Politicians React to Shootings in El Paso and Dayton: A Closer Look

Politicians React to Shootings in El Paso and Dayton: A Closer Look

-We’d like to begin tonight by saying a few words about the horrific mass
shootings in Dayton and El Paso. This was a heartbreaking weekend
of unspeakable tragedy and, yet, one that disturbingly
feels all too familiar. Of course, as we all know
by now, there’s an epidemic of gun violence and mass
shootings in this country and, no matter how difficult,
we cannot become numb to it, but it’s also not just
about guns. The shooting in El Paso was an act of white supremacist
domestic terrorism specifically targeting
Hispanics. It’s a threat that is
growing and real. These are facts we must look
squarely in the eye, no matter how monstrous. The spread of violent white
supremacy has been fueled by racist vitriol; warning of invasions
by immigrants, language that is
frequently echoed by right-wing media outlets
and, of course, the president; and, on top of that,
there is, of course, too much easy access to weapons
of war that should be outlawed. This is a moment that demands
moral clarity and urgency from our
political leaders and so, now that we’re seeing
the political world react, we thought we might
at least try to offer a few thoughts
on what’s happening. For more on this, it’s time for
“A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ]
[ Cheer and applause ] [ Applause continues ] As of Sunday, we’ve had 251
mass shootings in this country, in just 216 days. And, first, let’s just make
clear, right off the bat, that we know there is
a clear correlation between the number of guns
we have in this country and the number of gun-related
deaths we have in this country. For one thing, America has 4.4%
of the world’s population, but almost half
of its civilian-owned guns. I mean, just look at this chart
from the website Vox, comparing gun ownership
to gun-related deaths. Here are a bunch of other
developed countries and here’s where we are. We’re farther away
from the UK on this chart than we are in real life. [ Laughter ]
There are proven, straightforward,
widely popular ways that we can at least begin
to address this epidemic of gun violence
and then, of course, there’s the issue
of the president’s racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric and the growing threat
of white supremacy. Our political leaders
should have to answer for where they stand on these
issues, and, yet, at first, some senior Republicans
refused to even go on TV and answer questions about it, as CNN’s Jake Tapper noted on his show on Sunday morning. -We’re gonna talk
with at least four presidential candidates today
about what they would do to stop this epidemic
of mass shootings and shootings. We should note that we invited
the Republican governor, lieutenant governor, and both
Republican U.S. senators representing Texas
to join us this morning. They all declined. The Republican governor
of Ohio also declined. We also asked the White House
to provide someone to discuss these shootings. That request, too, was declined. -So, basically, we tried to get
the Republican governor and lieutenant governor,
senior senator, junior senator, the Republican dogcatcher,
the Republican [ Laughter ]
sanitation commissioner. We even tried to get
the Republican elephant, but it literally ran away. [ Laughter fading ]
[ Zap! ] Let me just say,
as a general rule, when you’re spending all
of your time dodging questions from journalists and reporters, that usually means you’re
on the wrong side of history. It’s like when the president
tweeted his racist attacks on four Democratic
congresswomen of color, Republicans literally ran into
elevators to avoid reporters. -He said that these
progressive congresswomen should go back
to their countries. I’m wondering what your
reaction is to that. -I’m working hard as I can
on reducing healthcare costs.
[ Elevator chimes ] I’m not giving
a daily commentary on the president’s tweets.
-But these are, you know, racist tweets. Do you have any concerns
about it? -The president said that
these minority congresswomen should go back
to their countries. Do you have a response? -I hadn’t read that,
but I’ll go check it out. [ Laughter ]
Man, at this point, if reporters want an answer,
they’re going to have to start dressing up
as elevator operators. [ Laughter ] And then, when Republicans
finally did speak up, they acted as if the reasons
for these attacks were somehow mysterious,
even though we know the facts about the epidemic of gun deaths and mass shootings
in this country and we know that the threat of white supremacist terrorism
is growing and real. For example, Texas senator
John Cornyn tweeted: “For every complex problem, there’s an answer that is
clear, simple and wrong. Sadly, there are some issues, like homelessness
and these shootings, where we simply don’t have
all the answers.” Hey, man, don’t throw in
a second problem, like homelessness, you’re also
not doing anything about, [ Laughter ]
as a smokescreen for the first problem. That’s like telling your wife, “There are a lot of reasons our marriage is failing,
like my multiple affairs or the fact that you’re always
mad about my multiple affairs.” [ Laughter and applause ] You’re not gonna get
all the answers if you refuse to ask any
of the questions, but these guys have to pretend
this is some sort of unsolvable problem
because they’re beholden to powerful lobbies, like
gun manufacturers and the NRA. It’s the same reason why,
once Republicans did start going on TV to talk
about the shootings, they didn’t blame
virulent white supremacy or wide availability of
military-style assault weapons. Instead, they,
once again, focused on a favorite scapegoat
of theirs: video games. -How long are we gonna let,
for example, and ignore, at the federal
level, particularly, where they can do something
about the video game industry? I see a video game industry that
teaches young people to kill. -The idea of these video games,
to dehumanize individuals, to have a game of shooting
individuals and others, I’ve always felt that is
a problem for, um, future generations and others. -You’re blamin’ video games? You do know that other countries
