Post-National Country: Canada has NO Core Identity

Post-National Country: Canada has NO Core Identity

JT: The question is not why does Justin Trudeau suddenly not love his country because the question is ridiculous. I live this country in my bones. Every breath I take and I’m not going to stand here and somehow defend that I actually do love Canada because we know I love Canada. This country is a country of openness, of respect, of compassion, of the rule of law, of the rights of the individuals of freedom, — freedom from fear, freedom from crime, freedom to love who you want and not be judged for it, freedom to do what you want with your body. These freedoms are the very things that Stephen Harper and his government are trying to take away. (“O Canada” plays) This is the coat of arms of the nation-state of Canada. It’s on every passport and in every government building in the country. It’s of the Gallo-British heraldic tradition. The supporters of the shield on the line of England and the unicorn of Scotland; they hold up the union flag and the fleur-de-lis flag of royalist France, which represents the two founding nations of Canada. The shield itself has three lions, that represent England the royal lion of Scotland, the golden harp represents Ireland, and the fleur-de-lis represents France and was the first heralded symbol raised in Canada. The three maple leaves at the bottom were to ensure the coat of arms was unmistakeably Canadian and has for many in later years come to represent native Canadians, or as they’re now called, First Nations. The Latin motto is from the Old Testament, Psalms 72:8, “He shall have dominion from sea to sea and from river until the end of the earth.” And the saying once was held that if you were not represented by Canadian heraldry you weren’t Canadian. But this thoroughly European Christian symbol no longer reflects the Canada of today nor the non-Western future its leaders are working feverishly to bring about. Canada has always been a house divided. Francophone Catholic and Protestant Anglophone Canadians have been at odds with each other since the French loss on the battlefield at the Plains of Abraham during the French-Indian War. However over the next two and a half centuries Canada built itself into being one of the wealthiest and highly developed nations on earth; very aware of itself as a European nation if not by geography but by culture and tradition, very similar to its Commonwealth cousins Australia and New Zealand. The Quiet Revolution during the 1960s and the rise of Francophone nationalism in Quebec was met with sweeping federal changes that would attempt to mend the divide in Canada via bilingualism and biculturalism. This was implemented with zeal in 1969 by newly-elected Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau; and by 1971 Canada had taken biculturalism — a system that was to develop the Canadian confederation on the basis of an equal partnership between the two founding races — to a full-blown state of multiculturalism. Canada was the originator and exported this ideology and has, with few exceptions, been implemented across the entire western world. It was in the same year that Canada saw, for the first time in its history, less than 50 percent of immigrants that arrived on its shores were non-European. It was also around this time when Canada changed its red ensign flag to its current red-and-white leaf. Fast forward to 2015 and Pierre’s son, the former substitute drama teacher and part-time ski instructor, Justin Trudeau — perhaps the most unqualified person to ever hold the office — became the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, as he was able to ride the coattails of his playboy father and woo many of the nation’s female voters with his dreamy eyes. it was his grandfather that made the family fortune that freed his son Pierre from the need to work, just as Justin has never had to make a living for himself. His lack of experience coupled with a life of leisure and privilege has produced a prime minister very different from his predecessor. And because “it’s the current year” Justin has stated his ambition to completely overturn almost five centuries of the cultural character of the nation of Canada. Justin believes that Canada has no culture nor identity. Justin believes that Canadians whose families have lived in the country for centuries have no core or mainstream that newcomers need to assimilate toward. He goes beyond the concept of a propositional nation, and Trudeau has been very clear in his beliefs. He believes that immigrants convicted of terrorist offences should not have their citizenship and access to welfare benefits revoked. He has even said that if you kill your enemy they win. Thus in his world he believes that there is no core identity — no mainstream Canada — and he is working hard to convince his fellow Canadians of their lack of identity. According to Justin, Canada is becoming a new kind of state, defined not by its European history but by the multiplicity of its identities for all over the world. His embrace of a pan-cultural heritage makes him an avatar of his father’s vision. “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” he claimed. “There are shared values — openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice — those qualities are what make us the first post-national state.” For values to be shared that must be a common bond that not only fosters and hold them to be self-evident, but there must be an agreement on what values take precedence. Because Canada imports people by the hundreds of thousands every year that come from alien and incompatible cultures and then calls this diversity of strength, it’s had to produce a citizenship guide that among other things says “Canada’s openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerates spousal abuse, honor killings, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, or