of Gujraat, the visa was denied to him, he was at watchless this man only became the president of India. Suddenly, Obama and he became friends. They made investments of 50 billion and created jobs in India.
this man only became the president of India. Suddenly, Obama and he became friends. They made investments of 50 billion and created jobs in India. Look, one thing is very clear. By this time, the regime in India is not rational regime. you cannot deal with them in a conventional way because they are not doing politics. They are imposing their religious agenda, what you call Hitler their touch buttons are something else. They have to take Kashmir, they have to genocide innocent muslims They feel like -Very right, their buttons are quite different and how would we find these buttons because till now they have been doing things by pressing these buttons, to switch off those buttons what do we have and that India has come to Kashmir, the next plan of Narendra Modhi of illiteracy and terrorism
they have been doing things by pressing these buttons, to switch off those buttons what do we have and that India has come to Kashmir, the next plan of Narendra Modhi of illiteracy and terrorism Is India going to act up on that too?! We will talk about this too after this break. Welcome back, audience. We had to talk about ignorance but general was very emotional during the break that what are those principles through which this issue can resolved. General, what are those principles. Is power one of those principles? Arshad, if we agree that power is the only priciple and if I accept this narrative that foreign minister is trying to give or that mister Maalik has given that they were Christians that’s why East Tamor and Sudan got solution. So, neither we are Christians nor we are strong country economically more or less out of 160 members of UN this is the story of 150 of them. that they are not strong and big economies, economically. Therefore why did we go to United Nations. what have we went for?! Before going we knew that we are non Christians and we also knew that our trade volume is very low Why have we moved to the United Nation security council. I thought, we went for the justice -Let’s ask mister Maalik, I was thinking that they will bring Kashmir’s issue, the oppression that is going on there that neither Christianity allows nor any big economic power legitimizes to stop the oppression on Kashmiris. -General, please tell did the poor man in Pakistan ever get justice? Yes, they get. They get. In Qusoor the man whose daughter was raped, he was not a strong state economically was not a strong man but Imran was hanged to death because that man got justice he was living in such society where people do not weigh morality with gold there courts provided justice and he was sentenced to death. -Very right. mister Maalik why have we gone to UN security council? Look, this cash 22. Anyways, a legal forum is there and also it’s the point of embarrassment for UN because everyone has their resolutions therefore if they have to remove the dirt, they are doing it. You live in a world
and also it’s the point of embarrassment for UN because everyone has their resolutions therefore if they have to remove the dirt, they are doing it. You live in a world you are not isolated from the world
therefore if they have to remove the dirt, they are doing it. You live in a world you are not isolated from the world There are norms of the world and there is no doubt that till now as much as big decisions of United Nations, they are economically or militarily those of strong nations has been in their favor, you can look at the history. Who says the justice is done in UN But anyways some order is required in this disordered world. What he said about Qasoor, that person was hanged in Qusoor because he was poor On the other hand, the son of the big business man he is making fun of law system because he is economically strong. If that rapist was the son of any millionaire the Zainab of Qusoor would have been looking for justice. By the way, what General has said, it seconds my point. This is a big thing for me that this issue is taken to UN. I don’t see anything coming out of it. But having said that, this is an international norm where you have to walk side by side with the world. Solution will be at bilateral level. world has to take two decisions; How much benefit is there to work with India? How much loss is there of giving the loose end to India? Perhaps, tomorrow this economic equation won’t be beneficial as today. Very right! but how can we make the world trust it? Look, this is a defining moment. After 50 years, Kashmir for the first time went to UN. From here it’s future will be determined, you can write it down Negative and positive argument shouldn’t be for now. Kashmir’s future will be determined in this session. -How this will happen? Maalik said by removing the dirt I have one liner for it This means that Kashmir won’t ever be resolved. whatever is happening wlet they keep doing it If they are pushing into the pithole of bilateralism without any time frame, without any number of sessions if they push for unlimited period of time, you can write it down that Kashmir issue won’t ever be resolved There will be violence, there will be rapes, there will be murders, and this may lead to conflict between the two states as well it’s a writing on the wall because after that you won’t have any forsaken as your security para-dine is challenged. If that’s going to be the case then Modhi won’t let Kashmiris live. If they push into the pithole of bilateralism. -Bilateralism’s pithole. if they do so then there is no solution. No,no. You got me wrong No, Arshad. you got me wrong. I am saying the solution what Gneral gave, we have to make the world believe it that this issue can not be finished again. Pakistan has to convince that this is the red line because all of this has to happen, as when these curfews will be removed There will be much bigger processions, there will be state terrorism, blood will shed and things will escalate. God forbids, this can go beyond. When I say bilateral, I see a big conflict happening between India and Pakistan because Modhi is not a rational man In a weird Doval Doctrine, Doval said that every crises has a shelf life You spend that shelf life and things fall into their places. WE have to make the world believe through our resolve, through our stance that there’s no such thing as a new normal. now, this decision has to be made and if conditions go beyond -Maalik you’re saying no new normal From Roman to Greek empire what Modhi has done in occupied Kashmir is old normal only, they are trying to define the power they are trying to do it. This cannot happen. Right. Audience, here I will take a break and will be right back to you. We have to make you hear about Dehli, what did Khawar Azhar do for it, what’s that we will know after the break Welcome back, audience. General, tomorrow that this issue will be taken to UN security council, will this redefine the relationships of India and Pakistan with UN security members? I guess, you have a limited time. this session is decisive from two aspects. One I told is the future of Kashmir right or wrong, left or right. this is going to decided and second Pakistan’s and US’ strategic relationships will be redefined atleast, on a stand that how Ameria will section the concerns of Pakistan This is forth strategic embrace; Zia ul Haq, Ayub Khan, General Musharraf and now Imran Khan For the fourth time, America has embrace us for it’s own benefit and now it’s final benefit from here is extraction of forces. If they have to discall us everytime after embracing us therefore, Pakistan as a nation should realize that our economic weight would take time perhaps we can never supersede India from economic aspect. If economic cannot be strengthen in next 30 years then what are we trying to get out of it? How long will we be used? -What are we trying to get out of it. Mister Maalik, India is dealing with France of multi billion dollar with Russia they have multi billion dollar deal of missile defense. And they both are the member of security council. So, are the relationships of India and Pakistan are going to be redefined with P5? Look, definitely they will. like General said, it’s like an american equation. And one thing is very interesting for the seat in this UN security council India tried very hard. Now there’s a dilemma for UN that the country that has it’s resolutions, more than one resolutions, what will there status be tomorrow. That’s the problem for UN but having said that solution cannot be found there, it can be found here only with the resolve of Pakistan. Pakistan has to clear it’s red line to the world that Kashmir is their red line and we won’t leave it then only P5 will consider it and rest of the world too. And one thing Imran Khan has said right is that if they let this be the issue of Palestine then from here new wave will rise, hardline in the muslim world, extremism will be fueled Very right. Thankyou mister Maalik and General for coming to the program. Audience, red lines that Maalik was talking about Regarding this one concept was conceived and cultural power that influences Dehli….

