36 thoughts on “Politics Unboringed – How does British democracy work?

  1. 1:08 The whole thing is funny start to finish, and very informative, but dozens of replays later I'm still laughing like an idiot about this part.

  2. It does not work . Democracy in Britain is dead , finished since you joined the EU . Failure to honor the peoples Brexit vote proves beyond any shadow of doubt , it's dead.
    The EU make the rules for the UK to follow like ants in a line .

  3. Jay foreman: wears gloves to prevent contaminating the book
    Also Jay Foreman later: tears the page in the book

  4. It's the same in Canada except we have a Governor General who represents the queen and the House of Lords is called senate.

  5. "How does British democracy work?"
    It doesn't.

    Yeah, I know, commenting this 5 years after the video was posted and as Brexit is STILL going on… ugh…

  6. I’ve watched this video about 20 times.
    And I’ve just noticed you were playing ween. I love you jay.

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