other gender-based violence,” all of which of course are common practices values and beliefs held by millions of new Canadians. Justin Trudeau actually objected to the use of the word “barbaric” to describe things like genital mutilation and honor killings — comments he’s had to retract after fierce criticism of his naïveté. But while Justin espouses that all Canadians share the exact same values. the government via its citizenship guide is telling new Canadians that their values and thus their identity is not welcome in this new post-national country. It’s clear that different groups hold different values. Justin’s post national ideals are just that — ideals rooted in a post-Christian progressive ideology which is not shared by a wide swath of Canadians as well as a vast majority of newly-arrived immigrants, I might add. Justin believes that hyper-diversity such as that seen in Vancouver and Toronto is a strength because, in his own words, “People can eat both noodles and samosas in the same day.” His cognitive dissonance allows him to self-identify as a feminist and as a gay rights advocate but also celebrate diversity at a strict gender-segregated mosque in Ottawa. But his globalist view of Canada being a post-national state is not reflected in the tribalization and self-segregation that is happening in Canada’s largest metropolises. Canadian cities are becoming extremely segregated, with different ethnic enclaves taking shape and their people having a little interaction with other groups. Nor even is the need to learn the official languages of Canada necessary. In 1981 Canada only had six neighborhoods with ethnic enclaves; neighborhoods where more than 30 percent of the population is a visible minority. Now that number has mushroomed to more than 260. In cities like Vancouver, home to nearly half of these enclaves, neighborhoods are becoming increasingly defined by ethnicity. Unlike the racial ghettos in the U.S. or France, however, Canada’s ethnic communities are often shaped by choice. People have made the decision voluntarily to move to these areas. “The enclaves of today may have more staying power than the Little Italys and Jewish quarters of years past,” explained Muhammad Qader, professor emeritus of Urban and Regional Planning at Queen’s University. “They will continue to draw new immigrants who will keep on arriving as far as the eye can see,” he wrote in an email to the Post. “While Canada’s influx of Italians, Germans, Jews, and Greeks largely ended after only 10 or 20 years, India, China, and South Asia represent near-bottomless supplies of new Canadians.” Demographics is destiny — the unrelenting tide of people flushing into Canada as well as the rest of the Western world will shape what comes next. In fact, the Western world will most likely not exist in the very near future as it will no longer be made up by Western people and hence Western values. People in the Western world have long been okay with their slow demographic replacement in their own lands as they were always given the tacit promise that at least their values — Western values — would endure and be absorbed by the immigrants pouring in to replace them. And up till about the 1990s this was true and there was assimilation and common cause made between European Canadians and those arriving, and it worked creating Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds rooted in mainstream shared Canadian values and culture. But things have changed. Immigration has changed. There’s no longer an economic need to integrate, as Canada has generous social programs as well as ever-growing ethnic enclaves. Modern communications and banking have also made social integration much more difficult. In any event, it is clear that the endgame of this social experiment in multiculturalism that involves not only Canada but dozens of countries and hundreds of millions of people is about the annihilation of Western civilization. When the socialist experiment in the Soviet Union and its satellites collapsed there was still Poles in Warsaw, Hungarians in Budapest, and Czechs in Prague. When the music stops this time and the experiment fails — as it will, as all ground attempts at reshaping human nature do — what kind of society will there be on the streets of Vancouver, Toronto, London, Melbourne, Malmö, Marseille, Amsterdam, Miami? Without assimilation and common purpose being state policy, it’ll be one characterized by extreme tribalization and groups that share the same space having very little in common with each other. While ideologues like Justin Trudeau, a man who has never known anything but a life of privilege, tells Canadians that diversity is a strength because one can taste many different types of cuisine, he forgets the lessons of society’s characterized by diversity — places like the Raj India, Rwanda, Burma, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Yugoslavia, Syria, and many others that when breakdown comes massive tribal violence follows. Throughout the centuries, cultures and societies always change. This is the nature of men. Nature abhors a vacuum as much as it does stagnation. But to experiment on an entire society — no, civilization — with an ideology that has been shown time after time after time throughout history to not work in the long run is not only irresponsible; it is evil. Trudeau may see Canada is the first post-national country in the world and in a way he’s right. Nations were formed through the assimilation of clans, tribes, and kingdoms. He just has it backward. Canada — and indeed the entire West — is regressing to a more disunified and tribal future; and thus that tick-tock ebb and flow of time marches along to a future nobody can predict. Please subscribe if you liked what you saw and follow Black Pigeon on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and also see our new website for more information like the kind found in this video.