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  7. as a matter of fact and u narrated most ;india is biggest economic power and world see thier economic intrest so we can not compete ;in the field'so what we can do now ;where we do compete; we r a atomic power ;and can deal india in the same field ;we have very brave army ; and ible to compete;india as well ;what we r missing is our dedication;our plan ;our govt stretegy to dealt india;s weak ness;infact its kashmiri ;who r keeping the kashmir issue alive ; we have no plan ;to stop india hurt india;though pakistan has lot of opportunity ;to dent india damage india;but our policies r weak ;we have fear our action reaction ;will annoyed america ;and we will see more sanction ;FATF is siegibg our head;we r frightened of it ;ONLY UR ONE BRAVE ACTION /WORDS TELL THE WORD SHUT UR MOUTH ;STOP UR NON SENCE ;WE R GOING TO BOOM ;THE DIRTY WHO COME IN OUR WAY ;TELL AMERICA UR INTREST IN INDIA GONE BUSH WITH ITS EXCISTENCE;IF WE R NOT ALLOW STAND;INDIA WILL NOT STAND 2 ;WHEN U SAY IT BY FIRM DEDICATION AND OTHERS BELIVE UR 'U WILL R DEDICATED;DO WHAT UR SAYING ;THE REALITY HAS CHANGE ;SEE WHAT AMERICA HAS DID WITH NORTH KOREA ;THREATENED EVERY DAY AND AT LAST GONE ON KNEE;U HAVE A BIRD NEAR TO U TO THREATENED;AMERICA;INFACT WHO R RULLING ON AMERICA;SO IF UR IN A POSITION ;TO HANG AMERICAN BOSS;AT THIS TIME PAKISTAN REQUIRED TO SHOW OF POWER AND LAUNCH BLASTIC MISSILE;OF MORE RENGE WITH MULTI WAR HEADS ;UR SHOW OFF IS A SHUT UP CALL AND SORRY TO SAY PAKISTAN HAS NO LINE OF ACTION.


