Portland Protest Shows New Far-Right Trend: Multiethnic Groups with Fascist Heroes Like Pinochet

Portland Protest Shows New Far-Right Trend: Multiethnic Groups with Fascist Heroes Like Pinochet

This is Democracy Now!, democracynow.org, The
War and Peace Report. I’m Amy Goodman. This year marks the first anniversary of the white
supremacist, neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the deadly “Unite the Right”
rally protesting the Charlottesville decision to remove a statue of a Confederate general
from a downtown park, General Robert E. Lee, became the biggest and deadliest white supremacist
rally in U.S. history in decades. We are joined by A.C. Thompson. The documentary he did,
the correspondent for Frontline PBS, is called Documenting Hate: Charlottesville,
premiering tonight on PBS stations across the country. In Part 1 of our discussion,
we discussed the documentary. As this documentary comes out, you were in
Portland, Oregon, for yet another white supremacist rally, and one took place in Berkeley, California,
as well. Describe what you saw, A.C. Right. Actually, you know, I would revise
that, and I would say that it was perhaps a fascist rally in Portland, but not a white
supremacist rally. And that’s sort of another new wrinkle in the far-right movement. So
the groups that were in Portland, they wanted you to know, “Hey, look, we’re not racist.”
And many of them had leaders who were people of color. But they also said, “Hey, we’re
really into fascist characters like Pinochet.” The first guy I met had a huge shirt on that
said “Pinochet did nothing wrong.” And other people had shirts on that would say
things like “right-wing death squad.” And so, these are what I would call multicultural,
multiethnic fascist groups, that they laud characters like Pinochet. They laud characters
like— The dictator of Chile that ruled with an iron
hand. The Chilean dictator who killed tens of thousands
of his opponents and whose folks often threw them out of helicopters. You know, they are
fans of folks like the Indonesian dictator Suharto, someone that you’ve studied very
much. And they would say, about somebody like Suharto, “I don’t care that he’s Asian.
I’m not prejudiced against Asian people. I just like that he was involved in slaughtering
tens of thousands of—in fact, hundreds of thousands of suspected communists.” Over a million. Yeah. So that’s the kind of—these are
the kind of groups that we’re talking about. It’s a new wrinkle on the fascist movement
and on—and they’re not explicitly white supremacist. They’re a little bit different. And so, talk about how police dealt with them
versus the anti-fascist protesters. You know, what I saw in Portland was sort
of a response to Charlottesville, that they were trying to keep these two groups separated,
and, unlike we had seen in other events, they were trying to keep these groups from fighting,
which police had failed at in many cities before. But I think, from what I saw, it seemed
like the group that was getting the harsher police treatment seemed to be the leftist
faction, the anti-racist faction. And I think the concern, I would say, in Portland is that
police were using less lethal munitions and firing them in what seemed to be somewhat
indiscriminate ways at the counterprotesters, the leftist protesters, in a way that really
could have seriously injured people. And the same happened in Berkeley. This similar thing happened in Berkeley. I
wasn’t there, but that’s the reports that I’m hearing. And I didn’t document it,
so I don’t know all the details there. Wasn’t a guy shot in the head in Portland? That, I have seen the photos, and my colleagues
were actually at that scene when it happened, and it sounded terrifying. I was in a different
part of town when that incident happened. And it looked—but that looked scary, the
photos, absolutely. And do you think there’s any relation to
this crackdown on the counterprotesters, more harshly than the protesters, and Donald Trump
being president? You know, it’s hard to say. A city like
Portland is not a place where Donald Trump has a lot of sway, I would say. A city like
Berkeley is not a place where there are a lot of Donald Trump fans. I think, really,
part of what we’re seeing here is just a longtime problem with sort of police adjusting
to the dynamics of this current political moment and still trying to actually effectively
police these situations that we have, that we’re going to continue to have, where you
have very intense standoffs between people on the left and people on the right who are
concerned about this particular moment. Are you saying these fascists are the Proud
Boys? Here’s what I’m saying: Patriot Prayer
and the Proud Boys are extreme-right groups that I don’t think they’re—they’re
not white supremacist groups. They’re just not. But they have a lot more in common with
certain fascist movements that we’ve seen over time than, say, other groups. Before we go, you’ve been doing a lot of
reporting on Blaze Bernstein, the murder of this young man. Explain who he is and how
it fits into this whole movement. So, Blaze Bernstein is—was a gay Jewish
college student who was from Orange County, California. And when he disappeared and was
murdered earlier this year, my colleagues and I thought, “Hmmm, that looks like a
case we should probably be following. You know, we don’t know yet, but it looks suspicious.”
When we started getting more details about it, we kept investigating. And eventually,
we found out that, hey, the guy that has been charged by the police, Sam Woodward, with
the murder is a member of the most extreme neo-Nazi group in the country, Atomwaffen
Division. And he spent all of his time in the Atomwaffen chats— Now, Atomwaffen, A-T-O-M-W-A-F-F-E-N, A-T-O-M-W-A— German for? German for “nuclear weapons” division.
I believe, if you were German, you would say something like “Atomwaffen,” something
like that. But yeah, so he was a member of this incredibly rabid, incredibly extreme
group that’s dedicated to domestic terrorism and the overthrow of the United States government— The man who’s charged with his murder. The man who’s charged with this murder—virulently
anti-gay, virulently anti-trans, virulently anti-Semitic, anti-people of color—I mean,
really, really intense group. And Vasillios Pistolis, the leader of this. No, he was— One of the people in it. Vasillios Pistolis was a chapter leader for
the group in North and South Carolina, but he was another character who was a key figure
in the group. The group’s lovely leader goes by the handle “Rape.” And his name
is John Cameron Denton, but he uses the handle “Rape.” And who is he? He’s a Texas neo-Nazi based outside of Houston. And you’re also investigating him. Yes, he will be in our second film, our follow-up
film, that will air on PBS in the fall. Finally, one of the issues we didn’t deal
as much with is the whole misogynist part— Right. —of these movements. And if you could talk
more about it? You touch on it in the documentary. Right. It’s really interesting, because
the earlier waves of white supremacist groups were highly patriarchal, but they weren’t
openly and violently misogynist. And I think this wave of white supremacist groups have
even worse sort of gender politics. And a lot of them are just absolutely aggressively
anti-female. And that’s the kind of thing that you get with a guy who goes by the handle
“Rape.” Well, we’ll do Part 2 of this soon, as you’re
doing Part 2 of your documentary. It’s coming out soon? In the fall, October/November. I want to thank you, A.C. Thompson, correspondent
for FrontlinePBS, reporter for ProPublica, his documentary, Documenting Hate: Charlottesville,
premiering tonight 10 p.m. Eastern on PBS stations around the country and at PBS.org/Frontline.
To see Part 1 of our discussion, go to democracynow.org. I’m Amy Goodman. Thanks for joining us.