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  1. How did this guy get picked by the globalist elite??? They're losing their touch… this guy can't even act well enough to convince people he's not a complete puppet in less than 2 seconds

  2. We've brought in a Pagan system of bloodletting via taxation since ww1 in the west, as we have counterfeited both Christianity and Gold as money. WW1 and ww2 were all about inserted public education and removing scripture from our culture. We have the bible, we have JEsus Christ, we can use the language and imagery of this book to tell us what a real servant is, there are certain none in any legislature or on the Satanic Parliament hill. We need to pull all judicial and executive powewr away from these federal governments and HANG every billionaire along with all the pedophiles hiding in the bureaucracies. Queen Elizabeth II and all the royals and popes are pedophiles tearing down Jesus Christ so they can run the world from within corrupted langague games. Trust Breech Sinks the citizenship.

  3. Sometimes I feel like I want to debate people on the right but then I look at where they are starting from and find it so disengenuous I can't imagine it's possible to have a conversation. We don't seem to agree on some very basic details of reality. What is with this willingness to define the positions of their opponents and reject their opponent's definitions of themselves? It's easy to defeat an opponent whose weaknesses you define and strengths you declare illegal, especially when the rules about the size and shape of the playing field always seem to be read aloud from tablets hidden inside a hat…

  4. “Western People” are the indigenous people of the land, not the Europeans😂like you state..but nice try. I’m quite sure that your bloodlines do not originate anywhere in the most of us. Turdeau is a Zionist shill who bends over for Netanyahu and sells arms to Saudi Arabia. He helped Israel arm the rising Neo Nazis in the Ukraine a few months ago. He’s not only useless at his elected position, but he’s also a war criminal for dealing with those two terrorist states.

  5. DO NOT CONFUSE EUROPE WITH CHRISTIANITY. What use is heraldry? The Biblical reference is invaluable, but we can ditch the rest. The crime of the likes of Justin Trudeau, that is, the mainly 'white European' elite leadership of this country, is its ABANDONMENT OF THE WORD OF GOD————–if indeed most of them EVER paid it more than lip-service.
    And it does not matter what current 'leaders' do: they do not have the power to nullify God's Word! They are bit-players ont the stage of history.
    (Psalm 24:1) 'The earth is the Lord's, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it.'

  6. Trudeau has rapidly become the most disposed politicians in Canada. Even by those who orginal voted for him. Trudeau has to go.

  7. I want doorknocking for a politician north of Toronto a few years ago. We needed to have a Cantonese and Mandarin translator beside us for 8 hours, because nobody spoke english.

  8. look at you now you stupid fucks you let the bastard son of Fidel Castro turn Canada into CANAZUELA. all so you could have legalized marijuana and queers could get married enjoy Sharia law cuz now you don't have the numbers to match them in the words of Scarface look at you now you stupid f***

  9. I left Canada after 8 years there. I'm back in Brazil now and guess what? I can actually breathe through my nose in public transportation.

  10. Freedom what's that? I can't say what I think,there are a million laws or regulations that say I can't do this or that and if it is possible I need a permit (permission) so I don't see how I'm supposed to be free.What's democracy? by the time I hear about an impending law that will serious effect society its already passed.The govt never consults the people on any topic,if the people petition against something the govt is considering its ignored as in the global compact or the gun registry.The majority of young people have been brain washed by traitorous Marxist professors praising communism even though that ideology has killed over 100 million people.Soon the media will not only be left wing but bought and paid for by the govt think you'll get the truth or see any criticism of the liberals then? its time for my countrymen to grow a back bone and rise up or the Canada we grew up in will be gone forever.

  11. How to fix:
    STEP ONE: Maple leaf forever new anthem, play God Save the Queen more often as it’s our royal anthem.
    STEP TWO: Bring back the red ensign.

  12. Good luck getting a job from a Chinese or Indian immagrant. Th Pakistans mostly hire their own kind.
    And it's ok to demand that a person who works for them MUST speak a non Canadian language.

  13. The Chinese will be the majority in Canada in 50 years. I don't care, there were natives in the land before Europeans arrived. Life goes on.

