30 thoughts on “Pope Francis on Nationalism, Anti-Semitism, & Migrants

  1. Promoting nationalism, in a positive way, that respects other nations and peoples, would be good for the Church — especially for Europe and the West in general. But, we won't have any of from this Anti-Pope — instead, he spouts Kosher-approved talking points to his "flock".

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  2. And now I am again justified in bailing on Catholicism. This Marxist Jesuit Jewish Supremacy loving Pope – I’m done with this guy. He is not my Vicar, my Monarch…. he is just another NWO stooge.

  3. Learn HISTORY… from other than your classroom~
    Prophet Mohammad warned…the goat hearders from the Arabian desert… Are some of the greatest Hypocrites on Earth… Though there will be blessed among them! I feel sorry for those blessed Among them! The BLESSED WILL BE THOSE FROM THE SHAM REGION~ Which is Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Money is the root of all EVIL! DON'T FALL FOR THE BELIEF THAT THE GULF STATES REPRESENT ISLAM!
    Better a poor man with INTEGRITY than a rich man with crooked ways~

  4. LOL, The Pope lives in the most secure private society in the world & tells others that nationalism is bad. The Pope says that its your duty to open your borders but try walking up to his door & asking if you can stay. People are not Nationalist because they fear foreigners or believe everything is a foreigners fault. They are Nationalist because they love there country & put they fellow citizens first. Typical Communist way of misrepresenting the actions & views of a nation or ideology your trying to destroy. Sadly the Catholic Church has become just another Jewish Puppet.

  5. pardon the story: i remember taking an honors engl. class from a prof. who maintained that there was a schism along catholic and protestant lines going back to john and paul (my 2 least favorite beatles, mind you) and that st. john was exemplified by the christian morals in crime and punishment while a paulist author would have looked inward less and been "more proselytizing, like the protestants." given that there are christian missionaries of all sects, and that under internationally regarded colonialism, islam and catholicism have perpetrated the greatest hemoclysm and genocides *strictly in the name of god*, i still look back and laugh at this man.

  6. Why doesn't he say one word about the genital mutilation of boys? He must not believe we were all created in God's image.

  7. is true that you must help people in need if you believe in christ, but if jews like george soros are helping migrant is something else, this Jesuit homosexual mafia, dont believe in christ.

  8. Muhammad Ali was marvelous with his rope a pope… err rope a dope technique… looks like the pope was a fan.

  9. Why we have so many branches of Christianity? Cause corrupt greedy people use faithful people to milk

  10. Francis the Black spouts this scripted garbage from behind the protection of 10 story rock walls ….
    Devil NWO Shill

  11. This isn't the holy roman empire anymore. US constitution separated church and state for a reason. That means ZOG has no legal right to expect us to obey the pope any more than the leading chabbad rabbis

  12. I wonder for all this negative attitude for the church towards walls one must ask himself why does a tall strong wall surround the Papacy?

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