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Power and Politics in Rwanda | NowThis World

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  2. Maybe these women feel empowered by taking care of their children and should not be pushed by capitalism to get a 9 to 5 like in America. Why is no one talking about that aspect of feminism. I'm sure many women would love staying home to take care of their kids in America but it's impossible because everything's bout money here.

  3. If the role of mother and wife is unacceptable to women, then what other role do they want? Do they want that of father and husband…. If so, then women should not marry at all! Or they should "marry" other women.

    Who controls Parliament In Rwanda?
    Women do!
    So they should stop NAGGING (Yes, nagging) and should pass whatever laws that suits them.

     But I don't think that that is the case in Rwanda! It's these gullible western women (and their African parrots) as find anything wonderful Africans (in this case Rwanda) do as always falling short of their ideals.
    Aslem, taslam.

  4. So forced gender quotas have done nothing for actual women in the country….. Well thanks for the research Rwanda

  5. So.. What are you suggesting then? That once Rwanda decided to empower women all should have been perfect? Videos like these get on my nerves because they now and then sounds complimentary but deep down they are being extremely critical.
    Romae non fuit dies.

  6. Thank you for this video! I was always wondering how the wonderful exemplary representation was impacting the lives of the everyday Rwandan women – it seems like societal norms are its biggest barrier much like anywhere else in the world.

  7. White women always pushing their agenda on everyone. This country has the greatest progress given the fact the genocide happened in 94 yet you found a way to make this about third wave feminism, even though it was all the men that were killed.

  8. Education is indeed important to tackle this problem. Also there has to be a social disscusion and feminism is vital in that country. Women acrosss the globe fought for their right. Rawandan women need to fight.

  9. I hope that women are not looked down upon as people who're only suitable to do certain jobs but to say that they shouldn't focus on the roles of wife and mother or rather, leave these so-called 'traditional' jobs only to be a politician or stuff is just nonsense… Nature has clearly set out roles for men and women and no-one's job is better than the other… They're equally good and equally bad… If only the feminists could understand this and RESPECT their OWN job of being the caretakers, the world would be a better place… And BTW feminists, you could and always should have the opportunity to do other 'male' stuff if you want to, but don't downgrade your own positions of mother and wife… We males don't have a womb and we can't be as caring as you people are…. And BTW, I feel that the position of a mother and wife is quite respectable, unlike you…

  10. It's pretty easy to overestimate the impact of women in Rwanda when realistically the nation is effectively ruled by Paul Kagame.

  11. so when men are genocided more than women…and/or they leave the country, then it is genger parity. What does that tell you?

  12. Rwigara is not an example of how difficult things are for women; she's an example of what happens to anyone who opposes Kagame.

  13. 5:39 what is wrong with women being a good wife and a great mother. I mean, it's not just the husbands expection it more of a socially correct thing to do.

  14. "she forged Signature for her candidacy"- which she denys so what do you want to say that's Because she is a women maybe that's an political plot and how can you confirm that she is not telling lie. Wash your brain and mouth.

  15. Totally a misleading title. I was hoping to see the complexity, structure, and progress of the Rwandan government explained, but rather got a video about feminism. I wonder what has happened to this channel, that back in the day it was great and unbiased, but nowadays it is becoming clearly biased. I totally dislike it.

  16. Feminism going to destroy relationship the way it destroyed it in developed world. Also it gives woman equal right their price to pay nothing is free.

  17. Not that interesting dimension to focus on when it comes to Rwanda and it’s power and politics.
    Obviously (imo) a good follow up video would be about Kagames style of ruling and his inspiration from Singapore and lee Kuan yew.
    Otherwise good video(y)

  18. What does she mean “we’re not considered a team but a group of women from a school”? Wouldn’t that be a way to name a team?

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