Political Parties Rap – Smart Songs

Political Parties Rap – Smart Songs

45 thoughts on “Political Parties Rap – Smart Songs

  1. I was shown this song when I was in 10th grade (for me: 2015-2016) by my Government teacher. Today, I'm in college and this song still rocks.

  2. I listened to this in my civics class its really cool. We watch the weekend rap every Friday.

  3. Our Civics teacher had to show this, but she is super anti-rap, so we could only look at the captions. So hear I am, listening to it after school.

  4. This song popped into my head in class today and I haven't listened to this song since the 5th grade (I'm in the 10th grade now)

  5. Don’t listen to the right wing propaganda, care about others, know it’s not all about yourself, vote democrat

  6. Cool stuff, I hope it's part of a trend. Does anyone know the artist below?

  7. I just moved here in America and I’ve read about the party a few times but this video made me understand 100x

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