100 thoughts on “Portland Protest Shows New Far-Right Trend: Multiethnic Groups with Fascist Heroes Like Pinochet

  1. Racist, Fascist, Nazi! These are the war cries of the radical left, but anyone with eyes to see can easily tell that groups like Antifa are the true threat to this country and to freedom. Many groups that are being called far-right aren't that at all. They are simply groups of patriotic men and women who love this country, the Constitution and our democratically elected president of these United States, Donald Trump. Average people like myself are sick and tired of seeing Antifa disrespect our country and all that it stands for. We're tired of seeing them burn flags and disrespect of veterans. We're tired of seeing them disrespect our public officials and service men. We're sick and tired of all the hate that is spewed from the mouths of those who would burn this country to the ground if given the chance. Antifa doesn't love this country. They hate it! And if you love America, they hate you too. In my opinion Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization and should be treated as such to the full extent of the law. I never cared much for politics and always considered myself an independent, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the behavior of Antifa and the radical left has mobilized myself and many others to stand up for our country and our countrymen. If the Democratic party doesn't step up and get their dogs on a leash they are sure to mobilize more voters against them and lose many party members. If you haven't realized this by now you're not paying attention. I feel I have been forced to pick a side and I truly feel I have chosen the side of righteousness. If you hate America so much you should just leave instead of causing senseless acts of violence and mayhem. I'm sure one day you will look back on your lives and be ashamed of the poor decisions you are making in the present. Shame on you! God Bless America and all of those who love this great and beautiful country. #MAGA #KAG #WalkAway

  2. Fake news…. I didn't hear one word about the protest in Berkeley being anticommunist and lead by a transgender and a gay black man. Probably because it doesn't fit their narrative. This channel is funded by the same organization that finances BLM, ANTIFA, and the white national socialist that killed in Charlottesville. Shame on the weak people behind this program.

  3. When they talk about whether or not Trump's presidency has sway over the way Portland Police behave, they say Portland isn't really a pro Trump town, but what's not mentioned is that none of those police officers live in Portland; they live in the boonies where Trump is more popular. It's as if those police officers have their own interests which don't align with the actual people of Portland who are the one's the police should actually be protecting.

