49 thoughts on “Political Science 30: Politics and Strategy, Lec 1, UCLA

  1. She looks like she’s on the verge of a break down. I’m not joking either. Maybe she feels ok in this state. Maybe it works for her (most likely it does). But sometimes, I wonder if people should be in this state of conscious being. I’m sure she is very busy and works 10x more then the average person a live, but I feel like something is not right there. Hey what do I know, she’s a professor at UCLA.

  2. Good information and that teaching is understanding . Geme theory deductive and inductive short and sweet and understanding .thank you

  3. Seems most of the comments are concerned about her presentation skills. The first few mins put me off too, but she’s simply anxious. It’s fine once she gets going. Too much meta-chat about the course to be interesting all the way through as a webcast, but perfectly decent lecture otherwise.

  4. I don't get why you all keep throwing crap at her. Even though it's a video, I honestly feel a sense of… belonging? As if she really were my teacher.

    She seems that strict kind of teacher that mastered what she is teaching… just as much as she's aware of how students behave.

  5. flipping heck. Is she in the right place? Why does she have to keep threatening students. Inspire, don't threat.

  6. Fuck.My.Life, her voice is the most annoying thing ever. The whole hard-ass approach is fake and she should go work at a cemetery or something, fuck! The poor students are there to learn and she gives them a lecture on how useless the whole thing is?? All these students probably failed.Not a great learning environment.

  7. I don't have to like her affective qualities to think this is great. This is great. I want to get the book.

  8. Androva J: No, God did not leave humanity in utter chaos, it was humans who left God's rule over them. Humans believed that they could rule themselves, successfully without God. 6,0000 of human rule has proven to be a catastrophe. Fortunately, God's Kingdom will soon bring humans relief from sin, old age and death.

  9. Political Science can never successfully address human greed, selfishness, avarice and the lust for power of persons who wish to control the reins of government. It can never reverse 6,0000 years of utter human failure to change men's hearts. Humans can only repeat the same failed mistakes of the past as each new generation of humanity, believes that they have the solution to planet earth's problems. Humankind is too politically divided into too many factions to solve the globe's problems. Only God's Kingdom in the hands of "the King of Kings", Jesus Christ has the power, will and ability to solve the globe's problems. He is the only ruler that will solve humankind's problems. He will fulfill the words of Daniel 2:44, recorded thousands of years ago in the Bible.

  10. why is she animated like that? teaching is like repeating the faculity cariticulum repeating again and again every year.
    i just don't like this kind of chracter.boasting too much for noting.

  11. Yeah the polisci exam says the Declaration and Constitution are in fact liberal notions, as taught to a test question. Lol….. anybody with half a brain knows being a separatist does not in fact show liberalism. But dont argue……get it!

  12. Could someone tell me what book that she recommends? that will be better than just squabbling about her lecture. Thanks

  13. Are all American lecturers this cantankerous or is it just her? I am genuinely interested to know as when I was at university in London ten years ago, we had a visiting lecturer from Columbia University
    who was like Prof. Bawn (telling students he wouldn't listen to their problems etc.). After our first couple of lessons, we all had an email from him apologising for his manner. Apparently, the Head of Department had received a few formal complaints about his style of teaching.

    I now wonder if it was actually a cultural difference between UK and US university teaching. In the UK, we tend to call our lecturers by their given name, I know that is something that doesn't normally happen in the US.

