Pompeo testifies before Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Pompeo testifies before Senate Foreign Relations Committee

42 thoughts on “Pompeo testifies before Senate Foreign Relations Committee

  1. The US is breaking international law by being in Syria, get the hell out and protect your own borders.

  2. Talk about interference in elections, the US has a long record of toppling legitimate governments around the world and now its pointing the finger at Russia what a joke.North Korea has a legitimate reason for having nuclear weapons. Look what happened to Libya and Syria, have you seen the US attack a country that has a nuclear weapon.

  3. who's killed the most people george bush or saddam hussein? tony blair or colonel gadaffi? we interfere in these countries and only make matters worse, trump should get the nobel peace prize for his initiatives

  4. i dont even like trump very much, but the idiocy of the extreme lib dems has helped him more than anything he has done.

  5. Let’s keep in mind that Lil Bobby Corker wrote the Iran deal and Menendez is a pedophile that bought off the jury, mistrial. Watch the video knowing that. Yikes. Twisting everything Trump is doing… corker and Menendez are vile people. Pedophiles who harm children deserve to be castrated.

  6. not paying the washington post no homage going to some other coverage. screw yall partisan, write your stories to the word within legality bullshit.

  7. Lol I'm sorry if you get offended but the guy asking him questions is a complete joke, asks a question the gets a answer then just repeats it again. Acting like a 3 year old begging for a toy at Walmart and I'f you tell him no he just a repeats hin self over and over kinda like what I just did. Ask intelligent questions not the same thing over and over. Presidents always have private meetings with world leaders yet now it's a big deal? Also can he fucking let the guy talk for christ sake? You want a answer then use your ears instead of interrupting everytime he tries giving you a answer. If you like what he says or not, you have to actual listen and not interrupt when you hear something you dont like.

  8. Also no man in government should be that secret, ever. If you're representing a large population of people 'secret' is no longer in your vocabulary. Neither is privacy.

  9. America: elects a misogynistic xenophobic psychopath as president, later regrets it and then promptly struggles to come up with a more recent reason to criticize him to the point of embarrassment. I know math is hard for you, but try to understand that Russia has way more important things to do than pull off a half ass attempt to get Trump elected. Putin has an entire country to worry about controlling. Throughout all of this bullshit I have yet to hear a single incentive for Russia to give a damn about the U.S. election. I can't wait to move away from this country and their embarrassingly low IQ. I feel humiliated to be a US citizen

  10. Senator should be asking Trump about Trump's statement. Pompeo can only talk about policy because that's what the administration goes by, that's what determines the administration's action. Pompeo can't define Trump's statement, only Trump can do that.
    Pompeo ruled on this one.

  11. "We don't know what the truth is"…"You do"…the most important part of this entire thing. The democrats are lying to their base, and they know we know it.

  12. whenever i see a trending political video. I usually hope that the comments are disabled because Its a warzone in the comment section. Save yourselves from the bloodshed my brothers and sisters.

  13. Washington post is fake news. I watched all life in YouTube and love Pompeo answers. Very smart guy. 👍🏼

  14. How come when Obama met with Putin and on microphone said to Putin quote " after the election,l can be more flexible "unquote. We didn't have Hearings! Trump 2020!

  15. The honorable? Did I read that clearly? Compared to what or whom, the Geico gecko? And how did he receive that title, from a box of Cheerios? Gimme a frigging break.

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