12 thoughts on “Populism and the Green New Deal | Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis [The DMZ]

  1. AOC does care about the deficit. Why is there so much reaction saying she's not?? She doesn't have the details, but it's too early for the details…she's just getting the energy moved in that direction. She's already said that a $1 invested in infrastructure returns more than a $1 tax break does. That's a start. She's in this for the long haul….she's young. She speaks for the vast majority of people under 40 yrs old….there will be plenty of time to hash out the details. She does NOT want to just spend regardless of the deficit. Bill, since when does the far Left not actually care about govt solvency?

  2. Trump was right to quit the Paris Agreement, cos
    problems will not be solved by money squandering bureaucrats and activist 'scientists' .

  3. mayor pete is pretty ok, he ran for DNC chair and had some solid support from the left, he has some decent ideas. this is my last comment. bernie has about 20k rabid volunteers waiting to knock doors for him on day 1. keep this in mind

  4. Matt's comments on Trump's Emergency declaration raises the question: is Matt stupid or dishonest? Obama gave us DACA. We have 26 still open presidential emergencies. The idea that this is bad because it will set a "precedent" is absurd. Like Rubio and Collins Matt Lewis is just hiding his support for open borders behind some phony principle.

  5. you guys need to read polls, everything AOC proposed has a plurality of support, and most time, a majority support

  6. What if 8 are still in it come convention time with no one over 20%? What sort of platform would that produce and which candidate would be likeliest to emerge? How much sense would an intersectional platform headed by Rustbelt Joe make?

  7. dems messaging on climate change has been so poor, that green new deal is necesary now, if they woulda tackled this 30 years ago, you coulda did a moderate deal but you punted. if you give a milqutoast overton window mover now, you're gonna punt again. this proposal will at least get the GOP moving from " climate change is a hoax". the shit libs don't know how to politic, she does and now she owns the party

  8. There is almost zero chance a white male will win the Dem nomination. This race is between Harris and Klobachar. CNN has them 1 and 2 in the rankings. They're basically ignoring everyone else. My money is on Harris.

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