  14. LONDON now less than 45% White British.
    Muslim cohesion and fertility rate, directed by their IMAMS, will make any reversal impossible.
    DEMOCRACY: 51%, tell 49% where to go!

  15. This is a Great GENOCIDE of our WHITE RACE, in other words – CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. If we stay calm and silent against anti-white liberalism – our countries future is BLACK and VIOLENT.

  16. This clown has been taking away some our freedom bit by bit! For example. once this Un pact comes into play we will have no say for disapproval and if you voice your opinion you can be prosecuted. He's opened the door to look into your bank account to see if your cheating on your taxes. Now he will impose this carbon tax , not for the climate but to finance this UN pact. This is not for Canadians but to build this for his own arrogant self indulgence and this will put an end of the Canada we know. Just look at England which I've seen with my own eyes and especially in Yorkshire where it's turn into an area where it's not safe for people who use to live there. The moronic globalist wants to destroy our culture and ideology and turn it into an unrecognizable Canada. He's a failure and needs to be removed from office before it's too late; I fear for my children's future if this idiot is re-elected and every Canadian should too and vote this part time idiot back to teaching drama classes in the middle east with written play for peoplekind and see how that works out for him. What a complete incompetent arrogant non Canadian!!!

  17. Just to add that I want to thank Kevin Bauer in what he wrote!! Scroll down and read what he had to say "it's perfect" very well said and I totally agree!! Thank You Kevin!!

  18. Justin Trudeau is a traitor. His allowing of war criminals to return to our continent is a stab in the back directed at all Americans and our efforts against terrorism. Our relationship with Canada is irreparably damaged now.

  19. Listen kids, anyone who talks to the press with to much emotion is unfit to lead. It is proof they are not in control of them and could act out on them when dealing with foreign leaders.

  20. Btw…hey, easy on the condescending tone lumping us all in with J. Waterhole. About that. So how is it that Americans "allowed" monsters like Clinton, Bushes, Obama rule for…how many years? Saying we Canadians deserve every bit of what's become of our nation, is the pot calling the kettle black(no pun intended). But NOW that Trump's got your back, you can be smug and self-righteous, right? We love Trump! And we don't want this prime creep in our country, let alone be stuck with him "governing" it. He's as big a traitor as they come, and he will pay for it dearly.

  21. The USA needs to build a wall to the North as well.
    Canada's population is no longer one of trustworthy neighbours, and we must be vigilant to keep them out.

  22. Merkel, May, Macron' and Trudeau are the ugly women of Greater Europe shall we say…they detest the vary nations they pretend to lead.  Their goals are to shatter their countries and remake them in accordance with their own weird inclinations.  Anything done by man can be undone by man…let's hope Canadian voters come to their senses.

  23. The left has long since said there is no need to integrate into British society because….What is British society? they gleefully exclaim

  24. Look, i never went to canda and have no canadian friends or relatives.
    But i do know that canada HAS got a identity and is not just some hippie country.

  25. As a jew all I can say is Hitler told you about this, and the stupid cucks in the elite went against Hitler. When is people going to understand?

  26. 30 seconds into this Justin Bieber Trudeau "soeech" I would have grabbed all three mallets and GONGED this bastage (I I WILL remind those unfortunates who had to watch that cheap substitute Drama teacher's so called performance, that you couldn't gong them in the first 30 seconds of their "performance" before you can grab mallets and go all out. Thanks, Chuck Barris…)

  27. Considering that Male Genital Mutilation is legal in Canada, America, Europe, and virtually every country in the "civilized" Western World, and that around 80% of the Male population were legally mutilated as babies…. I consider the legalization of female circumcision as a step towards gender equality….
    SMASH the matriarchy !
    DESTROY the gynocracy !
    Take the Red Pill and
    Go MGTOW !

  28. I know this a few years old now but Mark Steyn recently wrote something quite true: Canada is not a young country, it is an immature country. Having spent some time there and been trained with and by Canadians and having had to train them myself, I can only but agree.

  29. Holy [email protected]! I’d never watched J.T. Speak before. How did Canada ever take that man seriously? Say what you will about Trump but we have reason to believe that he actually believes what he says. Actors benefit from having no fixed identity but functioning nations require a sense of shared identity, purpose and boundaries.

  30. If you put on the sunglasses from the movie They Live you’d see Trudeau as a featureless grey humanoid

  31. Canada is the first step into a world of human identity, eliminating nationalism and religious identity for a more all-enveloping human identity.

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