  14. I see the Democratic channels, cnn and MSNBC, and they are generally more inclusive with their news coverage, accepting the strange queer identity and advocating for immigrants. Woman wanting to be "Butch" to fit in with a soldiers identity, or whatever, is understandable, while the flamboyant male queer is less understandable. I'm not talking about the crossdresser with casual behavior, that is less myterious than the male identifying queer that tells you he's gay the moment he speaks like that type. To separate that group further, I've seen the sort that is more casual in demeanor with a mild queer accent, and it's the casualness that makes it easier to understand the chosen identity. Just as we all choose identity while accent is less so. vs. the flamboyant and exxagerated sort is the strange sort, psychological conditioning says they are what they are by trial and error and acceptance and that opens the door completely to the wide range of flamboyant possibilities. So I must try to be understanding.Fox seems the channel advocating and focusing more of the Christian faith, but I wonder how far the identity, not the doctrine itself as it does not change, has deviated from the message of Christ. A sex offenders registry for example is not Christ-like while it may be in agreement with what is probably a perverted sense of Christianity. Maybe it needs revision to exclude most normal offenders that earned jail time and limited itself and focused on the truely dangerous? And those also deserve a opportunity for rehabilitation. And I'm a huge fan of Christ. God? Whatever… The sheep acknowledging their shephard and following him is better than a unruly horde. Bad ideas and misconceptions are plenty. Having a shephard is wise. A republic, is wise. For that reason, I like the Republican name. Its priority over a mislead democracy, which is dangerous and needs a (better) shephard. I think a fucked up game of musical chairs was established to defeat me and with my willing and impatient lies to Potter's questioning during a time I was determined to rebel when my rival and imposter, the Spanish kid was behaving more politically correct and un-bigoted. And worse, Potter repeated conversations where I already told him how I felt. It was a time when I was defiant and unconcerned. Maybe in doing that I was able trick my druggers into complacency and hubris? Or better, to side closer with me expecting I was lost beyond recovery? Giving Potter and Jeff fucked up answers gives them less reason to attack me with drugs.Where the liberal channels lined up behind that kid and fox somewhat behind me out of misleading political identities. Trump last night avoided a white house correspondent dinner in favor of a rally with the American people, like I said Obama should have done back around 2011. So again, the fox team behind me with Trump. Both political identities should be supporting me. What? This is a stupid mixed up game of musical chairs. What is mine was very nearly given to that other kid out of falsehoods all around. It reminds me of the movie with de caprio playing twin brothers. The true heir locked in a tower while the usurping twin ruled the kingdom. Man in the iron mask? I blame Jeff and Potter much more than the other kid. He was just a kid, the drugs, with the coaching I gave them both, and the tricks they knew already, were formidabl.What happened to the Mexican kid that sucked my dick in his garage after I lost my girlfriend in kindergarten? The house the donut owning Asians moved into? Did Potter get that kid killed? This Spanish rival is not my shephard. He took what Jeff and Potter stole for him, and belonged to me.

  15. …or maybe she is just genius. Did that thought miss your mind? Weird, how could anything miss such bright minds present here….bitching about trivial crap

  16. A aula começa aos 10 minutos. antes disso ela faz o papel que a assistência de estudantes deveria ter feito…

  17. What a desire to teach, it's a sad experience for any student to land on a class room with a leader with that disposition to battle, innocent blood everywhere

  18. This is exactly what's wrong with education. You're looking at it. They take a fascinating subject and completely blow it.

  19. Fuck this shit man….. if my teacher go on like this for 5 minutes….. i would walk out of the class and ask my money back at the accounts section…… she needs to get laid and get rid of that tension……

  20. I thought at least at such high-level schools teachers don't talk to students like to a bunch of retards. I was wrong..

  21. is this bitch an academic counselor or a polly site teacher? The bitch spent 20 mins on enrollment damn.

  22. first of all, I would like to thank UCLA and the professor for sharing this course with us, know that being said if you what a great drinking game take a shot every time she says "okay"

  23. the way she says "okay" after every other sentence makes me want to drive off a cliff and can i study this course again and again .

  24. Where's the Demagoguery course? Or Corruption 101. This isn't going to get anyone elected and therefore rich from the bribes and kickbacks. That doesn't always work, though. So, definitely need a class on How to Spend Your Time While in Prison 202. Or a master class. Also, I don't see any class about Pardoning Your Friends and Donors (aka owners). Also not seeing anything about Effective Race Baiting. Where's the Causing Terminal Gridlock course?

  25. If you can't get into a class you HAVE to take, look at colleges in your area for a class. The trouble is. the lab.

  26. You will learn nothing from this low iq Cali professor. Total know nothing liberal. At 29 minutes she admits that the class does not tech facts. This is why all those idiot antifa people can not debate.

  27. Trying to figure out why this got so many views… she did well but nothing to blow you're mind is it just cause of the age of it? And how it pops up when you search poli?

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