have video games, too, right? Japan has a huge gaming culture
and very few gun deaths. If video games
were so influential, they should make one
about Congress called [Bleep] Do Something. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Whistling ] And, as we all know, [ Whistling and applause ]
as we all know, there are commonsense gun safety
measures that are supported by a vast majority of Americans, that we could easily pass
right now, that would at least begin
to help in reducing the frequency and intensity
of these horrific attacks. In fact, the House just passed
gun safety legislation a few months ago,
but it’s been blocked in the Senate by Mitch McConnell
and, on Sunday, Ohio congressman Tim Ryan
called McConnell out on MSNBC. -There is a bottleneck
in the United States Senate with Mitch McConnell. We passed, in the
House of Representatives, a few weeks back,
background checks, a basic step that 90% of the
American people support, and the Republicans need to,
quite frankly, get their [bleep] together
and stop pandering to the NRA. -Damn, members of Congress
are cursing on cable now! [ Laughter ]
Good! If there were ever a time for cursing, this is it. This is an emergency! Next time Tim Ryan gives
a speech on the House floor, C-SPAN’s gonna have
to bleep most of it. -President Trump, [bleep] my [prolonged bleep]
[ Laughter and applause ] And, of course,
it’s not just McConnell blocking gun safety measures. It’s also the gun lobby and,
particularly, the NRA. Even Trump,
at a meeting with lawmakers after the Parkland shooting, blurted out
that they were afraid of tightening gun restrictions
because of the power of the NRA. -It doesn’t make sense
that I have to wait ’til I’m 21 to get a handgun, but I can
get this weapon at 18. I don’t know.
So I was just curious as to what you did in your bill. -We did not address it. -We didn’t address it,
Mr. President. -You know why? ‘Cause you’re
afraid of the NRA, right? -I think you underestimate
the power of the gun lobby. -No, no. I tell you what. They do have great power.
I agree with it. They have great power
over you people. -There are a few times
I’m glad he’s a moron [ Laughter and applause ]
because he just accidentally tells the truth.
He’s like the racist uncle at the family gathering
who’s constantly saying offensive stuff,
but, once in a while, because he has no filter,
he’ll just blurt out something everyone’s thinkin’,
like, “That Susan really likes
her wine, doesn’t she?” [ Laughter ] “What is that, like,
her fifth glass?” [ Laughter ] Moments like this, you, at least theoretically, want a political leader to console and provide
moral leadership, but we know Trump’s
incapable of that because of the racist
vitriol he’s spewed since the day
he launched his campaign. He’s demonized
undocumented immigrants as rapists and criminals, called migrants seeking asylum
an invasion, and so, it wasn’t
very believable when he offered
this brief statement after leaving his New Jersey
golf resort on Sunday. -Hate has no place
in our country and we’re gonna take care of it. We have to get it stopped. This has been going on
for years. For years and years
in our country and we have to get it stopped. And a lotta things are in the
works and a lot of good things and we have done much more
than most administrations and it’s really not talked
about very much, but we’ve done, actually, a lot so, a lot of things
are happening. A lot of things are
happening right now. -Oh, my God,
our president sounds like a guy who took
too many mushrooms [ Laughter ]
at a carnival. [as Trump] A lotta things
are happening right now. [ Smattering of applause ]
A lotta. [ Laughter, clapping ] This morning, Trump spoke
from the White House and condemned
hatred and violence and white supremacy,
specifically, but, of course,
it’s hard to take anything he reads
off a teleprompter seriously after all his previous comments. Beto O’Rourke summed it up
when he offered this response to a question from a reporter
about whether Trump could do anything
to make things better. Is there anything in your mind
that the president can do now to make this any better? -What do you think? You know the [bleep]
he’s been saying. He’s been calling
Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. I don’t know.
Like, members of the press, what the [bleep]? [ Laughter and applause ]
Hold on a second. You know, I-I–
It’s these questions that you know the answers to. I mean, connect the dots about what he’s been doing
in this country. He’s not tolerating racism. He’s promoting racism. He’s not tolerating violence. He’s inciting racism
and violence in this country. So, you know, I just — I don’t know what kinda
question that is. -Yeah, he’s right, and, again, if there was a time
for swearing, this is it. In fact, with all the swearing,
at the next debate, they’re gonna have to put Beto
and Tim Ryan on a new program called “C-SPAN after Dark.” [ Laughter and applause ]
And, sure enough, when Trump did read
off the teleprompter today, he ticked through the usual
scapegoats he has in the past, mental illness, video games,
and did it flatly. -We must reform our
mental health laws to better identify
mentally disturbed individuals who may commit act of violence and make sure those people
not only get treatment, but, when necessary,
involuntary confinement. Mental illness and hatred
pulls the trigger, not the gun. -First of all, he’s wrong. Second, he sounds
like a fourth grader auditioning for the role of the
scarecrow in “Wizard of Oz.” [ Laughter ]
[as Trump] I would like, uh — Line. [ Laughter ] Brian. [ Laughter ]
This was a horrific weekend of tragedy and heartbreak that no one should ever
have to bear. All decent people, everywhere, should set themselves
to the task of stopping this and expressing solidarity with
and support for the oppressed,
marginalized communities targeted by this hatred
and violence. And, as for our
political leaders, the ones who are supposed
to be protecting us, all we say is they need to — -Get their [bleep] together. [ Laughter ]
This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheering and applause ]

