21 thoughts on “Politically-Challenged: Texas Tech Edition

  1. Great job Tech.. This video was used as part of a module discussing Dystopia in my Anthropology here at the University of North Texas. I just want to defecate on the only Texas Tech shirt I own. Who the F is Snookie?

  2. I blame the education system for this
    Teachers should have taken up all cell phones at the beginning of classes

  3. You’re at Texas tech what do you expect ? Legit the school where the dumb kids go to party in the middle of no where …

  4. These are some of the most uneducated college kids I've seen. You can bet most if not all of these kids voted for Joe Biden and Obama and couldn't even tell you his name, complete ignorance.

  5. I asked students (university aged) where I teach in a foreign country the same questions and the knew ALL the answers.

  6. ……..and who cares if we fly the Confederate flag? Blacks and whites have no clue what it is, what war it was from or who even fought in it. The flag will probably be the United States' official flag in 30 years due to the simple……"I don't know" people of the country.

  7. What's more amazing is not their lack of knowledge, but lack of shame. They are indeed ignorant and proud!

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