2 thoughts on “Politics in South Sudan

  1. Mr. Akool is one of few most respected people by me in the Sudanese Mafia.

    My heart is broken that after all the effort to broke away from the north (I am a northern) that my brothers has to keep fighting another Authoritarian regime.

    Hope has died in me when south Sudanese government intentionally started segregation & dividing our people.

    Fuck you all (freedom fighters)

  2. The willy and too-clever-to-admit, Lam Akol, is as culpable as his antagonist, president Salva Kiir in the causation of the crises and the failure of the nation. If truth be told, Lam Akol shouldn't have joined the Kiir tyranny in the first place.
    Lam served, facilitated Kiir in destroying South Sudan, period!!
    True Nationalist

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