Politicians Want A Raise

Politicians Want A Raise

House Democrats have decided to do away with legislation that would give themselves a raise and part of the reason why they've made this decision is because there are vulnerable Democrats in swing districts who are concerned that giving themselves a raise would not play well with the constituents close to a dozen vulnerable swing district Democratic freshmen had submitted or co-sponsored amendments to block the pay raise underscoring the sensitivity of the issue so I want to give you some numbers because if members of Congress who by the way still haven't increased the minimum wage to a living wage we're making $50,000 a year and then they were expected to live in their hometown or wherever they were elected and then constantly traveled back and forth to Washington DC and they need to have a place in Washington DC I get it I get it but they're making damn-near to $200,000 okay so let me give you the numbers first off members of Congress have had their pay frozen since 2009 so this is the reason why some members of the House want to increase or give themselves a raise but some lawmakers in recent years including House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer have advocated for returning to the annual cost-of-living adjustments meaning hey let's adjust our our pay based on inflation right so by the way I have a plan to fix this so we'll get to that in a second okay so I want to skip ahead and give you a sense of how much they're actually making rank-and-file members of Congress currently earned one hundred seventy four thousand dollars per year members of leadership though can earn more with the speaker making two hundred twenty three thousand five hundred annually and the House majority and minority leaders earning one hundred ninety three thousand four hundred dollars now I also want to draw your attention to a headline that I thought was relevant to this conversation the typical US Congress member is twelve times richer than the typical American household also yes the median member of the US Congress was worth at least 1.1 million dollars and that rises that low yeah for them I mean for a regular person that's an astounding amount of money look I I was actually gonna Steny Hoyer this race and I was gonna get a little salty with him but then I looked into his net value or net worth yeah and I was pretty shocked to find that his net worth is 76 thousand dollars now no yes they had that's according to open secrets and Henry truth there is a little caveat though they do not have to report the value of their home right so he might have a home that's worth a lot of money I don't know you you're not forced to disclose that and it's not included in your your net value but in this case it is for everyone else like if you're being you know analyzed by a bank for a loan of course they're gonna include that but in the case of members of Congress they don't include that it's inconceivable that he has that little money yeah way and no way I don't know where he's keeping it okay but now let's talk about the asses of the issue though look there actually is a reason to give them raises if things were working normal which they're not anywhere near normal so for example if we banned private financing of Elections and we have public financing and we've got representatives that are actually working for us but we you can't ban lobbying not really right is so then they're gonna have an incentive to actually become lobbyists and make ten times as much or five times as much as cetera and AOC has made this point well okay if we're gonna ban them from becoming lobbyists as her and Ted Cruz amazingly are working on together then okay you could raise their wages so that they don't have to like be dying to go work as lobbyists and angling for that etc but right now the corruption is rampant thanks so there I mean so this is not a situation where I would say like oh my god poor congressmen they really need a raise there needs to be a law passed that prevents them from working as lobbyist period right yes let me tell you something there's no amount of money that we can give them in the form of a raise to dissuade them from working as lobbyists they end up making millions in some cases as lobbyists what we're gonna pay them millions of dollars a year to do nothing in Congress no III agree with that but again it's because the corruption is is near a hundred percent at this point so if we could begin to fix the system then I actually think that paying not only Congress but their staffers a lot of money is not such a bad thinking about like oh my god I can't believe we're giving money to politicians it's a lot better that we give it to them then they're incentivized to go join the bad guys and rip us off because that'll cost us way more money but now back to earth and the reality of today look here's my simple proposal how about we track congressional wages with the wages of the American workers oh yeah so because wages have stagnated and flatlined for the last 40 years so we'll give you as much of a raise as you've given us I love it ok now and you can say hey no one congressman at any one time is responsible for the wages over the last 40 years but is Congress largely responsible for that overall yes because they're the ones who passed the law saying you got to pay more in payroll tax the corporations have to pay less in taxes overall now I'm gonna deregulate the corporations I'm gonna take away more and more collective bargaining rights from workers so you can't raise your wages I'm gonna take corporates donor money and serve them and make sure that they can keep your wages incredibly low no so you did this you created a situation where our way just having gone up in 40 years so you'll excuse us if we don't shed a tear for your wages I need to give you a few more numbers because it just kind of blew my mind so my assumption was yeah there are rich members of Congress people who became a wealthy before they were elected into office and the majority of those people are Republicans but that's not necessarily true in fact the numbers have been changing considerably in recent years so first the median net worth of a senator was 3.2 million dollars versus 900,000 for members of the House of Representatives so this is based on the same study that I had mentioned earlier right now if you look at Democrats versus Republicans on their wealth look at this graph it blew me away all right so if you look through the years of course Republicans were more way more and Democrats were worth less but as the years went on between 2004 to 2015 at some point Democrats actually became more wealthy than Republicans did so let me explain why that phenomenon happening does that mean that the Democratic Party is becoming more corrupt partly and so but let's dive into the details so the way that it works is it's not that they make more money when they're in office so for example Joe Biden actually did not make very much money for a long long time well as he was a senator because at that point he couldn't cash in in a lot of the ways that you can after you leave office that's not what's happening largely what's happening is they're originally picking richer people to run for office so throughout the years that kept picking richer and richer and richer people why because the that's their main criteria for selection I have a friend who thought about running for Congress in Virginia and he went and talked all the way up to the governor and the head of the party in Virginia and they never once asked him a policy question they just asked how much money do you have do you run a business and how many rich people do you know I'm not kidding and I'm not exaggerating because oh we gotta raise money letter raise money you gotta raise money letter raise money money money money money money so if a candidate has a lot of money or is has run their own business they're like yes if you're just a regular person you're on a cash register you're a teacher you're a plumber feel like parties like mr. poor you in fact will get us in our allies to spend a lot of money against you in the primaries and that is how they weed out the average American and that is how the Democratic Party got the label of being elitist even though the Republican Party supports positions and policies that are way more elitist much more in favor of the rich but all Democrats have gone along with that quietly a lot of times either by a voting with them or quietly surrendering without a fight that's because they're picking rich people to begin with because of the corrupt system that we have on the go don't worry we've got you covered you still listen to TYT at our new podcast network find us on Apple podcast at Google Play Store or at TYT comm slash podcast

