12 thoughts on “Populism, Nationalism, And Trump's Anti-Managerial Revolution

  1. I think the truth about how "democracy" actually has to work is that only an alternative "ruler elite" can confront and overcome an existing "ruling elite." If you want to drive the banksters out of the money temple you need a strong alternative like Andrew Jackson, who has a lot of demagogic tendencies. The idea that "The People" can function as a "ruling class" unto themselves has proven to be impossible. I'm thinking my late grandmother had it about right when she used to say about politics, "We need a new set of crooks."

  2. After listening to 3 other videos with Continetti, I think I'm done. I haven't learned a damn thing from him, and he comes across as bored with what hes talking about as I am of listening to him. He seems to smack his lips when he talks, or something annoying I just can't place, its difficult to tell through the unbearable smugness of simply regurgitating what is popular.

    Donald Trump is bad because everyone knows he is bad. How fucking brave.

  3. never forget that hitlers fascist brown-shirts were a reaction to the violent Marxists rioting and causing mayhem in Germany. communism isn't less dangerous then fascism.

  4. the very same u.s. constitution is the same anglo-arab-african(AAA standards)slave trade in the Caribbean to fullfill the quest of the order and not the order of the quest.

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