  9. Look at thIs well dressed another dumb retired general. Must have been allotted multiple acre lands and and a bungalow at retirement. His will go back to his Bangalore in an expensive imported car, talk on the phone to his children probably living a comfortable life I the US and giving example of Afghans whose majority of children have no perspective in life.

  10. All these idiot are a bunch of jokers. Lying every single words.
    Go and get some literate historian for discussion.

  11. Yeh Sardar Gaddar nahi hota woh to sabse bada desh bhakt hai ,yeh pata nahi kis kanjar ki aulad hai sharam karo

  12. Hahahaha Mahatma Gandhi ji ki dubbing haha. Bhai Urdu admi dubbing Kar Raha hai saaf pata chaal Raha hai apne Gale ki thunk see. Hindu baat karne wale kabhi Gale me thunk rakh Kar nahi baat Kiya karte.hahaha pagala Gaye hai Saab Bhai Tum log.

  13. Sikhon par kon se mjalim ho rhe bhai ??? Anni deo majalim ki bat karne haq to 48 main hi kho chuke ho tum log…

  14. ARY people, listen and open your eyes you STUPID and ENEMY of MADARIS. This explosion happened in JAMA MASJID around Quetta Balochistan during Friday prayer. You stupids, your "KUNJREE anchor and KUNJAR reporter kept misguiding the viewers by saying that this explosion was in MADRASA. You fool, you are defaming Madrasa. Actually, the INDIAN terrorists and their Mnnafiq o Mushrik ( Liberal) agents are kept attacking Islam and the "ONLY FORT OF ISLAM PAKISTAN. This time again they attack a mosque during Friday prayer. All of you KUNJAR and KUNJREE media people you must think before you open your "DAMN MOUTH" and use the name of MADRASA unnecessary. Stop before you face the Wrath of Allah "swt".

  15. Baluchistan me kya kia tumhari fouj ne gilgit aur baltistan aur pok bhi hamara hai, Muslim country bhi aap ke sath nahi hai kuoynki unko bhi aap par bharosa nahi

  16. Tum sab bas yehi karte raho


  18. it is a pity that Pakis are living in a fools paradise . The reality is that the P5 are not at all interested , they have their own priorities and agenda . We have to solve our problems Bilaterally as per Shimla agreement. By focusing all your energies & resources with Kashmir you are pushing your country to the brink of economic collapse & bankruptcy. No one takes your Nuclear Bluff seriously any more. save your country by not interfering in our internal affairs otherwise this time you may loose Balochistan , POK, Phaktunistan, Sindudesh and left with only part of Punjab

  19. Bhen ke laude koi nahi shahid hua bharat me …tunhare 4 kutte mar gaye sirf…aur violation tum Pakistani kutte karte ho bharat nahi

  20. Don't cook up stories that lets you stay at peace. Be brave to unleash the truth. I'm from Nagaland and I believe, I know my state far better than you, filthy mullahs. You're curse of journalism.

