14 thoughts on “Populism: How should economic policy respond? | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. AEI…. Just as bad as PNAC To destroy America to make USA weak beyond measure to prepare for teh new world order to destroy national borders except for israel as only israel deserve their borders and all muslims are pushed out of the middle east because jews say muslims have no culture worth to mention….. yeah jewish ideology…. Just call AEI the new head of the KKK

  2. The open borders policy is incompatible with conservatism, and is a completely distinct issue from the free market in goods, with which it should not be conflated. The idea comes from radical Whigs and Communists. All thinking conservatives should oppose it.

  3. The government isn't a charity….. Stop putting idiots on that tell us we should be forcibly stripped of wealth so people who deserve nothing can live well.

  4. Well Mike, you find any politicians that can even mention all those issues you did and we may have a start.

  5. Cut off almost all immigration, and develop our country into an economic-nationalist superpower. Free trade is sold as a lie, in reality it’s “undermining competition in America trade”

  6. Conservatism doesn't demand personal responsibility, personal reliance, and self discipline for conservatives though. It very deliberately forces those obligations down onto the very poorest and least well off, while the rich who benefit from that system snuggle up with the government, ignore all three, and use the protection of the government they've bought to shield them from consequences. How many decades did you think you could keep doing that for before people finally got tired of your shit?

  7. You don't think some issues you brought up are related? Immigration and sluggish wage growth for example?

  8. This is fairly poor presentation, lacking almost all substance, and mostly talking in generalities. It basically says, stick to your guns. The paper actually has a portion that addresses positive changes that are an alternative to the populist policies.

  9. Down voted because of Ronald Regan image. The president who trashed the community hospital system sending thousands of mentally ill people into the streets and then declared those people who are on the streets are there because "..they want to be..". He also scuttled the Fairness In Broadcasting Doctrine that exhorted broadcasters to "broadcast int the public interest". We can see the results of that pathetic decision today in most all news media. The president who would not address the AIDS health crisis in a timely manner. The president who was the first to bail out big banks during the S and L crisis. What a neocon jackass!!

  10. If you don't like populism then stop being despicable hypocrites every time you hold power. The entire reason why populism has taken a meteoric rise is because you people have done exactly nothing to counter the systemic cronyism that dominates the body politic.

  11. Less government, more freedom. That's always the best answer. We're heading in the right direction, but if don't get entitlement spending under control then we're still in big trouble.

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