Politicians argue over next steps for the Mueller report

Politicians argue over next steps for the Mueller report

33 thoughts on “Politicians argue over next steps for the Mueller report

  1. HOPEFULLY, THE OLD ORANGE MAN WILL DIE VERY PAINFULLY, VERY SOON! He has roamed this planet too much already!

  2. I'm sorry. Because of the Russia thing, what hillary really did do, and jessie smollett I will be voting republican for the rest of my entire life. I have never seen such filth in my life. Too much of a double standard. "Hello republican party, here is my fifty dollars, I'm sorry for the trouble I might have cost you guys voting democrat so many times. Never again. Seems like the past five years of my life have been wasted on a political hoax coming and going?

  3. this just in from ciann donald trump once when he was 10 threw snowballs at cars and one of the snowballs maybe had ice in it,the select committee on iceballs will seek a further hearing into this scandal jerry nadler speaking for the democrats said that he will get to the bottom of this scandal come hell or cold water

  4. YOU ONLY HIDE WHEN YOU ARE GUILTY! YOU ONLY LIE WHEN YOU ARE GUILTY! Look at who are doing this….REPUBLICANS AND TRUMP The American people deserve to know.

  5. Given that Trump says that Mueller's report completely exonerates him from any wrong doing, I'm sure that he will join with the Democrats on insisting that the full report be released to the American people so that every citizen can see for themselves that he has done nothing wrong. If Barr refuses to release the report, I'm sure that Trump will be tweeting how Barr is trying to withhold the truth from the American people.

  6. There IS NO next step, unless you mean a followup to put Hillary and Obama in jail. Goodbyee Democrats in 2020, as this result just put the final nail in their election coffin.

  7. Totally exonerated, now we aren't going to show you anything, it's all fine, just trust me and go away.

  8. Hakeem Jeffries is prototypical of the Democrat haters.  This whole investigation, over the last two years, was to find evidence that Trump conspired with the Russians.  There is zero evidence.  Let it go.

  9. No collusion, no obstruction. The attorney general and deputy attorney general just stated there was NO OBSTRUCTION because you can't have obstruction if there is no underlying crime. How can Trump have committed obstruction? There was nothing to obstruct and nothing was onstructed. Law 101.

  10. This has become the joke of the world. No Russian collusion happened. Period. Watch the Dems now turn on Mueller and continue to deny that the reason Trump won was because enough people were sick and tired of all those that came before. Namely Hilary Clinton, a war monger that nobody wanted and everyone knew she screwed over Bernie as well. So, lets see the conversation change to that and include how and who put this huge waste of time and BS into the public scope and hold them accountable in the same manner they tried and failed to hold Trump accountable. The truth shall set you free! – We shall see. Hilary has a ton of actual evidence that shows she did commit crimes. Who will sing like a bird first? Comey? Page? The sequel to this cliff hanger can now get to the good stuff. Reminds me of New Hope meets Empire Strikes back, 2nd term Trump will be the return of the Jedi as a political theatrical comparison. LOL. Dems now have ZERO chance unless they get behind someone actually good for the country like Tulsi Gabbard. Imagine that.

  11. Limited in scope? Lol ..he probably meant un-limited! At the End the Truth always Wins! MAGA 🇺🇸

  12. Hakeern Jeffries should win the primary for the Democrat party. That would keep them out of power for 100 years.

  13. Adam Shifty should be tarred and feathered for outright lying to the American public fior over two years.

  14. Naddler: " It's now Congress job to continue these lies for at least two more years,on the taxpayer dime, in order for us to regain power."

  15. there is no next step. after 2-1/2 years NOTHING and now magically the libs and media have something? comical

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