Politician Sounds Alarm Impending Financial Collapse | More Countries "Dump The Dollar"

Politician Sounds Alarm Impending Financial Collapse | More Countries "Dump The Dollar"

you a symbol of u.s. pride and economic dominance but the world's choice reserve currency could be losing its luster there's a global appetite for change is the dollar the first casualty as the United States becomes more isolated from the rest of the world for decades the US currency has been the standard in global trade but the BRICS Alliance is championing change Brazil Russia India China and South Africa are seeking to reorder global priorities dollars have been the backbone of Economic Security for decades a fact that won't change overnight its currency ire prediction and oppose she titles quote the coming economic crash and how to stop it warning lights are flashing whether it's this year or next year the odds of another economic downturn are high and growing what we're gonna do is ask a question about whether we are already in an actual recession interesting is that you've got the executive branch the Federal Reserve and even Congress now approving this debt ceiling increase today all acting like something bad is coming because they're all preparing for the worst and you don't try to weaken the dollar and you don't try to get the Fed to cut rates dramatically if things are great it it is crazy to think of a stock market at all-time highs an economy that's supposedly booming and yet you're all over the Federal Reserve to cut rates even further and to flush more money into the system allows this volatility for you first of all there is talk that countries like China and Russia and Turkey and India are looking to dump the dollar our top international story this hour we are examining the growing global trend of ditching the US dollar as this week Russia announced it is working towards replacing the US currency while conducting trade with this news comes just weeks after the Russian government announced it will work to de dollar eyes its economy in a bid to lessen the impact of US sanctions foreign minister said very recently that he believes the trend of the world is moving away from the dollar let's listen to what he had to say the seeds and I'm not naive to believe that this will this tree will grow tomorrow but the seeds of moving away from US dollar are being sold and I think US pressure is the fertilizer the age of dominance the age of hegemony is long gone very briefly Kay all of these countries have something in common they're either in some sort of rift with the United States or directly targeted by sanctions why does this move away from the dollar make sense for all of them yeah makes sense right now because you know these countries have always wanted this but now the u.s. is is really going it's hubris has gone beyond its capacity it's fighting these wars in Afghanistan Syria Iraq that it can't finance it's losing these words it's losing international respect well these countries Iran China Russia are on the rise they're forming multilateral ties they're building diplomatic relations and something like that has never happened since World War two it's no coincidence of course that many of these countries are also in bricks which are trying to build an alternative to the US financial hegemony we've experienced over the last eight that China looks set then to challenge the petro dollar why does Beijing feel the need to do this well first of all they're very brave to do this because countries that have tried to exit the oil dollar matrix have met terrible ends of course Saddam Hussein wanted to trade oil in Euros he was killed you had Muammar Qaddafi wanted to trade his energy in something other than u.s. dollars he was killed so the track record here Russia and the Saudis are looking to escape the US dollar US dollar hegemony they're looking to D dollar eyes that's a concept we see all over the world right now as countries want to escape from the US military industrial complex these countries around the world are tired of funding America's military adventurism by being a party to the empire of debt as it's known around the world the US dollar and they want to split off they want their autonomy in China wants autonomy Russia wants autonomy Iran wants autonomy they want they don't want to be ruled over by the US dollar anymore so this gives them away this this this contract futures contract based in UN for oil convertible into gold means that these countries can finally in spend in place since the end of World War two escape the Bretton Woods US dollar hegemony empire of date supremacy world reserve currency that is the US dollar and we're in a new a new beginning I think is there anything then that the u.s. can do about this because it's not gonna be happy with it's gonna lose the petro dollar so how would you expect it to fight back well exactly right they will fight back they will start a war you know maybe they'll start a war between Japan and China you know maybe they'll start a war with North Korea you know America will do anything to keep the u.s. dollars real reserve currency they will invade a country like Afghanistan they they'll stop at nothing the u.s. deploying more military to Saudi Arabia and a show of force amid escalating tensions in the Middle East the US forces at least 1,000 more come at the request of Central Command for what they call air naval and ground-based threats from Iran the u.s. sending an aircraft carrier warships and fighter jets to the Middle East as a quote unmistakable message to Iran's regimes the countries that are resistant to America's financial cartel are Russia China Iran so now they figured out you know what we're gonna split off from the dollar they can do so this new contract and they're also they're embracing cryptocurrencies crypto currencies in this context is another way to de dollar eyes to D dollar eyes get out of the US dollar the US dollars being held up narrowly with the Pentagon's various actions around the world and a lot of market machinations from the central bank's but once the the cats out of the bag you know look for the dollar to have a very significant crash that doesn't surprise me I think the world is in the process of trying to D dollars in trying to get themselves in a situation where the u.s. is not in a position to weaponize the US dollar and I think you know all of this is going to backfire on the United States and in Trump while he was still a candidate the US economy is a big fat ugly bubble what's really growing is the size and the cost of the federal government it's spending more than ever it's borrowing more than ever so are us individuals and corporations I think the economy is headed to a massive recession in fact time before the overall economy rolls over and as Trump likes to have things big I think we could experience the biggest recession ever now that's maybe not what Trump wanted but unfortunately that's what he's gonna get these things we're resetting people couldn't afford to pay well the same thing is gonna happen on a national scale rates are going up and we're too broke to pay so the problem is if we try and normalize things it's going to create chaos is there any way that we can avoid that at this point no it's impossible in fact because we kept it going so long the collapse is gonna be that much bigger I mean the sooner we face that reality the better but no politician wants to face that reality right I mean they want to pretend everything is great right of course you

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  1. I said it back in 2015, the Trump administration was 1st going to create division, then we are going to have another recession. In order for them to bing in the "One World Currency" the US Dollar has to collapse, cash is disappearing, pretty soon ATM's machines will be removed. Everything is becoming digitalized, aka crypto currency, Facebook is coming out with a digital currency as well called "Libra". People use their phone's to pay for stuff at the store. Many people in other countries are getting the RFID Chip implant, Elon Musk has come up with something called "neurolink", it's a chip that goes in your head, so your brain is directly connected to the internet. Sounds like Revelation 13 to me, but i digress.

