Politics, Not Ideology, Drive Russian Interests in Venezuela

Politics, Not Ideology, Drive Russian Interests in Venezuela

atop the Russian Foreign Ministry headquarters all Soviet symbols continue to dominate Karl Marx washes over commuters in downtown Moscow where Lenin is omnipresent both on the streets and on the ground but those vestiges are all that is left of Russian socialism old ideological concepts do not explain the Kremlin support for Nicolas Maduro today say analysts important prisoner aid Silverhawks problem Putin's position is that of a right-wing Christian nationalist in Europe Putin supports the radical right and populist in Latin America he supports the left in Cuba Ortega in Nicaragua or Maduro in Russia today the main ideology is anti Americanism the latest US sanctions again as the Maduro government have started to inflict damage reports say the oil giant Lukoil has frozen its contracts with the Venezuelan state oil company however there is not much between Caracas and Moscow in the way of trade note analysts they say the military component is much more important it says National Iranian economic ties are few to start it's far away and it's very complicated for small and medium-sized businesses to invest there especially because the Venezuelan economy is not good at this time and private companies are afraid of going there since there is no confidence in the regime stability my immune system osmond Islamic military interests are likely to be the most significant they might play an even bigger role than any money that was spent invested here and might later be lost the potential new conditions in Manila have forced several million people to leave the country most do not head to Russia but this is where our fil Davila arrived seven years ago to rebuild his life ma be on foot aru there was no viable future that I could see this is why my search for a better future for prosperity had to be outside of Venezuela and Boko Haram mejor de Villa wants a change of government in Venezuela even though the country that hosts him Russia supports the same regime that forced him to flee yet more Russian government was not the same as the Russian people the Russian government of course has its commercial interest in Venezuela and has its own concerns about what will come of this change of government Russia is calling on the government of Venezuela to start a dialogue in the hopes of ending the impasse and safeguarding its interests for Accardo makinia in Moscow Igor Teja nyanko do a news

5 thoughts on “Politics, Not Ideology, Drive Russian Interests in Venezuela

  1. There is alot of propaganda that the former Russian SFSR is“capitalist” economy and the same is said of China. Neither is true. Russia is a mixed market economy. Capitalism is based on private ownership of means of production. There is private property, capital accumulation, wage labor, competitive pricing and market competition. In Russia, strategic means of production is still owned by the state. There are no privately owned oil refineries, farms, factories. But unlike the Socialist system, non-strategic “means of production” — companies, small businesses, may be privately owned. This isn’t capitalism according to definition.
    In real capitalism pricing, distribution of wealth, and investments are made by CEOs, Moguls and owners of big economic assets. In Russia this is the job of Minister of Finance (Министер финансов). Existence of Oligarchs doesn’t make Russia capitalist. They are not politicians, have no political power except through corruption, exist in small numbers and play no integral role in the country’s economy.

  2. maduros army has stopped humanitarian aid so usa will unstop it. hopefully russia gets their money back and understands.

  3. "Politics, Not Ideology, Drive Russian Interests in Venezuela"
    So what is worse…Russia supporting them for political reasons…or the US for the money…more so to control the flow of oil …cause as long as the US can control the output of oil…they can control the price keeping prices low which in turn is hurting the Russian economy…hurting all countries whose economy depends on the price of a barrel of oil…most of which are not allies of the West…
    So if Venezuela is controlled by the US…anyone wanting to buy their oil must do so with the Petro or American dollar…which is the only reason why it is worth more then shit paper to wipe your ass with…

  4. Call it what is … OIL . Russia wants it . A dictator in Venezuela, a dictator in Russia , and a dictator in the US .

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