100 thoughts on “Politicians React to Shootings in El Paso and Dayton: A Closer Look

  1. Well, at least the responses from both Tim Ryan and Beto O'Rourke show that the Democratic Party has a lot to offer regarding the candidates in the next presidential election.
    It is to be honest most certainly not yet enough to convince Independents and Republicans a like, but I'm very confident the base will turn out in significant higher rates than 2016 and hopefully due to the changing demographics and better campaigns even in 2018.

  2. With the new Norm( mass shootings) the Americans will ( Republicans) hopefully will wake up and maybe turn, as far as video games all types of young people play the games , why aren’t blacks Europeans Asians and many others aren’t doing shootings, only whites ???

  3. Let’s fix the homeless in San Francisco. I am constantly walking over or by a homeless person every day. I don’t think I walk by a person with a gun. My heart goes out to every victim. I would never want anyone to go through this. Not even myself.

  4. Maybe you should ban computer if video games are so damaging, but don’t think it’s the solution. Ban all weapons who not used for hunting will be a better solution

  5. It's a simple equation either you institute some gun laws and they have to have teeth weapons for hunting are different from assault weapons handguns are for shooting people or stay as you are and accept the monthly massacres and the criminals who rob has stations with automatic weapons it's a choice

  6. It's the responsibility of each and every US citizen to say "never again" and make that happen. That's what's happened in other countries and guess what – it hasn't happened again. Just look at the graph. Just look at the facts. Just make it happen. Everyone who remains silent in a democracy is in some way complicit unless they make their thoughts known, even if it upsets people.
    There can be responsible gun ownership. Look at other countries. It's down to responsible gun owners to take some pride in their privilege and help change the law. The Second Amendment wasn't written to allow for this.
    Look at it. It's an international embarrassment. The whole world would be laughing if it wasn't so sad. I have sympathy for each and every person who has lost someone to gun violence. The hundreds of innocent lives taken because no one has the balls to stand up for what's right. The land of the brave – dream on. Get angry and do something.

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  12. This is the problem. We as a people have reduced ourselves to one side or the other not human beings that stand alone as a person. Both sides are always waiting to pounce on the other just to prove one side is right and the other is wrong and never trying to come together with the one thing that binds us all together, we are all people. This is politics at it's most sinister. As people we need to love one another and get to the root of the problem regardless of left versus right. Blue versus red. I believe people are summing up others based solely on a political or even religious ideology instead of the complex nature of what makes up a person which is so much more than a policy. We need unity right now not finger pointing and certainly not an agenda manufactured by a side that people believe is right or wrong. As human beings that all pretend to want the same thing need to put aside grouping the entirety of a person into conservative or liberal. And really put into practice what they say that their belief system dictates which i believe is the same thing. To protect one another, love one another, embrace each other as human beings and neighbors. This is not the time for which side is right or wrong, which side believes the other is destroying the planet, certainly not the time for satire and jokes that further separate us as people and neighbors. It shouldn't matter at times of tragedy to enflame one person against another for sake of being able to say I'm right and your wrong. We all need to redirect that passion we have to be right. Because that will never be enough to stop these types of actions from happening.


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  19. The majority of the nation know that 45 is a racist, nationalist, supremacist, divider, bully, more ppl need to speak up. The minority’s need to shut up and grow up. They slowly leaving you 45. Days are numbered.