  21. yaar isko to samjhdar samjhte the ye to bahut bada gel chode nikle, sarif,amir tum sab moo se hugte ho or gaand se khate ho, same u all tell what hapening with baloch,gilgit,pok…there u find truly humen rights violation by your pig army.


  23. Kya matlab kuch bhi jinna apni baat manva kar Pakistan banya or he is talking about Punjab no problem at all we have democracy in India and still we give money and right to leader of Kashmir but they doing wrong thing in Kashmir and our former Prime Minister is also Punjabi for ten year manmohan Singh ye kya Bol rahe he

  24. Khalistan is over….maybe alive in the traitors dreams…. similarly kashmir with Pakistan is a dream of some jahil Pakistani people…..their politicians and military show them these dreams and they never question the logic……bhai kaise ladoge Bharat se. ……itni takat ya paisa hai tumhare paas

  25. Tum ye bata 24 % se 1 % hindu Pakistani mai h kiyo tum apna updesh apne under rakh terrorist manded man and expoter county

  26. Why you invite that dirty lafa sahafi Malik, ye nawaz sharif ka cumcha ha is ka program koi nahe dekhta AP zaberdust I hamary oper thop dety Hain we like you arshad sab not Malik, hamedmir,nasaerulah Malik,gareda faroki,najam sethi,nusrat Javed,please in begerat o ko na bolaya Karin,

  27. I really feel sad to say this….when you blame the world that no one listening to your call…did you ever ask yourselves why might that be???
    Its just the same as if your neighbour has a car because he worked hard for it and he dont wana give you a ride. You on the other hand being the bread winner of the house, sold all of your utensils not thinking of your own family…..
    In the same way, your corrupt political leaders were selfish enough to steal from the land and bought properties in other countries, so all of them know what kind of moral values you have…if you cant be loyal to your own land how could you be to someonelse????
    You blame that muslim countries dont back u up? Why should they? They build their countries and nations while you were playing dirty politics….why someone should bail you out????
    Each and every individual who lives on that land is responsible for whats happening to you and around you…..no matter how poor he is….he is just as to be blamed as anyone in your country…
    He sold his soul for a plate of rice , he sold his vote for few bucks and he helped in bringing the corrupt elite in power previously who exploited the land day in day out.
    Who respects a begger? No one…
    How helpless you guys sound , because you are weak….you as a nation are far behind….the nation who loose moral values, who are not honest to the very land they live at….why the world should brother to your hue n cry……🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  28. Khalistani supporter india ko neecha dikhane ke naam pe tum logo se paisa loot lete hn. Unpar bharosa mat karo , jhooti hope dete hn tumhe. Btw khalistan also includes lahore , ask them that too. They are thugs , they are well settled and try to get money in the name of khalistani movement and they send that money to their relatives in india or enjoy with them.

  29. bhikmanga mulk kon hai or kis mulk kaa prime minister bheekh mangney jaata hai 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  30. Abe gadho jo bhikh mangta hai vo kabhi sir uthake nahi ji Sakta hai. Ek bhi Jung nahi jiti fir bhi Pak armi bade bade medal lagake gumti hai, pagal log bhikhari sale

  31. Living in fool's paradise. See the results of UNSC. Arshad and Malik you are intellectuals, don't mislead your country. You know very well the cause and history. Thank you!

  32. I am a regular listener to Dr Amarjeet Sing on TV84.
    He is well informed in terms of our history in the subcontinent.
    He should be given more exposure in Pak Media.
    Kashmiri in UK

  33. I agree with the General Its not because of Economic its Because who can do the dirty job for them killing Muslims by any means. UN is a Bogus outfit so don't expect any decision against Pro Israel India. Kashmir would be Free Only by War and InshaAllah Indians will lose, then UN is gonna be active against Pakistan to Stop the War But I would not listen To UN at All!

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