  4. Why are you calling Antifa anti-fascist and anti-racist? That's not what they stand for. That's just their cover for the media. They're violent communists.

  5. No one gives a shit about non-existent white supremacists but Antifa loves them. They use it as an excuse to act like hooligans. These Antifa scum belong in jail.

  6. Imagine that cops go after the good guys. For the most part cops a alt-right. My son is a cop and he works with people of the same mind set as the far right and has always had a problem with seeing the many shades of gray between black and white.

  7. I think I would call the proud boys and Patriot prayer groups nationalists as much as fascists, not much difference I suppose….

  8. Problem is that people these days somehow managed to get through their history lessons in school without learning shit… Oh yeah, sure, they may be able to tell me the years that Hitler rose in power, they may be able to tell me for how long Mussolini reigned, they may even be able to tell me how many died as a consequence of European fascism, not just in the concentration camps and wars, but also in separate acts of violence carried out by right-wing extremists out to kill non-whites, gays, humanists and/or disabled people, but they've still somehow failed to understand what that information means… Seriously, we need to learn from the past: Never make the mistake of treating fascists with any at all kind of respect, because they abuse that and never pay you back, so that's just giving them an unnecessary advantage. Never make the mistake of offering fascists a helping hand in the spirit of solidarity, because they would rip off your arm if it served their agenda better. Fascists do not deserve to be treated humanely, nor do they deserve to be given common human rights, like freedom of speech or the right to assemble. Fascists are to be destroyed, ground into the dust, humiliated, degraded, forcefully removed from any at all ability to influence society, be it financially or politically, and, in some worst case scenarios, like the ones you can find among certain members of the Koch, Trump and Mercer families, snuffed out… Fascists want to bring down "political correctness" and humanism, and that is also precisely why they must always be the first victims of political incorrectness and inhumane treatment.

  9. An old friend of mine was hazed into the Proud Boys. He had to jerk off into a chalice along with others. They mixed rum into the chalice then each pledge had to drink it.

  10. Makes me laugh how the leftie press acts as if Antifa is the victim, when in reality it is Antifa that has no respect for free speech and are always trying to shut it down through violence while they conceal their identity masking their faces. They know they need to hide their faces; only criminals mask their faces, and that's what they are. Antifa bullies the opposition, and when they are pushed back then they act like if they are the victim. I've walked away from the left ever since I say how thousands of masked Antifa broke building windows all over Washington DC on Trumps inaugural day. I also saw how much destruction they caused at Berkeley University. Being opposed to an ideology does not give you the right to be violent, destroy property and attack people.
    By the way Pinochet saved Chile from a communist regime under Allende. Pinochet was way better than Allende would have been. Had Allende remained in power way more people would have been tortured and murdered. Just look at today's left wing communist dictatorship in Venezuela. Already MILLIONS of Venezuelans have flooded other South American nations as in Venezuela people are LITERALLY starving. I'll take any day a right wing dictatorship over a left wing marxist genocidal regime, which is what Antifa wants to impose.

  11. I stand with Antifa! They are the people who are fighting back! And to all those who claim the fascists are conservative, or Antifa are the real fascists, I got something for you, chingen su madre!

  12. Dear Democrats and liberals. As I write this I am hopeful that each and every one of you will read it. If not for yourselves, but for your children and grandchildren. I honestly believe that your Party is misguided and headed for self-destruction, all at the hands of a megalomaniac mad man with a severe God complex: George Soros. Everyone knows of his immense wealth and far Left leanings, but I am not so sure that all know of his Globalist plan for a well-funded, socialist controlled one-world order. He will not rest until he uses his wealth, power and influence to quash the drive, determination, and creativity of Capitalism and self-reliance. His goal is to use the United States as a beta test for his socialist experiment, controlling all of the sheep that follow him with promises of a free ride and an easy life. The control he has over people, corporations, and even some countries should be a wake-up call to all. Please research his name and find out all you can about him. It's not easy to do because of his hypnotic control over the main stream media. Look at the outlets in which he has invested millions: CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, and now even FOX to some extent. His commands to portray Conservatives as heartless Nazi’s and white supremacists is only dwarfed by his directives to, and financial backing of, militant liberal groups like Antifa, BLM, La Raza, etc. to “keep up” the racist rhetoric and hatred in order to achieve division in our country. It is really more like the death knell for America.

  13. This AC Thompson guy isn’t the expert he thinks he is— people on both sides know how to fit in a tent and form a consort with political purchase. Portland and Berkeley definitely both have lots of Trump supporters. The claim that they don’t is patently false.

