24 thoughts on “"Political Corruption: Can the Swamp Be Drained?" – Kimberley Strassel

  1. We MUST as a country return to God! We are living in the end of times and God is not pleased with us…. all!

  2. What is funny about the John Beal issue? This is our problem in our society; it should not be a laughing matter but we should be angered in that we have allowed ourselves to become so accepting of such corruption in our government. Are we really taking the criminal behavior serious? Kimberly did a great job presenting the facts! We must do something about the corruption!

  3. America keeps producing corrupt politicians because America itself is the swamp and always has been. The politicians are just symptomatic of the culture of the people who live here.

  4. The current government corruption has its genesis in the people abdicating our responsibility of being an informed electorate. We also refuse to hold our representatives accountable.

  5. Power grab where the means justify the ends-regardless of the human suffering to get there and regardless of the human suffering once they do. Psychopathic behaviour.

  6. You are a God send of truth & logic in a sea of nonsense from the communist in our country leadership.

  7. Thank you Kimberley Strassel for speaking the truth and common sense of the corruption during the Obama years.

  8. The corruption Kimberley Strassel surveys is terrible but worse, far worse, than she describes. It was a corrupt government that murdered Pres. John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and then covered it up. It is a corrupt government that has engaged in numerous false flag operations since then, costing thousands of Americans, and millions of others, to lose their lives. The best way to begin draining the Swamp is to release the last remaining JFK assassination files under seal, expose those who were the real culprits in his murder, and begin weeding out all of their acolytes within the government. Pres. Trump is due to review those files in 2021, the first year of his second term, God and the American people willing. This is the best, and perhaps last, opportunity the American people may ever have to restore constitutional government.

  9. The truth of American greatness was a Nation of Anglos with a Germanic smidge. Anything else is a lie. Such a Nation would be great anywhere.

  10. One of the best explanations of what that evil administration did and so far, got away with! They all need to pay!

  11. To be sure long before trump even thought about running The bureaucratic dragon had to be slain and it had to be done By a conservative. We were all attracted to Ted Cruz but it became quite apparent that's the Donold was the only one up for the task. No other and I do mean no other conservative candidate could take that heat and survive politically if not personally.

  12. Ole Scandle Free, Oscama, that Kenyan’s reign of terror was a nightmare obscured by clouds of anthropogenic usurpation!

  13. Ms Strassel mentioned that one of the ways to reduce the "mischief" of the swamp is to cut down regulations. In this regard she gives the Trump Admin an A++++ for what it has accomplished thus far. (at approx 35:00)

  14. Wow! She is on the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal!? Maybe I was wrong in thinking that WSJ is just the business version of the NY Times.

  15. Very affective speech for its intended audience, but odd that it ignored the lobby $’s which hamstring long-term solutions in the legislature.

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