Politics Nation: Voter I.D. Disaster – SNL

Politics Nation: Voter I.D. Disaster – SNL

33 thoughts on “Politics Nation: Voter I.D. Disaster – SNL

  1. WTF? Why would they give that scumbag Sharpton a platform. He creates far more division & inequality than anyone for nothing more than his personal gain. He’s an absolutely disgusting human being.

  2. Wow the first time I seen him sideways!! Sharpton head looks like the Aliens for the Alien movie! One of the biggest criminals allowed to walk the streets free. To Promote hate with in the USA! such a shame!

  3. #TRUMP2020 will have black approval rating that will get him re-elected in a landslide homies!

  4. I personally would like to see Kenan angry… Like I wonder what he looks like when he’s angry… He’s always smiling

  5. Hey, Bernie is also a New Yorker and he did fight in the Civil rights movement, when it was still radical and he didn't just attended, he lead the movement with others. He has always been the same Bernie and has brought radical ideas that are now the whole party's mantra. I love Bernie, but I don't know abt black and Latino men and women, esp the older ones. But who knows …

  6. ted cruz' score was way too high, i suspect voter fraud! or maybe something's wrong with the al gore rhythm.

  7. The funniest thing about this skit was how badly they underestimated Trump’s support by African American voters. Heads have been exploding ever since.

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