33 thoughts on “Political Kombat '12: Obama vs Romney

  1. Proposed Moves For Clinton (So Far): "Curiel Curveball", "I Don't Remember!" (Kovaleski), "Pantsuit Riot", "CHIP Off My Shoulder", "Woman Card", "National Honor Society", "Foster Care Independence", "Private Server (Shield)", "Protester Distraction", "David Duke", "Atlantic City Bankruptcy", "Small Hands", "Republican Deflector"

    Proposed Moves For Trump (So Far): "Teflon Trump (Shield From Attacks That Traditionally Hurt Candidates)", "I Am Your Voice!", "Clinton Cash", "BlackBerry Smash", "Benghazi Blitz", "Short-Circuited", "White Card", "Putin Pounce", "Bronzer", "Twitter Tirade", "Tom Brady", "Get 'Em Outta Here"

  2. I was hoping for 16, You let me down Slate Magazine, you let me down. I guess there is still 4 1/2 months to prove me wrong.

  3. Political Kombat '16!
    Trump Moveset includes:
    "Get off the Stage"
    "Buy A Country"
    "Border Wall"
    Sanders Moveset includes:
    "Donor Support"
    "Tax the Rich"
    "Equal Rights"

  4. btw my bro hasn't uploaded the ice bucket challenge yet he is still working on it but it will be up soon

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