Political earthquake in Malaysia as opposition wins polls

Political earthquake in Malaysia as opposition wins polls

beyond a political earthquake here I think people couldn't quite believe the results as they were trickling in over the past few hours we spoke with voters early this morning and they had been asking for change but they almost weren't wanting to hope too much because this seemed like the impossible task to take out the government which has been ruling Malaysia for the past six decades and replaced it with a coalition but of course at its head Dr Mahathir Mohamad the man who was Prime Minister for 22 years and now has another turn at the Premiership at the press conference that he gave just a few moments ago there were lots of tears lots of smiles he talked about the fact that he wants to get sworn in as quickly as possible and that one of his first orders of business will be to swear in his deputy doctor one as either one is male who will become the first female Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia but of course this is brand new he says he's going to have to learn to do things for the first time because he was never the head of the opposition group but he has got experience at leading Malaysia Jamie this is an extraordinary counter comeback isn't it for mahat he's 92 years of age I believe and a former mentor to Najib Razak why is he even standing for election he should be putting his feet up shouldn't he I think if you've ever come face to face with dr. metier you would know that he is not somebody who puts his feet up he is somebody who is very much mentally very aware physically still in fairly good shape and somebody who wants to make sure that his political legacy is the one that he wants he did help put Najib into the role of prime ministership but over the last few years corruption allegations surrounding Najib Razak particularly around the state fund 1mdb have come to haunt dr. metier and his decision to re-enter politics to form a new party and to also become the chairman of the opposition grouping Pakistan harapan which will now be the governing coalition in Malaysia was about wanting to write that part of his own political story I guess that the expectation now from the people who voted for him will be absolutely enormous and I guess he will need to deliver absolutely I think this is something that people will wake up to in the early hours of this morning Malaysian time and another big hope they won't change doctor mahadji has said that that is something that he will be bringing in but these are untested waters that we are in and to talk more about that I'd like to bring in Ibrahim soufiane who is a member of the Medeco sent to one of the polling main polling agencies here and and think tanks in the country Ibrahim I spoke with you just a few days ago and you said that it would be a Barisan Nasional government once again what happened well I mean what we saw happened a few hours ago is that many voters I think decided that they no longer wanted to be held back by identity politics by racial politics that has underpinned Asian politics for the last 60 years and that the pressing issues of cost of living their unhappiness over the conduct of government particularly with respect to the issue of corruption and also the imbalance of development between East and West Malaysia I think has brought the majority of the people together to vote in one direction and voted in this coalition led by dr. Maha theory so that upended a lot of the analysis we had before we saw a trend moving away from the ruling party but we couldn't be certain that he was going to be that solid and this sizable and it has been sizable seats which had belonged to Barisan Nasional to UM nur which was the linchpin party of the Gov Barisan Nasional fell today yes I mean it is unprecedented and the enormity of the victory enjoyed by the coalition of Pakistan harapan is enormous because we saw seeds that have never been worn by the opposition since the country gained independence in 1990 57 were lost and lost by huge majorities in this election and I think the other unpleasant the fact is that it is not just a street fight election but there were many other parties contesting this and and one of the things that we saw was it was not only the minorities but also the majority Muslim population voting Barisan Nasional out of course this is the first time in 61 years that there will be a new governing coalition in Malaysia there is no precedent for this where does the country where do the politicians go from here well I think immediately I think the attention is going to be on what happens over the next few hours will the you know previous government can see defeat and then allow for a smooth and orderly transition of power and then what will the incoming administration you know see as its first things list of things to do over the next few days because not only is this unprecedented many of the people that are going to form this new administration are completely inexperienced in running government

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  1. Merdeka Centre wrong prediction Totally!! Stupid. Every election you think can just say bn will win. Bodoh! That's not prediction or research. Just say whatever is safe for you to say

  2. Will their still be corruption
    Will the corrupt politicians go to prison
    Will the $ 100's of Billions be returned
    To the People …from the Swiss Banks ?

  3. I am 40 this year…..the day that me and my fellow Malaysians took our country back from the kleptocrats and the band of thieves. Takbirrr!!!!!

  4. Malaysia the first n only country in the world has 2 doctors as prime minister and deputy prime minister..in the same time.

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