  20. Years ago it was thriller/horror movies. In my country for years they wouldn't show Natural Born Killers. No "ordinary" citizen should have access to guns like AR-15's. I played Alex The Kid on the Sega Master System back in the day. I didn't feel like going into a cave with a stranger to play rock, paper, scissors after it. You can't use stuff like video games or movies on people's actions.

  21. This is like a blueprint on how to collapse the American Empire….not by 911’s or by waging ground wars. You simply use social media to get their citizenship to believe whatever propaganda you wish on any topic, then hire and train white males to pose as racists and have them attack public places with the military grade weaponry the corrupt US government insists they’d have a legal right to own.

    An enemy of the Republic could schedule these types of attacks dozens of times a year since there’s already hundreds of shootings a year. And over half the public turns a blind eye to it because they are numb to it or in denial.

    Wait…the Russians are already doing a lot of that sans the part about training and hiring racist white men….they’ve managed so far to use actual racist whites via social media propaganda too so…anyway….whether it’s enemies pick up this plan or Russia continues to, the end is nigh, that’s for fuckin sure and we’d best start building a fucking wall and ceiling around the whole country as citizens of the rest of the world.

    We’ll give y’all the Cherynobyl reactor treatment

  22. Analysis:
    The mass shootings will not stop.
    The shooters are always loners, outsiders, isolated humans.
    America will get sicker and sicker without family, support systems, community. No one cares for those who obviously are alone. I see it daily.
    So these young outsiders watch tv, video, computerb utube without having SUPPORT SYSTEMS.
    gut makes people feel empowered…don't deny it.
    So the mind starts spinning…
    Those shooters are not crazy but a product of a sick society.
    We must learn to include. Care, share, help those who are loners.

  23. Whats funny is the guy was an eco terrorist not a white supremacist , he fuckin said so in his manifesto. Secondly Trump doesnt tell people what to think, he just says what a few million people already think , thats how he got elected and the democrats didnt. The left is fucking retarded . Not 1 original thought in the pile , they dont know what to say so they just repeat what ever they heard in the echo chamber no matter how fucking stupid , and all the other idiots will cheer them on.

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  32. Video games isn't the reason for mass shootings… gamers doesn't have time for that. We raid, we farm, we pvp in hopes of achieving something in game or maybe winning millions of dollars for being the best. Till that happens, we just keep playing.

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  35. Guns are everywhere. Everywhere in the world, if someone wants one, it will be possible to get one. In Europe there are plenty more politicians like Trump, even more dangerous with their rhetoric, but it is not because one of them says “immigration has to stop” that some deranged idiot goes on the street and starts shooting at them… People of the USA… your are totally nuts and should be locked up… Mr President, you have be showing great leadership in this respect … keep on building walls and fences all around the country, they do work in 2 directions, because it will avoid Americans to come out as well! And of course, keep on chanting” Lock THEM ALL up” and “send THEM ALL back” when anybody manages to escape… MAGA: Make Americans Go Away!
    And when you’re done, stop swearing at the constitution by pretending that the 2nd amendment is about the right to own guns… it shows how illiterate Americans are. Really, never seen such a shame. Because it clearly says that anyone has the right to defend himself. That’s the purpose of that amendment, take it in his context, it is not a manifest to promote senseless killings, what NRA and others of the kind made of it.

  36. The problem starts very early in the rhetoric that is spread everywhere in the US. Namely that your freedom must be protected and that there are people who want to take your freedom away. (Who, if I might ask?) And the answer here is weapons. And that you are under a constant threat from the outside as well as within. You can draw comparisons to Switzerland. Switzerland also has many guns and a strong gun culture and I would say that in general, Switzerland and the US are about the same when it comes to xenophobia ("racism" isn't the correct term). So it's not just the xenophobia and the access to guns. There's something else that's central to the problem.

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  50. I see video games as a way for children to get out aggression AND it helps with basic coordination, critical thinking and focus. It helps adults take out their stress and aggression too. And of course the best point about other countries having video games. These are the same things they blamed since the 80's and 90's along with music which today they also blame rap. Bull$hit!

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  52. You can’t take violence out of the world. What you can do is limit the tools that violent people have—which is exactly what they’ve done in Japan.”

    Japan, where gaming revenue is more than $12 billion—behind only the U.S. and China—has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. And in 2015, the 127 million-strong nation had only one gun murder.

    The truth is, many countries around the world have figured this out: The most effective and realistic way to limit gun violence is to regulate who has access to guns.”

    Meanwhile trump's two eldest sons, Don Jr. and Eric, are big-game hunters. It is not yet known if they played a bunch of Big Buck Hunter in their youth.

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