  14. I have been to the Portland protests and it shows how insane the left is. Anti fa is a bunch of thugs who are literally a terrorist organization that is backed by the left.

  15. It's all about people who feel that they so lack control of their lives and their world, have such stunted and narrowed views what their lives and the world could and should ultimately be and so desperately wanting control that they fetishize ideas and examples of total control through authoritarianism and fascism; even if that means they must remain mere worker bees in service of such ideals. They are unwitting slaves.

  16. This report is a bit over-simplified. Those attending the rallies are an assortment of Republicans, Christian fundamentalists, Fascists, Neo-confederates, and Neo-Nazi groups, all mingled. Some of the groups (all of which use racist rhetoric) are not white exclusive like the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer. These groups are accompanied in these rallies by, and freely associate with, white supremacy groups like the American Guard and Identity Europa. Many if not most are on the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL's lists of hate groups. I've observed a lot of these Portland rallies, and it does not take long to spot an SS or Swastika tattoo. And Confederate flags are everywhere.

  17. Look at the far left trying to demonize anyone you don't agree with. You people clearly haven't read Orwell. If everyone around you is a facist then your probably the real facist.

  18. They aren't allowed to use Hitler because the zombies would be triggered by that.  Communists hate Hitler. They don't even know why. Zombies/communists are mostly reflexes and primitive emotions pretending to live in a hive mind.   They really have no idea what they're doing but its their drug of choice.

  19. The Pinochet thing is:
    1. Not new
    2. A smokescreen to cover up the actual intentions (don't get this wrong; they do like Pinochet too, but they're aware that praising Pinochet is less likely to elicit the response which praising an explicitly racist dictator would; it's a PR thing, rhetoric/propaganda).

  20. Those t-shirt proclamations sound fake, as in a fake protest movement.
    Most people aren't aware of specific dictators like Pinochet…
    Interestingly "leftist" (who can veer into fascism as well, historically) groups were "treated more harshly" in Portland "by police"….

  21. Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi in 1925 in Practical Idealism predicted: "The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals”…just sagging

  22. "The biggest and deadliest white supremacy rally" hahahahaha. What an idiot. 1 person died because a bunch of of retards were trying to attack someone in a car. There good people and bad people on both sides.

  23. If the government won't stop creeping fascism or racism, then the people need to step up, but using violence as the last resort.

  24. They shoud be called socialist now, pbs only talks against republicans, patriots, democracy ,against law and order, they make antifa look like they are the victims unbeliebable,

  25. Wait is democracy now conflating Charlottesville with antfa? There hasn't been any white supremacist rallies since Charlottesville and it's pretty well known Charlottesville was organised by Richard Spencer who is a spook. Any modern white supremacist movement is started by agents that want the races fighting. That's why George Soros is pooring tens of millions into black lives matters. What does an old jew care about black lives matters? If Soros cared about blacks he'd stand op for the tens of thousands of black Africans that are getting deported from Israel. Obviously helping black people isn't his motive. It's more like a jewish motive to keep the races fighting while jews bleed the country dry one dollar of interest at a time.

  26. Notice how there's no mention that guy was chased by a libtard with a rifle….he was scared and accidentely ran over those people because of the leftard with the rifle chasing hi in Charlottesville.

  27. Not only was the death toll of Pinochet's dictatorship dramatically lower than most other dictatorships of the time, a significant contingent of those "murdered" were communists. If you fly the hammer and sickle you are asking for it. It being a free helicopter ride.
    The people loved Pinochet. The communists (not people) hated him.

  28. Rampant sexism is one of the early warning signs of fascism, as compiled by Lawrence Britt. Hatred of women has always been a part of fascism. I think it's to keep the war machine going. Women are more resistant to war and violence than men.

  29. You have no idea what you're in for. The handful of rallies are a minuscule representation of the actual size of the hard-right.

  30. The antifa people are worse when it comes to violence. Not a fan of either group but the masks and weapons make it look like the leftists are asking for trouble. Saw antifa break a bunch of windows in Berkeley last year and for what? Wish they would show the same energy about global warming. Fascism under Trump? The government under Bush and Obama was no different.

  31. I'd argue that these multiethnic groups are still white supremacist, but not explicitly white nationalist. The people of color in those groups are basically just collaborating with colonizers.

  32. Rush Limbaugh and Fox news created the hate. Trump just got the hate filled whites to openly embrace white nationalism and fascism.

  33. This proofs my claim that human race is not really getting better through times. Level of stupidity among people probably stays more or less same during history. There are peaks on it now and then. Trump era is absolutely one of them.

