49 thoughts on “Populist Bernie Ad Is Trump’s Kryptonite (And He Knows It)

  1. BERSA will make AMERICA GREAT, just like AMLO is making mexico great. these two guys could make wonderful things for the world.

  2. It's a good ad but Bernie is just as big a fraud as Trump. Come on!! Bernie helped the DNC steal more than 280 million dollars from his supporters.

  3. None of this will mean shit if Democrats don't vote in lockstep like the Republicans, EVEN IF there's something you don't like about the Democratic candidate. Republicans look at this whole thing like a team sport, regardless of the hypocrisy within their own party, and vote red down the ticket. Dems have to do the same thing. Also, Dems need to campaign outside their comfort zone, i.e. stop holding rallies in only SF, Seattle, and NY. Basically stop being pussies, because that's how we're viewed.

  4. You are a straight up clown and Bernie is already all done. Most of the country is not going to vote for a communist deal with it

  5. I just love this for those that support Trump. Another great one to send when you get the Trump MAGA 2020 folks making comments


  6. Elect bernie and the wealthy will make boat loads of money! And so will I! By betting against the US Economy. Elect a socialist who actually thinks he can tax people infinitely and you'll see every large corporation and wealthy elite leave this country to avoid the high taxes and you'll see the US economy tank. The best thing to do, put all your money in bearish investments. Watch the stock market drop every day. This will be a lot of fun for anyone who understands the market and the wealthy.

  7. An ad that is inherently dishonest? That speech was given in July 2017. 7 months of Trump's presidency. Sounds like that plant closing comes as a result of 8 years of bad policies in Washington rather than 7 months of a brand new president.

  8. I'm sorry this ad is stupid. Socialism will not bring those plants back. 😶 It's just going to make things worse…….plus in this ad only one town was mentioned. One town…..ONE TOWN. This is not enough to regain the votes of the thousands of former liberals who are now Republican. I know because I was one.

  9. Biden’s decision to run is the worst thing for the Democratic Party right now. And very suspicious in my opinion.
    I am thoroughly pissed off, as we all should be. I say we need anti-Biden campaigns, as bad as that sounds,.. sorry.
    Bernie campaign should be targeted on blasting trump like dynamite, which he so would. No room for error or risk here.
    I wish the the fucking Democratic establishment and msm would quit interfering, ie promoting Biden.

  10. There is nothing fair about life or politics. Trump took a few States that will not vote for him this time, and why he is concerned.

  11. Here’s another one to send to those that say, “He’s a commie!” “Socialist!”


  12. I lean center right and I voted for President Trump, and even I know Bernie Sanders would DESTROY Donald Trump in a LANDSLIDE.

  13. Trump's tariffs could have theoretically grown the steel, iron, and aluminum industries by about 33,400 jobs, according to a policy brief released by the Trade Partnership, a Washington-based pro-trade think tank. On the DARK SIDE; the tariffs are projected to wipe out more than 179,000 other jobs. That's about 146,000 JOBS LOST—5 – FIVE JOBS LOST FOR EVERY JOB GAINED!

    And Trump's supporters are finally waking up to the fact that it is his "tariffs" that is costing them their Jobs, He lied to them, that's what he does, lies; over 10,000 so far, and his own "products" are mostly made in China.
    So sad for the people that believed him.

    Here is a link to the article:


  14. But of course, most probably, the democrats will sabotage its election, and replace it with a neo-liberal war criminal

  15. Bernie is shit , he didn't do it the first time , it will be harder the second time around, you need
    Somebody that will slay trump
    From the start somebody young
    Credible and full of patriotism
    And compassion.

  16. One of the problems with moving jobs overseas is that the actual costs are not factored in to the cost of goods from other countries.

    In America we have laws regulating working hours. We have laws regulating health and safety of the workers. We have laws limiting where corporations can dump their waste. We have laws that force companies to pay a minimum wage. Other countries do not have these laws. America has decided that it's not ok to operate in total disregard for your employees, but that it's ok if another country does it.