29 thoughts on “Politicians Want A Raise

  1. We the people are NOT greedy corporate bosses and their major investors, we can give politicians "annual cost of living adjustment" wages, if they support increasing minimum wages to "annual cost of living adjustment" wage for all.

  2. "Annual cost of living adjustments" I support this for politicians if they support
    increase minimum wages to "annual cost of living adjustments" wages.
    i.e. live able wages.
    Let's work together on this and we can all benefit fair enough?

  3. AOC is pushing this bill. Is this normal practice for socialists to demand raises after working a few months.

  4. Teachers all over this country – in some of the most challenging places to teach, have been living through pay CUTS and freezes on and off for a decade and more….and they do not make anywhere near $1000,000. By the way, AOC is fighting FOR a raise – and she hasn't even been there for a single year!!! Ana is right about a law against becoming lobbyists after their terms – not giving them huge raises!

  5. How about we give are military a 4,500 dollar raise. It's 16,000,000,000 ruffly. And can be designated from are military budget. Adds no cost . No new taxes needed.

  6. We need a 5 party system. There was 7 or 8 250 years ago. We need to change the standards of the ballet.

  7. The Corporate Dems and ALL of the Dem leadership don't want a regular person off the street to run because he or she would be standing up for the regular people that they're supposed to be working for and not just covering the billionaires asses.

  8. cenk admits that the democrats don't care about polices just money.

    but then lies and says the republicans are worse.

  9. Just be glad that even if they voted themselves a raise it can't go into effect until after the next election, so those that would vote for it might not even be in office when it goes into effect

  10. Rather interesting in this video you guys don't mention AOC when she has been one of the loudest voices about this issue

  11. The only peoples who can give them a rise is the vote every four year when they vote for them, congress and senator.

  12. Have wages linked to working hours (they work a lot so they deserve more) based on the median income of similar positions in the public secor administration. Have social housing that congress provides (so they don't have to have a second residence) and finally subsidize their travel to and from home state ONLY via expenditures. If they need the money to be able to do the job, then we can also make it very transparent about why they get the money they get. Everyone else in the public sector does, why don't they?

  13. Let’s build congressional dormitories so they don’t have to pay for two residencies. But no way in hell these people deserve a raise.

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