  2. The ZIONIST👹☠️👽☠️😈MAFIA(2%) 😠☠️👺,specialised in LOOTING(WAR💥) OIL🛢GAS🔥GOLD🥇in 💯s of BILLIONS 💵🔫💷 has EATEN up USA 🇺🇸 UK 🇬🇧 over 200 years from inside The ZIONIST👹☠️👽☠️MAFIA(2%)😠☠️👺,specialised in LOOTING(WAR💥) OIL🛢 GAS🔥GOLD🥇in 💯s of BILLIONS 💵🔫💷 has EATEN up USA 🇺🇸 UK 🇬🇧 over 200 years from inside

  3. 70 years typifies "1260 years" of captivity for God's people and "70" marking the end of Babylon's reign (book of Daniel), history repeating to the very letter.

  4. No more Wars!! Stop sending Troops!!!
    All the countries the USA hasnt fucked over, YET, are come together n those countries are going to be better than America. Thankx alot Democrats. You guys Ruined good relationships, before we could even be coo with other Countries. Yall Democrats Screwed the Usa over!!!
    We need a Good President.
    No War!!!!

  5. Everything that God has predicted is coming to pass may the lord Jesus give us his faith to survive what's coming

  6. All this is leading to one world order. If the US dollar collapse it will have global repercussions and as a result all nations will be call to join to enable economic, prosperity through the one world order movement. One currency, one religion and world peace. As Christians we should have wisdom to discern the time we are living in base on global events. Knowing these thing we must be vigilant, sober, steadfast put on the whole Armourof God and order our step in the word.

  7. Let's get our house in order food for thought if the Sunday law is implemented in 2020 doesn't that mean we are in the judgment of the living?????????

  8. America is the last political power on earth. Issue of economy is nothing, remember war is a big business. History proven it.

  9. The dollar must collapse in order to bring about a one world currency, in order to control buying and selling electronically.. 2020 will be the year of all this taking place, and the year of the Mark.. Wars, revolutions, financial crisis, hunger, disease, disasters, is all coming Very soon, and the world's answer will be Sunday rest and Worship..

  10. We are already here riding earth from evil I'm Michael Apollo Vishnu Google names separate book you read life of pi

  11. This is truly the work of the Jesuits! America must get rid the federal reserve. America should break away! But according to the prophecy, America sad to say will go that route.😥

  12. Brothers and Sisters be careful to stop questioning and dissecting Seventh Day Adventism as a whole. The Hegelian dialect is truly fitting with Rome/Catholicism and Seventh Day Adventism. Ellen White was a mason. So its not prophecy to explain the plans of masonry/popery. This is fear tactics to keep Gods people in bondage to days,diet, and fear. Jesus Christ's sacrifice eas sufficient for all sins past and present. God is not concerned as to what you will pass as dung but more to Your Faith in Him. Loving Your neighbors. Dont get caught up in what the devil/popery/masons and all their tentacles are doing and focus on having the Joy Of The Lord in Your mind and heart and go Live and win Souls to the Lord. This type of mind control steals your Joy and Zeal which is the First Love, this type of religion will rob from You. The Lord isnt as much concerned abt the religious perfections as He is with The Heart. Toward Him, His People and the Lost We are to try and win. Time is short. Chasing down all of the moves of the antichrist system will drain You of the energy and Joy to Live for The Lord and most importantly Winning Souls! Love You God Bless

  13. Our policy since about 1991 has been to keep ANY nation from consolidating their resources to be INDEPENDENT of us/or to use those resources to OPPOSE us to any substantive degree…the CHURCH & our GOVERNMENT has a plan in place to maintain economic control…they have spent too much time establishing their banks & petro $ control in virtually all countries…they WILL NOT let that go w/out a fight…

  14. Heaven is better than hear.saints of God we have nuthing to worry abouth let's keep our lamps trim and burning bright God bless Save to serve greetings from the sunny Island of Jamaica.

  15. Im so ready to pack my bags live homeless no more bills. Its bern on my mind. To just leave everything behind. I make 791.00 a month. And its costs me 587.00 in loans just to pay rent and utilities and sometines food life is exspensive

  16. Well ive already Said that soon our money will b useless as toilet paper. That most the world becoming a cashless society

  17. I don't know how people don't believe that Ellen White heard from God. She predicted that money will literally be on the streets and no one will pick it up because it's worthless.

  18. Thank you for sharing this important video at this time news outlets are not reporting on this at all I will continue to trust in the Lord for His protection as we see it’s almost Harvest time the Latter rain is soon to Fall continue watching and praying along with fasting as the Spirit leads claiming the promise Matthew 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you : and ,lo, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, EVEN UNTO THE END OF THE WORLD. AMEN . Praise God for STS Ministries for always keeping His people well informed to the time of the times in Jesus precious name Amen 🙏

  19. Mercy… We know its coming. Also wow on seeing Indian prime minister holding hands with the others. Reminded me of the biometric study on India. An employer we know has been very interested in hearing more since we talked to them about India and the coming world system. That person is Indian/Hindu, praying that God will open their heart. So far they have been very receptive and intrigued. Especially with the vatican connection to India with the solar alliance. In their words, "Who is this man to be saying such things? Tell me more." God be with us all. Will share. Thanks for the vid fam, God bless ~

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