    What is needed are tariffs. We need a schedule of tariffs that determine how all of these countries short their workers by dumping waste into rivers, working them 12 hour shifts, not paying them a living wage, operating dangerous work places, and apply them based on which worker protections they have in place. No minimum wage? 5% tariff on all goods. No EPA equivalent? 5% additional tariff. No OSHA equivalent? 5% tariff. etc.

    What is needed is to add back to cheap foreign goods the costs that they are saving by destroying their planet and killing their employees.

  17. If Bernie gets cheated again (which is already in the makings – see the polls), he must run as independent (is this possible). Maybe as Bernie – Tulsi …
    If he does not, all his supporters will feel betrayed.

  18. Love Love Love Joe Biden but Bernie Sanders is the real deal. He should've been US president number 45. He will be 46 in 2020 . It is the Democrats that will be his only Obstacle, not the Russians not Trump not the Republican party but the Democratic party.

  19. Excellent post Thanks for sharing. From an outsider looking in I say Go with Bernie… He is the ONLY one who has the welfare of the true working people at heart. If you cannot see his sincerity and his will to share the wealth with middle and lower class Americans you must truly be blind. I wish to God that we had him here in Canada. He is the light in the darkness…. Please people… don't let it go out. Vote for Bernie.

  20. Come on, Kyle. Come join the real left. Socialism. I don't just want my corporate master to be forced to treat me, the servant, with dignity. There is no dignity so long as I am a servant. I don't want to be arguing over how much I am paid. I want to be arguing over how much I keep for myself.

  21. I love Bernie. He has integrity and passion and the energy of a 20 year old! But. I don’t think the amount of socialism he wants is the answer. The corruption is too vast. Unless he can change the corrupt government then maybe it would work. The core has to be addressed first before anything can be fixed.

  22. Please get your friends and family to vote and caucus for Bernie. Bernie will call him out during the debates. Trump knows this.

  23. Unemployment rate dropped to the lowest it's Been in the past 50 years. So he did what he promised. Plants close down all the time for all kinds of reasons. Apparently thus place was due to close long before trump became president. But I know that unemployment rate really makes y'all mad because it completely contradicts your arguement. Gj

  24. So weeks after Trump takes office he's responsible for factory closings.the checks in the mail and I wont cum in your mouth.bernie is a nut.keep up voting rights for prisoners and Medicare for all.bury your ass even deeper.

  25. Welp you can blame your dumbass regulations lol all I can say

    Sincerely: Someone from the Rust Belt, who still supports Trump.

  26. Mr. Secular Talk, you need a real job. Bernie will not be the Democratic choice for POTUS. The party will never allow a socialist such a position because it divides the party in half. But we can cross our fingers because Bernie would be slaughtered. He's just another multi-millionaire, old, privileged, white guy, The truth be told if he were a true progressive he'd encourage a woman for the office…it's only fair.

  27. Trump: Believe me- I'll fix your problems. Believe me
    Sanders: If they don't treat you well, we won't give them money.

  28. Sanders needs to regulate social media before it loses any use it has left (and has that replaced with censorship and surveillance) to deregulation that being said everything needs regulations and Sanders policies otherwise all property will belong to the CEOs and citizens will have nothing

  29. This seems like fighting far right with far left, which may not be the best strategic move for 2020. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in some of the policies from Bernie; I’m just not convinced that those policies have broad enough support to gain any traction, even if the Democrats take everything back in 2020. One side pushes immigration, saying that we need a wall. Another side says we need universal healthcare, which would be really helpful. These are both extreme views, just in completely opposite directions on the political spectrum, with one being categorically flawed in its logic (try to guess which!). No matter who takes the white house, it may take multiple presidential terms just to fix everything that’s been laid to waste over the past two and a half years, to say nothing of getting policies in place that actually make sense. In the end result, it’s only his kryptonite if it actually works. Otherwise, it may just as well be his tapioca (or Big Mac, in the presidents's case).

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