23 thoughts on “Politics & Pints with Andrew Yang

  1. This may be the highest quality Andrew Yang interview video on youtube in both production and speaking points.

  2. Hi I am telling anyone that will listen and I gave to Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang 2020 I love Mr Yang's energy and his message

  3. Truck drivers only make avg 50k? I hope thats net. Housing and Healthcare is insanely high. $4000 for a studio in San Francisco, if yoy can get one. $7500 for a two bedroom. $600/month for my health insurance , thank goodness 100% paid by my employer. 57% of americans cant come up with $500 for unexpected expense!!! Jesus, we need Yang!!

  4. 11:03 first video in which Andrew explains how hyperinflation will not be possible in response to "everyone" having $1000. This is important

  5. He's so right about automation, we have to get in front of this vacuum of wealth going to the A.I. giants that will sprout up in the coming decades. installing UBI is the first safety net to protect the poor and lower end middle class lifestyles. I LOVE YANG 2020!

  6. The truckers just need to get together and buy automated trucks bro and sit at home and count the money ….Problem solve and take your $1,000 also on the way …🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. I have to say myself, everyone around me tends to lean more conservative and republican. And I do too on a few things, one being free money. So I’ve been trying to do a lot of my own research and I’ve been looking into this guy nonstop for a week. I find myself up at the wee hours of the mornings still watching and listening, trying to truly decide. He makes a lot of sense. But then again, so do some of the voices that have spoken against him. I’ve heard him be called a con man, that the freedom dividend is a bribe. And I’m still very unsure. Though, and maybe this is the problem, I’m more hopeful that not.

  8. Like Elon Musk and the Rest of these big wigs say were going to need UBI theres not really a choice, Automation is coming wether we like it or not

  9. I'm a fan of Andrew Yang. His vision is big and it does address the risks that developed countries are facing with automation, robotics and AI. When ATM's reduced the need for bank tellers, they reduced the need for bank branches, they reduced the need for bank managers in every branch. And on and on it goes. Today, even fund manager jobs are under risk.

  10. Automation ,AI ,robotics, drverless cars are also happening in china . no staff restaurants , retail shops, ports, hotels ,convenience stores, warehouses, drone deliveries , ecommerce , etc. AI insurance and doctor consultation online. Lol. It is happening even faster in this part of the world. Fir the Chinese cost control or cost cutting is the mantra. It means being cheap. They just want to do away the employees. No joke ,man.

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