  34. What we are seeing is the police arm of the right wing racists fighting the left wing the same way the alt right does because they are the same. Everyone knows how bad the police forces are now, lets stop pretending.

  35. Is this guy naive or is he just being attempting in a silly way to be "even handed?" Of course the police are treating more harshly the left as they have since the 1960s and previously. This is like saying the police are even handed when it comes to treating Blacks and other people of color. The Klan was present in the police force in the past and they are also right-wingers in the police force now. Of course, they feel supported by the bozo in office who thinks that Nazi's are good people.

  36. Leftist governments murdered 100 million innocent men, women, and children in the last century. Leftists are the greatest threat to freedom loving people everywhere.

  37. it's monsterous, but Pinochet's policies did make Chile successful. Yet he's a monster and he should be remembered as such.

  38. GOD said no at GETTYSBURG and GOD said NO at STALINGRAD (every German Belt buckle was thus Inscribed with "GOD IS WITH US!").
    Another 75 years on and we the MAJORITY say F$CK ~u~ n~ yer FASCIST DOG SH$T!!!
    Standing against STUPID and that PUNK A$$ jimmy KKKrow ALL DAY LONG!!!

  39. Look at them scrambling to find a new attack method after finding no evidence of racism or white supremacy at the rally. I spent two hours on the Prayer side and two hours on the Antifa side, Prayer's side was full of civil discourse (never heard a single racist comment), while a colleague and friend of mine was physically attacked and called a "nazi" on the Antifa side simply for filming Antifa. Prayer/Proud Boys are not fascist groups.

  40. The fascists should be sent to live under a fascist regime to see how long they last. Maybe it could be a new reality show.

  41. Let's take that guy with the Pinochet shirt showing people thrown from helicopter and put him on the city street in Chile.

  42. i work at a grocery store, i once saw a philipino man who wore a shirt that said "shootfest 2017" with a picture of duterte!! i do not doubt this for one second!!

  43. I was there in downtown Portland that day. I was on the ANTIFA side. I talked to some of those White Supremacists. They were the worst kind of White supremacists, you know, the brown and black White Supremacists. They told me they weren't racists. We were having a really great conversation until my friends threw poop on me. But, I shouldn't have been talking to them, I was wrong. I still wonder how black and brown people can be White Supremacists, but I know they are because Rose City Antifa says so. They have pictures of a couple of them in the same park protesting one time. Fascists make me so angry! I like ANTIFA because we are right so we destroy innocent peoples property, but NOONE is innocent if you live in Trump's America. We are all guilty…except us…#walkaway

  44. I was there when this went down. Crazy. I wanted no part of the chaos. I was trying to sneak out of the area when I came across 12 antifa members sucking each other's cocks. They told me that's how they get ready for a fight. Didn't make sense to me but like I said I wanted no part of the fray

  45. @1:33 "these are what I would call multi-cultural, multi-ethnic fascist groups"………WTF ???????? you can`t make this shit up, comedy gold once again from another brainwashed cumstain

  46. You forget to mention that before antifa was hit with flash bangs they had been told numerous times by police to clear the intersection. That they walked into the event chanting 'all cops are bastards'. Then began to rain bottles, rocks and whatever else down on police.
    Meanwhile the right side stayed out of the street and did not provoke the police.
    Tell me something: why is antifa 97% white kids? And their dumbass professors?
    But there are multi ethnic fascist groups?
    How hard is it to believe that American minority groups might love their country and be nationalists?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  47. He just casually stated that Pinochet killed tens of thousands of people. I'm no Pinochet fan but I believe that the estimated deaths under his regime was around 3 thousand.

  48. LoL !!
    Neither side of those nitwits can smell each others Troll Poop even when they step in it!
    And for Democracy Now, thats a laugh too.

  49. Kinda hypocritical from the socialist left. Communist drones wearing Che Guevara shirts, A man who was a blood thirsty killer.

  50. It's just a rebranding effort because they know they need to do it to maximize their recruitment and support or at least minimize how badly society perceives them.

  51. BLACK PEOPLE: This is a worldwide multicultural rally against US!!! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “PEOPLE OF COLOR”, and the sooner you understand that WE HAVE NO FRIENDS, the sooner we’ll understand that we have to rely on OURSELVES against the MAIN proponent of evil, the Caucasian! All these other cock sucking groups will fall in line as soon as their MASTERS are sent back to Hell! That goes for the Hispanics and DOUBLY for Asians! NOBODY is as hated and hated on as much as black people, and everyone has the exact same reason for it….THEY AIN’T US!!!

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